Friday, September 14, 2012

Fifty Shades Starker - Barry Lowe

He had to submit to the kiss of the whip.


Bound and gagged in a basement, former college jock Ray Nivkin is at the mercy of his former coach hell bent on revenge because Ray slept with his wife. The coach won’t be happy until the arrogant straight jock’s humiliation is total and he has been reduced to little more than a sex slave to his former buddies who want to show him the real meaning of team play – by tagging his virgin butt. Even when he is finally beaten into submission, he doesn’t know if he will ever be allowed to walk free of his prison.


That first day of captivity, I thought it was all some sort of joke. I knew Coach was pissed off at me or else making a very good display as if he were but, for fuck’s sake, he’d just organized a heroic homecoming for me. I thought this was all part of some elaborate hazing ritual or a sporting roast. Maybe a raunchy mate’s version of This Is Your Life. That was closer to the truth.
It took my dumb ass of a brain a few hours to work out that Coach may have discovered I was fucking his wife on a regular basis while I was a member of the college football team.
“Is that what this is all about?” I asked, after putting forward my theory of why I was bound to a chair in his basement. Apart from telling me that the situation was ‘deadly serious’ when I first woke up to my predicament and thought it a joke, Coach had refused to speak to me apart from telling me to ‘think over’ why he might be angry with me.
As I hadn’t told him about my sexual escapades with his wife from years earlier, and I was sure Penny wouldn’t have without warning me, I’d dismissed that from my mind. Eventually, though, it was the only thing that made sense.
“Give the man a cigar.” Coach sneered.
I was shocked. “But that was nearly eight years ago. You don’t think I’m still fucking Penny.”
“What?” he shouted. “That makes it all right? There’s no statute of limitations on revenge, you stupid fuck. Besides, I saw the way you looked at each other tonight. You thought she was still up for it, didn’t you?”
I wasn’t going to incriminate myself more than I had to. “Have you only just found out?”
“I knew all along. You weren’t the first, you aren’t the last. Locke and his mates think they’re onto a good thing now.”
“If you know, why aren’t you taking out your revenge on them?”
“Because they had the decency to ask.”
“You said ‘yes’?”
“Penny’s a highly sexed woman. More highly sexed than I am. I don’t mind if it helps the lads play better football. Penny gets what she wants. I get what I want.”
“Well, I’ll ask next time, okay? Now untie me.”
“Hell, no. It’s not all right, and I won’t let you go. You disrespected me. You disrespected my position on the team. You gotta pay for that.”
“Send me an invoice. I’ll pay it off. Five dollars a week.”
“A smart mouth doesn’t help.”
“You can’t keep me down here forever.”
Coach grinned. “Can’t I? Who’s gonna miss you? No one from the town. You swagger back into Rocky Plains as if you fuckin’ own the place, telling your lies about working for the FBI or the CIA. Everyone can see through your bullshit.”
“Hey, you made up that lie, not me.”
“Oh, yeah. That’s our little secret. We’ll let everyone think you lied because you’re such a loser.”
“Katrina will wonder where I am.”
Coach actually laughed out loud. “You think she’ll care about your freeloading ass? I doubt it. Sure, she’ll look for you. Eventually. But you’ll be long gone. You’ll just disappear. Bye, bye, Ray Nivkin. Who’ll miss him? Not a fuckin’ soul...

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