Thursday, September 13, 2012

Silver Bullets by Patricia Logan

Silver Bullets

Sexy, selfish Michael Francis has hit rock bottom. His boyfriend has dumped him, stolen all his money and his career as a super model has come to a screeching halt. Tyler Winston, macho Texas lawman, has lost the only love he’s ever had and the shocking memories of his long buried past have come back to haunt him. Set on a collision course, can these two broken men find common ground and begin to heal each other or will a ruthless killer part them forever?

“Look Ty,” Jake murmured around the bite in his mouth. “You gotta live your life the only way you see fit. If it’s with another man, so be it. You only get one shot at this. You gotta live it out and proud of whom you are. That’s my humble opinion. I know I couldn’t hide in the shadows or deny who I am. That would be like saying, Cade is my big secret. He gives me that special loving that I can only get from a man. For me the decision was simple. I didn’t care anything about how the world saw two men together. I did care that my kids were okay with us because they are first and foremost in my life but the rest of the world could be damned.”
Tyler listened, taking in every word. Of course it was easier on Jake than it would be for Tyler. For Jake and Cade and their kids, there were five of them against the world. That was a foolish thought, Tyler realized almost immediately. Jake had almost lost his life at the hands of prejudice when a few ignorant people had cast their judgments on him. Easy wasn’t the way of life was it? Doing what is right for both parties was the right thing, not ease of the process. Everything that Tyler had accomplished in his life beginning with making the elite SEAL team, required hard work. There was no luck about it and definitely no easy way. Tyler was very happy that he’d asked Jake to lunch. Listening him talk about his struggle with coming out, really helped him to put things into perspective.
“Thanks Jake,” Tyler said, reclining back on the padded oak booth and patting his full belly. “You’ve helped me more than you know. It takes courage to live as an openly gay man. Of course, watching Cade deal with it over the last twenty years should have been a lesson to me.” Jake reached across the table and covered Tyler’s hand, meeting his eyes as he became very serious.
“It’s always a struggle, Ty. Whatever has meaning in life is a struggle. Whatever has a great pay off in the end requires hard work and a struggle. Hell, even people who hit the lottery begin a life of struggle. Think about having to sort out the real friends from the “lottery” friends or having family that you haven’t thought of in thirty years, suddenly showing up on your doorstep wanting to be family again just because you are worth several million bucks overnight. All of life is a struggle. It’s how you deal with the struggle that makes you the kind of man you are Tyler. And I know this; you are the best type of man. My Cade wouldn’t have stayed brothers with a man who was not the best type. All you can do now, is decide, do you want this man enough to go for a future with him or not? It’s really pretty basic.” He smiled and Tyler nodded, letting his hand slip away from Tyler’s.
“I have no idea if I want this man or not Jake. I thank you for talking to me so frankly about it. It does help to know that I’m not alone in my confusion, well, you’re not anymore, but it’s good to know that you were… oh hell, I’m babbling.” Jake laughed and finished off his beer.
“So, tell me about him,” he said. Tyler could see the glint of humor in Jake’s teasing expression. He couldn’t keep a straight face. He looked down at the table top where his beer rested and grinned, feeling like a school kid.
“He’s a lot younger, Jake.” Tyler looked up and Jake, though trying to hide his surprise, was grinning. He set his elbows on the table and rested his cheeks in both palms.
“Do tell,” Jake said, waggling his eyebrows as he gave Tyler his full attention.
Tyler threw him a dirty look. “You’re an asshole you know that?” Jake laughed out loud.
“So Cade tells me every day. Spill, I want all the horny details.”
Tyler rolled his eyes and he suddenly pictured Michael’s beautiful body, his cock long and thick standing away from his body as Tyler prepared to suck it.
“Oh shit, there really are horny details,” Jake said and Tyler knew that he watched the expression on his face. Tyler frowned.
“There may be Jake, but I’m not prepared to tell just yet. You’ll be the first to know when the time comes,” Tyler growled.
“Mmm, territorial much?” Jake laughed. “This is a side I’ve never seen in you Tyler. I think this ‘coming out’ is going to be worth its weight in gold.”

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