Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snow Balls by Tara Lain


Big, handsome and hunky, JJ LaRousse looks like an alpha male but acts like an interior decorator. And he’s trying to be happy about it -- until a robbery at the famous Laguna Winter Fantasy brings JJ face-to-face with tough cop, Ryan Star. JJ hears Ryan likes guys who are manly men, so he drops his voice an octave, colors over his pink hair, and tries to pass as a football fan. Ryan Star may be tough but he hides in the closet at work since he learned in New York that being a gay cop can cost you your life. His attraction to that big, handsome kid threatens his anonymity, but he can’t seem to resist. JJ is just his type. But then JJ goes skiing and comes face to face with his greatest nemesis-- and all the secrets come out of the closet. Can Ryan love JJ for who he really is? More important, can JJ?

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Back in the room, JJ went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and changed into pajama bottoms. The prospect of a whole night in that four-poster bed with Ryan Star had him very hot under the collar—if he’d been wearing one.
When he walked back out, Ryan was lying on the bed stark naked and holding a very erect cock. His long, powerful legs stretched out in front of him and the arrow of dark hair on his abdomen pointed directly at Mr. Happy. “Uh, remember your prediction about how the tour and dinner would make us horny?”
JJ turned sideways to give Ryan a view of the huge tent in the front of his pjs. “Yes, I seem to remember that quite well.”
“Shall we see how well the Ahwahnee beds accommodate two big men?”
JJ sidled over to the bed and, in one move, shoved the elastic waist of his pajamas down below his stiffy. He stared at Ryan’s cock. “Did you hear about the passionate soprano who chased the choir master around until she caught him by the upright organ?”
Ryan laughed but never stopped stroking his dick. “Maybe we can make that a passionate baritone.”
“You know how you’re going to teach me to ski tomorrow?” Shouldn’t have said that. Too nervous.
“Maybe tonight I could learn a little pole dancing.” JJ pulled off the pjs and sauntered toward Ryan. “You got the goods?”
Ryan grabbed a box of condoms and a tube of lube from the nightstand and put them on the snow-white sheets. JJ knelt on the edge of the mattress holding on to one of the upright posts like a dancer and swung back and forth so his cock bobbed and weaved what he hoped was irresistibly.
Ryan squeezed his cock at the base. “Baby, you better sit on this pole fast because I could come just looking at your ass.” He reached over and grabbed a condom from the box, then opened the package with his teeth and slid on the sheath.
JJ crawled toward Ryan then turned and presented his butt. “Lube me up.”
“Oh yeah, like the finest model in the showroom, baby.”
JJ heard a cap pop and then felt cold and squinchy wet in his hole. Ryan started with one finger but JJ wailed and that got him two, then three. “Oh my God!” The last finger made it right to the prostate. He pounded back on the digits for a second but why settle for second best?
He pulled away from Ryan, grabbed the lube from the bed, and made a fast pass at slicking Ryan’s condom-covered cock. Tossing the box aside, he squatted over Ryan’s hips.
“Whoa. That’s a sight. All those muscles holding that ass ready for me. Oh man, you are something to see.”
“Then watch closely, detective.”
JJ grabbed Ryan’s cock and positioned it right at his hole. “Are you watching?”
“Riveted.” And those blue eyes sure were locked on the point of contact.

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