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BEG by H.C. Brown

BEG by H.C. Brown

#4 Club Floggers
M/M Erotic BDSM

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Meet Club Floggers Dom, Alec in H.C. Brown's new hot BDSM release "BEG"

Rock band guitarist and Dom Alec, likes to play the field but finds himself
a challenge in the new sub in Floggers, Raoul. The guy is a tease, dances
alone, and only commits to the odd scene.

Alec wants him with a passion and must use every trick in the book to bring
the deliciously handsome boy to heal but will he get his wish and make Raoul

Alec snapped the guitar cased shut and straightened. His attention caught by
the disgruntled stare from the band's music director through the glass
partition. True, his mind had drifted during the recording session to the
new sub he'd caught sight of at Club Floggers the previous night. The
arrogant little twink had drifted in and acted as if he owned the place.
Alec smiled. He loved a challenge and of late, the house subs had become
more than a little predictable. This boy though, well he might be worth
breaking his "no attachment" rule for. Oh yeah, the idea of instilling a
little fear into those iridescent emerald eyes, and having that muscular
rounded ass quiver under his flogger hit every button on his sex-o-meter.
His cock tingled in anticipation.

"Alec, where is your head today?" Bruce Little stormed out the control room.
"I needed those tracks on the first take. What's got into you?"
"I had feedback in the headphones." Alec shrugged. The lie would have to do.

The fact the man's voice in his ear had driven him to distraction was closer
to the truth. He could play fine and think about the twink's soft skin and
his plan to cover the unmarked flesh with red stripes. During the session,
he'd planned the entire scene right up to the point of hearing his sub beg
for his cock. The head of his shaft throbbed against his zipper. With
effort, he forced the images from his mind, picked up his guitar, and moved
toward the door. "I gotta go. We have a photo shoot with Nash Mage at three
and I need to pick up my gear." He pushed past Bruce and noticed the man wet
his lips.
Alec paused in the control room and rolled his shoulders. His gaze settled
on Bruce's troubled expression. "Did you say something?"

Bruce laid one warm hand on Alec's arm and lifted his chin. "I know since
the band hit the big time, you've had your choice of men but I can't
understand why we've never hooked up."

Fuck! This guy had no idea who he became at night. Bruce had to be in his
forties and in this crazy world of rock 'n' roll had a reputation for
fucking band members. How could he tell him the last thing that interested
him was being on Bruce's wall of fame? The truth or let him down nice? He
met the man's gaze. One lie was enough for today. "It's never gonna happen,
Bruce. I like my boys around twenty-one and preferably twinks. I doubt you'd
live through a session with me. I'm not a straight sex kinda guy. I like
things messy."

"I see." Bruce dropped his hand and stepped back. "Well, thanks for your
honesty, I'll just go and drown myself now."

Alec slapped him on the back. "You'll forget me the moment the next gay
musician walks through the door. Catch you later." He strolled out the
control room.

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