Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ryland by H.C. Brown

Knight Watch Princes
by H.C. Brown
M/M, M/M/M, Shape shifter, Fantasy/Paranormal, Erotic Romance


Take one oversexed alpha male shifter add two or three delicious Fae males and shake well.
 Rylands world is changed forever after the arrival of Lor, a sexy Fae male. Convinced to follow Lor into another dimension, Ryland discovers a world where free love with one or more men is encouraged.
  Night Watch Princes

Chapter One

“Are you sure that’s an Ecatnie?”  Allure the Fair wrinkled his nose. “A shifter from a thousand years in the future, is living here with the Nomags?”
 Lor narrowed his eyes and glared at his brother. “I’ve watched him for over five years. Pride males don’t have his powers. Lady’s blood, he has an aura of magyck. He can retract his fangs! His eyes are violet with swirls of green and silver opalescence. I’ve consulted with Nox and he concurs, this male is an Ecatnie.”
“I can’t imagine why you waste your time mooning over a Pride male. What can you possibly do with him? He’s stuck here in the Human realm and no doubt contaminated by Nomag ways. If you reveal yourself to him, most likely he’ll try to kill you."
 Disgusted, Lor looked away. “This is my choice.”
“As you wish.” Allure the Fair cursed under his breath and disappeared.
Lor drew his wings closer around him and gazed down from his rooftop perch. A summer breeze brushed his cheek. Squirrels, dashed along the boughs of an ancient oak, jumping over each other in innocent play. His gaze dropped and lingered on the male sauntering along the sidewalk. Sunlight glistened on a sheet of copper hair resting on the man’s shoulders. He savored the sight of tight, denim jeans sliding over lean muscle, and the flex of golden biceps showing beneath the sleeves of his black tee. He wanted him.
Ryland Strange had become his obsession.
 Drawing his glamor around him, Lor dropped off the rooftop and fluttered down silently to the sidewalk. He hid behind a bank of honeysuckle. Invisible to the Nomags in his Fae form, his magyck afforded him enough glamor to disguise himself as a Nomag. He morphed into a human male of about twenty-five summers. He drew in the sweet fragrance of the blossoms, waited until he heard the Ecatnie’s footfalls then stepped out into the street. Ryland collided with him, and his hard body sent Lor sprawling to the curb.
“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.”  Ryland held out a hand.
For a few moments, Lor sat on the sidewalk, staring up into the young man’s eyes. He caught his breath; flecks of green and silver, sparkled like gems within the violet hue. The sight of his perfectly formed features, high cheekbones, long straight nose, and those lips — gods, so full and luscious, sent his heart hammering in his chest. First contact.
 Head swimming, Lor touched his stinging cheek. He dragged his gaze away from Ryland’s face and glanced down at the smear of blood on his fingertips. He smiled at Ryland and took the offered hand. “I’m okay—I think.”
“My house is just here.” Ryland tipped his chin toward the neat red, brick house. “Come inside and I’ll take a look at your cheek. It’s the least I can do after knocking you senseless.”
 Ryland closed his long fingers around Lor’s hand and pulled him to his feet. This close, Lor could almost taste the rich masculine fragrance oozing from him. He recognized the delectable, musky scent as pure, Pride male. His heart pounded. Ryland’s fingers gripped his hand, and his amazing eyes flashed gold for an instant before he let go. The man’s lips curled up at the corners. He stood back and a hooked one thumb in the front of his jean’s pocket.
Lor rubbed his palm on his pants and held it out as he had seen Nomags do in way of greeting. “Thanks, I’m Lor.”
 Ryland shook his hand and his intense gaze drifted over Lor with undisguised interest. “I’m Ryland. Have we ever met before?”
Drawing a deep breath to steady his voice, Lor shook his head. “No, but I’ve seen you around. I remember watching you play football for the Knights.”
“Nah, not there in a club— Durk’s on Vine?” He turned to open the white, wooden gate and headed toward the front door.
Hmm, he really means; do I like males? Now that was straight to the point. “Yeah, I’ve hung out there a few times.”
 The smile Ryland flashed him over his shoulder, made his knees buckle. He swallowed hard and followed him inside. Ryland’s intoxicating scent infused the house. Lor glanced around; the rooms off the hall were neat, tidy, and masculine. In the kitchen, a large, bright, airy room with windows overlooked a small garden.
“I’ll get something to clean up that graze.” Ryland turned toward a long bench. “It’s only a scratch.”
©H.C. Brown 2013.


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