Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MISLED by Kathryn Kelly


He deals in a world of violence, sex, drugs, and crudity. As president of the Death Dwellers' Motorcycle Club, Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell presides over a club in chaos after the death of their longtime president and his mentor, Joseph "Boss" Foy.

Megan Foy runs from her abusive stepfather, hoping for her daddy's intervention to save her and get her terrified mother away before it's too late. Only problem is, she soon discovers her beloved daddy is dead and the man who killed him is the man she's falling in love with.

This is a full-length novel.


A scream rose above the music and laughter humming in the background. Then silence. Complete and utter silence. Rack winced. Outlaw pulled his nine, a reflex reaction and started down the hallway. Light reflected off the gigantic mural of the Grim Reaper, his scythe dripping blood, his eye sockets burning red.
The wail pierced the sudden stillness as he rounded the corner. A little blonde urchin barreled into him and semi-peaceful waves kicked into his brain. She stopped, his gun inches from her head and he loosened his grip.
He stared into familiar eyes. Blue. Intense. Brilliant. A perfect mirror of the former president of his MC. Only these eyes were unfamiliar. And not because of the dark circles ringing them.
They were the eyes of the daughter of the man he’d killed.

Adult Excerpt

He nosed her pussy, slid his tongue along her seam. “I put my kid in you—“ He lapped her, digging his fingers into her hips. God, she was fuckin’ delicious, sweet and musky, her juices a fountain of desire, was warm and wet, a temptation greater than Christopher had ever known. Her breath hitched and he tongued her harder. She grinded against his mouth, pulling at his hair, her legs trembling, her body jerking against him as she came hard.
He dragged himself up her body and kissed her again, driving his tongue into her mouth. Wrapping her in his arms, he rolled them until he lay on his back and she rested on top of him, her hair a golden curtain around them.
“You like the taste of your pussy on my mouth?” he asked when he pulled his mouth away from hers. She didn’t answer and he drew her lips to his again, giving her another deep kiss. “Do you?” he growled.
“Yes,” she whispered.
He palmed his cock. “Suck my dick,” he ordered, pushing at her shoulders. “Ain’t gonna take long. He’s already cocked and loaded.”
Confusion dented her glazed passion. Instead of explaining, he urged her down. When her mouth wrapped around his dick head, Christopher moaned. “Suck,” he breathed.
She started a soft sucking motion and he twisted his hands in her hair. He pumped his hips, his muscles tightening. Cum exploded from him and into her mouth. He held her head in place, his entire body jerking with the force of his orgasm.
Wetness slid down his cock and pooled on his balls and pubic hair. Breathing hard, he lifted his head to see what the fuck was going on.
Swallow, Megan,” he growled, pulling his dick out of her mouth and frowning at the cum sliding down her chin.
She licked a bead of cum from her lips and Christopher’s cock jumped.



In Kat’s head, she’s the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she’s an everyday, ordinary girl who loves scotch, reading, writing, and football.

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