Friday, January 24, 2014

UNBOUND by Jessica Freely


When Larke met Droje his whole world changed. Now he's left behind everything he's ever known to join Droje's band of freedom fighters. Life on the run is full of perils but Larke doesn't care so long as he's by Droje's side. Every day he's discovering more -- about who he is, who he can become, and the unprecedented feelings he has for Droje. But when an enemy from within nearly costs Larke his life, Droje's efforts to protect him could end their relationship and rob Larke of his chance to help the rebellion as only he can. In this third volume of the Freedom series, Larke learns that before he can free others, he must first free himself.

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  Droje leaned back to peer at him. "When you said you wanted to come with me, I expected to have to tell you it would be too dangerous to contact anyone to say goodbye, but the subject never came up."
"Because there isn't anyone."
Droje ran a finger down the side of Larke's face. "I'm sorry."
The touch awoke a longing deep inside Larke, not for sex, but just for simple companionship—to be known and accepted by another person. He suddenly recalled being sixteen and walking home from school alone, watching as a block ahead his classmates joked and roughhoused with each other. He'd been about to join them when one of the girls, Brianne, had glanced back at him and whispered something to the others. They'd all laughed, looking at him and whispering and laughing even more. The word "drake" had drifted to him on the warm spring breeze.
He'd forgotten all about that. That was the day he'd decided he was better off without friends. He'd built his whole life and his sense of self around that decision and right now, the shine of Droje's eyes and the tenderness of his touch were unraveling it. This wasn't sex. This was something else, something he hadn't thought possible. He wanted it, but what if he couldn't handle it?

Unbound, the third book in my Freedom Series, launches this Friday and all next week I'll be on tour, sharing the news about Larke and Droje's latest adventure. Actually, sometimes it will me be, and sometimes it will be some special guests you won't want to miss. So pop over to these fabulous blogs next week and be sure to leave a comment. At each stop I'm giving away a free copy of His Own Devices, which is set in the same world as the Freedom series, and whose protagonists make a cameo appearance in Unbound.

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