Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet Me at the Gates by Kelly Wyre


Outer Banks bookstore owner Hyacinth Silver Fox has a secret millennia in the making: her soul was magically entwined with another, and at night she dreams of every lifetime they've ever spent together. The rules of their magic are simple: Hydee always knows her lover, but he, or she, doesn't remember her. It's up to Hydee to find and make her soulmate see they are destined for each other, and this lifetime is no different, but there's one problem: her soulmate is Theo Monk, heartthrob actor and Hollywood's sometime-infamous badboy. Hydee's hope of reuniting is wearing thin, but she has no idea how dire the situation really is.

Because meanwhile in California, Theo Monk is losing his mind. Anxiety and paranoia rule his life, along with his on-again-off-again girlfriend and her entourage. When fear and frustration push him to an edge, Theo cuts and runs as far from his problems as he can without knowing Fate's giving him one last shot to unite with the only person who can help him. Hydee and Theo must save one another before hope runs out and Hydee's despair and Theo's fear keep them apart forever.

Hydee stared at the pile of pillows at the base of her wall. “I remember the first time I dreamed of him.”

Lynne and Adir inched closer. “Yeah?” Lynne said. “Tell us.”

“You’ve heard it before.”

“I like the dream stories,” Adir said.

Hydee drew a long breath and blew an even longer sigh. “It’s not the earliest life on our timeline, but it’s the first one I remember seeing. I think we were in Africa, and it was a long time ago. In the dream, we met as kids. We were part of the same village by the water. Everyone fished, and he was showing me how he could stab one in the water with the spear his father had made him. We were small and thin and hungry. We wouldn’t live past our early twenties, but I would live those years with him. We had children of our own, and he made our son a spear.” Hydee drank and tried to center herself. “The first time I had that dream, I didn’t even know it was Theo Monk.”

“I know,” Lynne said. “Your mom called him your little dream boy.”

“Oh yeah. Harmless, those dreams. No big deal.” Hydee felt herself smile without mirth. “Then one day Mom and I were in the living room…” Hydee trailed off because she’d recounted this story so many times, she wasn’t sure she could get through it again.

“Go on,” Lynne said when she knew Hydee’s will was faltering.

Hydee closed her eyes. “I was nine, and I was drawing in a notebook and sitting on the floor. Mom was at the table by the front door, smoking next to the open window. It was raining. The TV was on. We had a little thirteen-inch thing that picked up four channels on good days and one on bad days. It was a bad day. So Mom was watching a soap opera.”

The Dawning Light,” Lynne said.

“Yeah, and then he was there. The person in my dreams knocked on the door to some woman’s house on the show, and she opened it, and I knew him.”

“It’s the eyes,” Lynne said softly. “You say it really is something about the eyes.”

Hydee nodded. “The soul looking at me through them is always the same.”

Lynne picked up the story. “So then you did what any kid would do. You pointed at the screen and said, ‘Mama, look! It’s the man I’m going to marry.’ And Glenda’s like”—Lynne mimed taking a drag off a smoke and rasped in a two-pack-a-day voice—“‘Yeah, honey. Me fuckin’ too.’”

Adir laughed a little, as though he wasn’t sure he should, and Hydee ran her hands over her face. “It’s always been way more than a crush.”

“That’s because it is more than a crush,” Lynne pointed out. “You bound your soul to another soul in some magic ritual of the gods some ten bazillion years ago or whatever, and now you dream about you and your soul mate together in every lifetime you’ve ever lived. That’s not a crush, that’s destiny.”

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Author Biography:
Kelly Wyre enjoys reading and writing all manner of fiction, ranging from horror to romance. She used to work in advertising but is now happily chained to her writing desk. She relishes the soft and cuddly and the sharp and bloody with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She's a coffee addict, a movie buff, and loves a good thunderstorm. Kelly resides in the southeastern United States, and is the author of several novels, novellas, and short stories, including Fight and The New Amsterdam Series. Her latest release is a supernatural contemporary romance called Meet Me at the Gates.
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Connect with Kelly:
Twitter: @kelly_wyre

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