Monday, January 26, 2015

The Sarrans Return, Book 3 by A.C. Katt

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The Sarrans Return, Book 3 The Sarrans: SciFi M M F Menage

    The Sarrans are back and have a new mission. Besides, chocolate, cats and fems the Elder Council wants then to rescue battered women from their abusers. The council was horrified when they found out that fems were not only homeless on Earth, but the authorities permitted Warriors to abuse their fems, the kind of abuse that on Sarran is a death sentence.

   Mark and Juraens know their fem is somewhere on Earth. But they didn’t think they’d find her among the abused. The Warrior Pair hear her son, Michael’s, psychic scream and come to find their fem almost mortally injured fighting her husband wielding a baseball bat with four year old Michael and her psychic cat Chou trying to save her.

   Sara is the daughter of would-be presidential candidate Senator Sam Johnson from New Jersey. Can the Warriors get Sam to come to Sarran with Sara? Will they be successful in their mission to begin the process of a United Earth at the UN and can they get the sentient cats like Aloysius, an old Tom and Shadow, a kit to help them.

Mary Lynn Hansel
Author, Gay Romance, Writing as AC Katt

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