Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Hellos by Michael Barnette

Heat Rating: Bonfire

Content Warning: Menage which includes homoerotic content

Iris wants what every woman wants, hot passionate sex and a chance at love.

Some wild club mix of NIN's Sin was playing in the main hall, bright lights flashing, turning the normally peaceful campground around the central buildings into a raucous party zone. People were milling around, some in street clothes others already in costumes.

"We'll be happy to drive you wherever your accommodations are," Gabriel told her as they headed from the parking area toward the building that contained the registration desk. He moved his fingers in a subtle pattern and touched her arm, undoing the minor spell he'd used to overcome any reticence she might have initially had about accompanying them.

"Thanks, you've been so nice about this. I really appreciate you bringing me here." She was leaning on his arm to keep from falling in the grass, her high heels making the going anything but easy. Not that she minded in the least being Ć«forced' to steady herself on the man. The contact with his arm sent pulse after delightful pulse straight down to her clit, making her aware just how sopping wet her panties had gotten during the short ride with them in the SUV.

Adrian followed along in their wake, like a dark second shadow for the paler man. It almost made her think he was some sort of bodyguard the way he seemed to stay so near Gabriel. He certainly had the build one might expect of someone that protected another man from danger.

Then again, Gabriel didn't look like the type of man that needed protection. Not from anything.

Well let's hope you didn't soak through to the back of your dress. Or leave anything on the seat.

"Not a problem. In fact, if you want, we'll even take you back to your car in the morning and see about getting that tire fixed," Adrian told her.

"That's really sweet of you," she replied. Knowing how these weekends went she was sure of two things. One the man meant what he said, and two it wouldn't happen because they'd get busy having fun and forget the promise he'd just made to her.

They got into the hall and she reluctantly let Gabriel's arm go. The walk had been nice while it lasted. Back to reality.

Iris smiled at the two men as they headed the registration desk and the fairytale princess seated behind it. "Hello Carrie."

"Why Iris, you look thoroughly stunning!" the older woman gushed, waving her wand in the air with a flourish. Iris caught a glimpse of the pen tip and smiled. Carrie was noted for throwing the best Halloween gatherings in the single's network for a reason, the woman went all out and missed no details.

"Thanks. I hope the men think so or I'm going to have a terribly boring night."

Adrian's voice was soft as a velvet whisper in her ear, "There is absolutely no chance you are going to be bored, Iris. Unless you want to be."

Far from innocent, probably a lot closer to jaded cynic, Iris still felt a slight blush creep across her cheeks. Oookaay. She glanced at the dark-haired man from the corner of her eye. Was he really coming on to her? And if he was, what about Gabriel? Was the other man going to be jealous?

Carrie giggled, "Looks like you're in for a wonderful weekend, girl."

Iris cast a glance at the men bracketing her on each side. "You may just be right."

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