Saturday, October 10, 2009


Becoming Dinner

Publisher: Shadowfire Press

Genre: M/F Erotica - Vampire Capture Fantasy

Length: Short Story

Heat Level: Fire

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He slowly but purposefully rubbed the grime and goop from my limbs, torso, face and neck. Periodically shaking the cloth out under the flowing river, he seemed to be happy with the progress. My breath slowed; eyes drifted closed at times. The feeling of his soft strokes on my naked skin, combined with prolonged running, made my exhausted body relax. The gentle rushing sound of the water and the soft rustle of the branches above me further eased my tired body and mind.

I didn't hear him submerge but knew he must have when I felt his cheek rub up against my calf muscle. In a slow ascension, he made his way up my body, touching my skin with the side of his face. This intimate inspection was paired with the soft dragging stroke of his hands.

Emerging from the water once again, he lay his head in the bend of my neck, his hands stopping on the sides of my breast. Finally rid of most of the stench, I must have been more pleasing to him now. He rested his nose behind my ear and inhaled deeply. This was followed immediately by a quiet exhaling groan.

He took my wrist and led us a little way down stream, to an area that was shallower. He brought us up to the angled bank and, holding me by the waist, leaned my upper body back. I was naked and exposed, lying before him. His eyes washed over my skin. Exhausted and defeated, I lay my head back on the soft ground.

The rush of the water hummed around us. The wind picked up. The tall grass swayed around me. I waited for the pain, but gasped with surprise, when a very light touch of lips fell on the base of my throat. The contact continued down my chest in not so much a kiss, but a slow taste. He explored as he took in my aroma.

The vampire's lips passed over my heart and paused. He moved to a spot near my collarbone and stopped briefly, only to return to the skin just above my heart. He compared and enjoyed the effect my heavy heartbeat played against his lips. My hands ran up and down the smooth skin of his back. I felt the hard muscles of his thighs and chest against me.

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