Friday, March 18, 2011

SOME LIKE IT ROUGH by Gale Stanley

A Contemporary M/M Romance

Julian Decker grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in an inner city neighborhood with a reputation for violence and crime. He leaves his old life behind when he gets a lucrative job at the exclusive Gentlemen’s Club. When he spots wealthy member, Richard Caldwell, it’s lust at first sight. The older man is way out of his league and doesn’t even know he exists. But Julian is used to going after what he wants and when an opportunity arises he makes his move.

As part-owner of the Gentlemen’s Club, well-respected attorney, Richard Caldwell, has the means to make all his dreams come true. But Richard’s dreams died five years ago when he lost his long-time partner to cancer. He’s never been able to move on and he’s resigned to living the rest of his life alone.

Then on one of his rare visits to the Club, a seductive new employee catches his eye and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. For the first time in years, Richard is attracted to another man and he responds to the strong chemistry between him and Julian. But before the budding relationship can get started, Richard is attacked and all the evidence points to his new lover.

SOME LIKE IT ROUGH is available at Silver Publishing:

A slim, boyish-looking blond, his black T-shirt tucked into the right-back pocket of tight-fitting Levi’s, sauntered past the Backdoor’s front entrance. Julian Decker, dressed only a little more sensibly in a black muscle shirt, followed his progress. Been there, done that.

A Black Cadillac STS slowed to a cruise, and pulled to the curb. The window rolled down and the boy walked over. A few words were exchanged and he slid inside.

At least he’ll be warm for a little while. Julian watched the tableau unfold with a sense of déjà vu. Some things never changed.

He narrowed his eyes at the familiar looking car and inched closer. Catching a glimpse of silver hair, his jealousy spiked a surge of temper that had no outlet and bile rose in his throat.
It looked like Richard Caldwell’s car but he couldn’t be sure. Richard wasn’t the only man in the city who drove a black Caddy. Besides, the wealthy lawyer could have any man he wanted. Why would he be cruising Diamond Street looking for a blowjob? It had to be someone else.

Julian had been fantasizing about the Anderson Cooper lookalike since the first day he’d laid eyes on him. And his vision didn’t include some honey-haired slut wrapping his lips around Richard’s dick. Or vice versa.

In Julian’s alternate reality, Richard went down on his knees for Julian only. He’d make him beg first, before he’d stuff his cock down Richard’s throat and fuck him until he blew his load. He’d imagined this scenario countless times in countless settings and it never failed to make him hard.
He’d only seen Richard at the Club twice, but his image was freeze-framed in Julian’s head and the inspiration for all his erotic dreams.

Physically he and Richard were perfect for each other. At six feet, three inches, he only topped Richard by an inch or two and although the older man wasn’t as muscular, his toned body made Julian’s mouth water. And Richard’s silver hair and gray eyes contrasted so nicely with Julian’s black hair and eyes.

He pictured himself and the Silver Fox sixty-nining, the yin yang of absolute sexual perfection. He had no idea how many times he’d jacked off with that visual in his head, but it had to be a lot.
The idea of Richard sucking someone else’s cock in that black car stirred a possessive streak he hadn’t known he possessed. His jealous imaginings, irrational though they might be, made him want to yank the door open and pull the kid out by his long blond hair.

He was almost sorry he’d taken the job at the Gentlemen’s Club. This fucking fantasy crush disturbed him more than he wanted to admit. Nothing good could come of it.

In the real world Julian was just another employee lusting after a wealthy member. Even if the hired help weren’t tagged untouchable, the Silver Fox wouldn’t look at him twice.

When Julian dressed for work, his long-sleeved white button down shirt and pressed black slacks hid his tattoos and nipple rings, evidence of his old life. He cleaned up nice but he still exuded a rough-around-the-edges vibe.

As member and part-owner, Richard was in a position to bend the rules, but why should he for a man who was so obviously not his type? Few people were as wealthy, intelligent, or sophisticated as Richard. If he lived in medieval Europe he’d be a member of the ruling class while Julian would still be a lowborn commoner.

Frustrated, Julian watched the Caddy drive off, leaving him right where he belonged, on a rundown inner city block that never changed. A festering sore, on the asshole of humanity.

Across the street, brick row houses, mostly abandoned and boarded up, stood shoulder to shoulder. If there were any occupants, they were probably smoking, shooting, or snorting their way to oblivion.

Next to the Backdoor, multicolored neon lights proclaimed the Laundromat open, and a lone customer snored to the thumping of the washing machine.
An emaciated man in dirty clothes eyed him from the alley, probably looking for his next fix. It was business as usual.

He shouldn’t have come back. His life had changed dramatically in the past year and he didn’t want to fuck it up. He’d racked up enough dough to buy a new car and move into a better apartment.

But bored and lonely, his frustration had fueled a crush on a man who didn’t know he was alive. How long was he supposed to sit in his empty apartment and jerk off to a fantasy that would never come true?

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