Friday, March 11, 2011

William's House by Amber Kell

Coming March 19, 2011


Desperate to avoid his matchmaking parents and the sudden influx of zombies, William Stamson leaves his home town of Seattle to find a new place to settle down. As a void, a person who can't perform magic, he doesn't fit in with his powerful family and he longs to move out from beneath their large shadow. When he finds an old Victorian mansion in a quiet small town, he falls in love and, despite it sitting beneath a powerful ley line intersection, snaps it up. Cassius Grant is a magical enforcer who is sent to get rid of the house's interloper. However, one look at William and Cassius knows his life will never be the same.

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“Did you hear that?”

“Relax, gorgeous, no one is here but us.” Before he could insist he heard something, Cash started undressing him like he was the Christmas present he’d waited for all year.

“I’d better invest in a bigger wardrobe,” Will commented as a button flew off his shirt.

“Good plan,” Cash agreed. After stripping Will, he stood beside the bed and stared. Normally he liked the attention, but the staring went on for quite a while.

“Getting nervous? If you take off your clothes, we can get this party started. I know I’m more than ready,” he said, pointing to his hard cock. The hard rod stood straight up, begging for attention.

“Oh yeah,” Cash sighed. He started stripping as if he’d just come out of a trance. Under Will’s avid gaze, he tore off his shirt, exposing piercings on both of his nipples. Tiny hoops stabbed through each hard nub making Will’s mouth water from the longing to pull at them with his teeth. He settled with reaching up and tugging on Cash’s right nipple.

His lover hissed his pleasure. “Keep it up, boy, and it will be over before we begin.”

Will laughed and reached for the snap of Cash’s pants. “You only got halfway undressed.” His arm was batted away.

“Let me do it. As soon as you get your hands on my dick, I’m done.”

“You really did mean a quickie,” Will said with a laugh.

“Don’t worry, beautiful, I recover fast. We’ll have plenty of time for slow sex after dinner. Besides we left all the food out.”

Will laughed. “Hopefully the ice cream won’t melt.”

“Hopefully.” Cash didn’t sound like he cared one way or the other. Will had to agree. Who cared about drippy ice cream when you could have a hot man?

His mind went completely blank when Cash stripped off the rest of his clothes and the gorgeous hunk of man crawled into his bed. Even if this thing between them didn’t work out, the time was worth that one memory.

“Wow,” he whispered.

Cash’s mouth tilted up in one corner. “Like what you see?”

“How could I not?” Will answered honestly. Not giving Cash a chance to comment, he pounced, knocking Cash over and landing on top of the other man. He stayed there for a moment, luxuriating in the feel of the strong body beneath him. Looking down into a pair of laughing black eyes, his heart tumbled in his chest. “Gotcha.”

“You definitely do.” The smile faded from Cash’s face. He was dead serious.

In order to break the solemn mood, Will slid down and gave the man a raspberry right below his belly button.

Cash’s entire body jerked, a strangled scream ripping from his throat.

What fun!

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