Sunday, March 20, 2011

Treacherous Sun by Jade Archer

Coming Out March 21, 2011
Blurb for Treacherous Sun

Book one in The Nu Hayven Chronicles Series

Mykel hates Lusaffar. Lusaffar hates Mykel. Which is as it should be. The way it’s always been between Aenjels and Deamonds. So why can’t they keep their hands off one another?

When Orison’s sun mysteriously began to decay, the Intergalactic Council built a habitat ark to rescue the survivors. But it came at a price. Now Aenjels and Deamonds not only have to learn to live together aboard The Nu Hayven, they have to form the first Intergalactic Emergency Response and Peacekeeping Force. The only trouble is the two species have been at each other’s throats for centuries!

Mykel leads what’s left of the Aenjel population. He’s homesick and heartbroken. He’s also going to kick some serious Deamond hindquarters if they threaten his people! Unfortunately, the biggest threat to Mykel’s sanity is the Deamond’s gorgeous leader, Lusaffar!

Lusaffar has his own personal issues with Aenjels, but he’s not above relieving a little tension with their leader, Mykel. If only the great pretentious pigeon wasn’t burrowing under his skin and stirring up all sorts of disturbing things…like feelings!

But even if these two stubborn males can overcome their prejudices, can the two most unlikely lovers in the universe survive a murderous saboteur in their midst?

Excerpt for Treacherous Sun

“Admiral Jaynous would like a word, if you please,” the aide continued when Mykel made no reply to his subtle censure.

Mykel stifled the sigh that threatened to escape his lips. What is it this time? He resettled his wings in irritation. The last few weeks on board the transport vessels had been…difficult. He’d found himself in front of the stern rescue fleet’s commander on more occasions than he cared to recall. Jaynous had little patience for Aenjels in mourning apparently.

Inclining his head, even though it wasn’t truly necessary—they both knew he really didn’t have a choice in the matter—Mykel followed the aide out of the room and down the sleek, sterile corridor to the Admiral’s office.

Why are all the cruisers so lifeless and cold? he wondered as they walked. Was this what they had to look forward to on the Nu Hayven? Mykel could see many long hours spent in the bio-pods if it was. And he knew he wouldn’t be alone. No Aenjel could live like this for long. Feeling more and more depressed with every step, Mykel entered the Admiral’s large, austere office…and froze.

He needed to continue into the room. He should look away and acknowledge the rest of the executive officers he could sense scattered around the room. He should be focusing on Admiral Jaynous, wherever he was. But he couldn’t. His eyes simply would not cooperate as they drank in the tall, dark-haired Deamond standing in the shadowy lee of the view portal on the far wall.

Damn! Every line and inch of the man was caught in perfect relief against the star-spattered background of black. Tall and well-muscled, with broad shoulders and a trim waist, the Deamond was all hard, hot warrior. Which, of course shouldn’t have turned Mykel on, but did. In a big way. Every damn time he laid eyes on the man.

Even though the shadows hid his face, Mykel knew every nuance and expression well enough to imagine Lusaffar’s wicked grin. The fact that Mykel was standing frozen in the doorway would amuse Lusaffar to no end. The tiny points of his fangs would be just peeking out over his bottom lip and his black eyes would be filled with derision.

Jade Archer ~ A Shot for the Heart ~


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