Monday, May 9, 2011

Peter and the Wolf by Gale Stanley

Peter and the Wolf

Symbiotic Mates: 2

Coming May 14, 2011

What happens when your blood adversary turns out to be your fated blood mate?

Tyler tends bar at the Wolf Den to fill his lonely nights, but he still hasn’t given up on finding a mate. He has his eye on Hunter, a pack enforcer, but the Lycan kills one of their pack and finds sanctuary in the Colony, home of the Vampires. The Pack Alpha calls Hunter a traitor and wants him back dead or alive. But Tyler believes his friend is in trouble and he allows himself to be captured in order to find out the truth. Instead he’s branded a blood slave to a blonde-haired vampire-hawk who wants more than blood. An unlikely alliance is forged but falling for his captor was never part of the plan.

Peter is a hybrid, part vampire, part human. He was turned by the Master, so his blood and abilities are stronger than the other made vamps. When he captures Tyler during an ambush, he expects a fight but the wolf hands himself over on a silver platter and Peter is not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. He makes Tyler his pet but once they share blood the line between captor and captive blurs.

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The Arcadia wolf pack circled the vampire city and camouflaged themselves as best they could. The mixed forest of hardwoods and conifers that surrounded the Colony provided good cover, but the buzzards had the advantage of an aerial view of the landscape.

A surprise assault had never been an option but no one had expected the vamps to mobilize so quickly. Rafe, the pack Alpha, expected to be inside the compound before the Kindred had time to organize, but it didn't go down that way. The number of vampire-hawks circling meant a challenging battle lay ahead.

Talons and claws were no use against flyers but one shot in the heart could bring down a buzzard. Rafe had insisted a small contingent of expert marksmen carry guns to provide cover while those in wolf form jumped the wall to mount a ground attack against the turned vamps that couldn't fly. Tyler and the other shooters were spread too thin, their number too small. He was no strategist but even he could see they were outmatched. The first chill of unease crept up his spine and the hair rose on his body. He steeled his resolve, refusing to let a bunch of birds spook him.

As the Lycans moved into position, the number of hawks overhead kept increasing. He couldn't help but admire the enemy. Unusual predators, impressive in size and beauty, like wolves in the sky.

Long, low-pitched howls passed down the ranks. Tyler pulled his attention back to his surroundings and grumbled at the order to hold off the attack until the Alpha reassessed his strategy.

Damn! So close. Now he fidgeted in his hidey-hole, frustration and anxiety burning his stomach. Were the others as anxious? The thick growth prevented him from seeing his pack-mates hiding nearby.

Playing cat and mouse with a bunch of bloodsuckers didn't sit well with him. Unfamiliar scents in the forest reminded him how far from Arcadia he'd come and how little he knew about the Kindred.

The hawks overhead blocked the moonlight, yet the buzzards did nothing. Long minutes passed and the absence of aggression from either side made Tyler wary. Maybe I should reassess my own plan.

He suspected the vampires were playing a defensive game tonight. It was what he would do if he were harboring a traitor from the other side. A Lycan turncoat could be used to great advantage, especially an enforcer like Hunter who had intimate knowledge of wolf strategy and security.

Damn you Hunter! What the fuck is going on? The Alpha says you're a traitor, lured to the dark side by the bloodsuckers. If he gets his hands on you, you'll be executed for collaborating with the enemy. Is Rafe right? I don't believe it. Not even a vampire allure could breach your stubborn, loyal-dog-to-a-fault, hardheaded personality.

Tyler wasn't an enforcer, just a bartender at the Wolf Den. It might not be his place to second-guess the Alpha, but he refused to believe Hunter was anything but a loyal pack-mate. And he would prove it. He had to admit he wanted more than Hunter's friendship and gratitude. For months he'd been waiting while Hunter grieved the death of his mate, and Tyler was more than ready to step in and take her place. He'd be damned if he would let the vamps take his man.

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