Thursday, May 19, 2011

Romeo and Julius by A.J. Llewellyn

Romeo and Julius

A new M/M Paranormal Romance by A.J. Llewellyn

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Julius snapped up the job of Romeo’s dreams…can these star-crossed men get past this to fulfill a different kind of dream?

Synopsis: Romeo Quiles has accepted a job online in lush and sunny Kauai. However, upon his arrival in the Hawaiian Islands, he discovers the job is a scam. The company that hired him has emptied his bank accounts and he must scramble to either return home to Cupertino, California, and certain unemployment, or to give paradise a chance.

He’s thrilled when he lands another job, ironically at the same resort hotel used by the scam artists to lure him to Hawaii. Except that Romeo’s fallen for hotter than hot Julius who just took on the job Romeo wanted – and he’s not a very nice boss. To top it off, there’s secrets. Secrets galore. There’s ancient fire knife dancing, mysterious chants and old blind man Romeo comes to cherish but love rips at his heart. Can Romeo and Julius break the curse that separates them? Or will they wind up apart?

Hot eXcerpt:

Romeo wasn’t sure if Kumi let him win the race or if in fact he’d beaten the guy back to the room fair and square. What he did know was that he wanted his hands on Kumi’s naked body and the second they closed the door, he got his wish. He couldn’t stop touching Kumi who let Romeo have his way touching, stroking, kissing and licking the man’s magnificent body. Kumi led him to the bed, tossing back the bedspread.

“Remember, second base only,” Kumi murmured against Romeo’s mouth. Their kisses grew increasingly frantic. From outside, Romeo could hear the band playing Beyond the Reef. How apt. He’d have swum for miles to chase after Kumi. He had no idea what the fire dancer considered second base but after some wonderful kisses his mouth moved of its own accord down Kumi’s gorgeous body. He touched the man’s burnt shoulder, surprised how well it had healed. It still looked very tender, but Kumi insisted he was fine.

He writhed around as Romeo’s tongue licked up and down Kumi’s washboard abs. The man had the perfect body. Romeo had the wild urge to remember every faded cut and burn so he could kiss them all better each time he saw Kumi. He wanted to heal the man, stroke all kinds of good feelings into every battered space and he wanted to do it again and again.

When his tongue moved down Kumi’s waxed pubic area, he was not surprised to see how well-endowed the man was. His tongue flicked at a sliver of pre-come across the man’s belly. Romeo licked and licked again, capturing the swollen cock head with his eager mouth.

Kumi moaned, “Second base,” like it was a mantra, but Romeo plunged ahead. It was up to Kumi to stop him when he’d decided it was time. The man had a magnificent cock that wouldn’t quit. Romeo held the thick base in his hand, using the other one to rub a clockwise circle around Kumi’s solar plexus. The guy went berserk, his cock jumping in Romeo’s mouth. He felt a fresh surge of warm juice trickle into his mouth. Ah, nirvana.

Suddenly, Kumi pulled away. The strains of the musical instruments seemed to match the lift of the curtains on the balcony doors. They swayed like a grass skirt in the breeze.

“We have to stop. We’re almost on third.” Kumi’s voice hammered into Romeo’s mental hula.

“Okay.” Romeo’s cock wouldn’t go down. He’d have to live with it.

“Lie back,” the dancer said, his voice hypnotically low. Romeo obeyed, delirious when Kumi’s mouth and hands found their way to Romeo’s treasure trail and oh, boy, beyond his own personal reef.

Kumi sucked Romeo’s cock with abandon. Romeo gazed at the Adonis kneeling beside him in the bed.

“Can I touch you?” he asked. Kumi glanced up at him with those big, ancient, fathomless eyes and nodded. Romeo almost came on the spot.


  1. I can't wait to read it, I've heard nothing but good things about your awesome book!

  2. Thank you so much Judie!!! You're the best!