Monday, February 20, 2012

Lane and the Lycans by Gale Stanley

Lane and the Lycans

Symbiotic Mates: 6

A MMM Paranormal Romance

Coming March 10, 2012

The Kindred are planning an attack on the Lycans, and Lane’s vampire-hawk lover sends him to Arcadia to spy on the wolf-shifters. Things go horribly wrong--Lane lands in the middle of two bear cubs and Mama is out for blood. When two wolves come to his rescue, Lane is sure he’ll end up as wolf kibble. But one of the Lycans is a do-gooder wildlife enthusiast and he’s determined to keep the injured lynx safe. Once inside the Lycans' cabin.. and bed… Lane begins to realize that friend and enemy cannot be identified solely on the basis of fur or feathers, and his only hope for happiness lies in an alliance with one he thought was his mortal enemy.

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This evening promised to be another boring night guarding the perimeter of Arcadia City. Other than the scrabbling of animals in the underbrush and leaves rustling in the trees, he hadn't heard any unusual sounds, and apart from the spray of a distant skunk, and a whiff of something too faint to identify, his sensitive nose detected nothing unusual. A light wind blew up, bringing a more palatable perfume to his nostrils. Nicky. His lover was stationed only a quarter of a mile away and the man's scent was a powerful distraction.

Doug couldn't think of anyone less suited to guard duty than Nicky, whose day job was teaching. But with so few pups in the pack, Nicky had lots of free time on his hands and Rafe had added guard dog to his duties. Besides being highly intelligent, Nicky had a sweet nature and always gave the other guy the benefit of the doubt. He was a lover, not a fighter, and Doug was angry at their Alpha for forcing Nicky to do a job better suited to a more aggressive wolf. He'd said as much, but Rafe shot him down. His only concern was getting as many paws on the ground as possible. The Alpha's only concession to Doug's protests was to post him and Nicky close to each other, so Doug could jump in if Nicky needed help. And Doug would. He'd kill anyone who laid a hand on his lover.

Sometimes Doug wondered what the slim, brown-haired wolf saw in him. Perhaps it was true that opposites attract, because he and Nicky were solid. They still had their own homes, but it was enough that Nicky loved him. At least he hoped Nicky loved him. No one had brought up the "L" word, not yet anyway, but neither one of them had been with anyone else since their first night together.

Just thinking about Nicky made him horny. All his blood flowed from one head to the other, and he wondered if his lover was feeling as randy as he was. Ever since Rafe had gotten anal with the sentry schedules, Doug and Nicky hardly had a minute alone. He looked around and lifted his nose to the sky. Not a sign or a scent of trouble. Fuck—

That sniff of danger he'd scented earlier was a hell of a lot closer. Bear? And headed straight toward Nicky. Fear for his lover's safety whipped his wolf into an adrenaline fueled frenzy. Fear was a luxury he couldn't afford. He buried it and let his fury propel him forward. Shifting in midair, he landed on the run, four big hairy paws pounding the earth in a mad dash to rescue what was his.

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