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Power by Michael Barnette

Power: Part 3 by Michael Barnette

A Through Neon Eyes series story (Book 8)

Genre: GLBT male/male cyberpunk

Content Warning: This series contains BDSM, D/s, graphic same sex encounters, anal play and violence.

Heat Rating: Shadowfire (Five Flames)

Length: Long Story 30,500 words / 175 pages

Released 15th February 2012 Shadowfire Press

The power games between Director Perez, David Jessman and the gunwhore known as Bells come to an explosive conclusion.


Bells has made a lot of promises to Jessman not the least of which is to get him out of the current situation with Director Perez. But how can Bells do that when Jessman's job, his very life, is tied to NeuroTech and the research department Perez heads?


Bells tossed his clothes aside, and crouched to rummage under David's bed for the duffel bag that always seemed to wind up there. His lover refused to use the closet or dresser, just offered him a cool smile and a shake of the head when he'd suggested it. Everything that came with Bells from the LCFree wound up shoved under the bed.

David watched the sensual ripple of his Master's shoulders as the gunwhore pulled the heavy bag out. The zipper buzzed open, and David craned his neck to peer over the side of the bed as Bells pulled a few things out.

Black leather straps. Gleaming steel that jingled with a music not quite as sweet as the bells in the zonewarrior's hair.

His mouth went dry when he resolved the collection of leather and buckles into the harness Bells had worn first day they met. A groan of desire slipped between his parted lips, his balls aching with need as his cock twitched with memory fueled desire.

The blond grinned at him, winked and pulled the mass of leather and steel over his shoulders. Deft fingers played in a fast dance over the leather, fastening buckles, tightening black leather over golden skin.

Stunning. No other word sufficed to describe his vidstar handsome lover.

Lover. Is he really mine or....? No, I won't doubt him. He's told me he loves me. I have to believe that or everything I've done, all the suffering I've endured, all the pain and fear means nothing.

His lover transformed from hard-as-steel zonewarrior to lust-in-motion gunwhore with a simple change of attire. The dull gleam of black leather changed him transmuting him into a creature borne of unattainable, lust filled dreams.

Dreams that were purest reality for Jessman.

Reality that could shatter, fragile as fine crystal, under the warring pressures from outside, from things not under their control.

Like Perez and his lust. Or Megalli-Loran who still wanted him dead.

Or from whatever enemies his own lover might have made out there in the Zone. Men like Katana Blue and the Draks who'd come to kill him and would have relished murdering not just him but Bells too.

Their very lives were an illusion of permanence, their lives lived in two worlds where nothing was forever.

Corporate or LCFree, life was as fragile as glass, easily ended with a single bullet. He had a deeper understanding of how easily life could end, courtesy of their recent encounter with the killers out of the LC come to do him dead.

He swallowed, trembling with passion he could barely contain. Wanting, needing this golden god of his world.

He knelt, bowed his head. Silently submitting himself to the only man who could be his Master.

Cool hands touched his face, lifted it for a kiss, one of the unfastened lengths of harness tapping his shoulder. Bells, surrounded by the sharp tang of leather, the faint traces of gun oil and cigarette smoke that clung to the harness. The fainter odor of sex lingered in the leather, wrapped around his mind to rekindle the memories of their first time together. He found himself going back to the night he'd met Bells, the night his entire outlook on his life and sex changed to the crack of a cat o'nine as it showed him a new place, the realm of Sister Pain.

He shuddered, returned the kiss, arms going around Bells and holding tight; a drowning man in a storm tossed sea of emotion rife with trepidation about the future. Their future together.

He's my reason for everything now, my future is with him. No matter what I have to do to keep him, I'll do it, even if I have to let Perez fuck me. Even if I have to... The rest of the thought faded to nothing as one of his lover's hands touched his groin, cupping his balls, pressing firmly to his erection.

He gasped, a tongue slipping between his parted lips, exploring, tasting.

Gunwhore in action. But Bells was his gunwhore.

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