Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kissing Orion by Amber Kell


Detective Aaron Bradshaw sweet talks his way into a vampire club, hoping to get the local master's cooperation for a drug bust. Little does Aaron know Master Orion plans to keep Aaron for his mate.

Aaron Bradshaw's boss orders him to acquire the vampire Orion's cooperation in their police investigation. Little does Aaron know sweet talking his way into the club is the first step in establishing a long-term relationship with a vampire.

The master vampire, Orion, has been alone for a long time. One look at the sexy detective and Orion decides who he wants to keep by his side. But Aaron's insistence of throwing himself into danger drives Orion insane.

How can he keep his lover safe and still let Aaron do his job--hunting down drug runners in Orion's club?

He may not be able to...

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CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-edited re-release title.


Shifting the weight of the box to his hip, Aaron Bradshaw impatiently banged on the side door with his fist, trying not to lose the clipboard he balanced on top of the package.

With a groan, the metal door opened and a handsome auburn-haired man peeked out. "What do you want, love?" he asked in a thick English accent.

"Blood delivery."

Cool green eyes looked him over from head to toe before giving him a lusty grin. "You're not the usual driver."

He shrugged. "Guy was sick. I got called in. You gonna let me in or not? This is heavy."

"Sure, come inside." The man's smile inferred the words could be taken any way the deliveryman wanted.

"If you could sign here." Aaron slammed down the clipboard with the delivery paperwork back onto the box and pulled a pen out of his shirt pocket.

The bartender signed on the line but when Aaron went to grab the board, he kept a grip on to it. "How about a kiss, love, or don't they let cops do that on duty?"

Aaron tipped back his head and laughed. When he finished, he gave the bartender a cheeky smile. "What gave me away? I thought I was doing pretty well. I did a little delivery work in college."

Smiling, the bartender leaned closer. "You smell too fucking good, mate. The bloke who usually delivers smells like three month old cigarettes." He took a deep breath and the driver saw fangs peeking through the other man's gums. "You, on the other hand, smell like sugar and sunshine and look like a gay bloke's best dream."

Aaron laughed again. "You sweet talker. I'm Detective Aaron Bradshaw, first precinct." Aaron held out his hand. "I told them you wouldn't fall for it, but I didn't think it would be how I smelled that tripped me up. I'll have to remember that. The delivery's legit though. The rest of your blood is in the truck."

"Banner Hawkins." The bartender replied, shaking Aaron's hand longer than necessary before reluctantly letting it go. "I'll help you unload if you tell me why the cops are trying to get inside the club."

"I need to talk to your master. Rumor has it he might have the answers I need and he's ignoring me through the usual channels. I hoped if I got inside, some lovely man could help me out." Aaron batted his eyelashes shamelessly at the bartender.

"I can think of a lot of ways of helping you out," Banner said with a smile, "starting with that kiss."

Aaron couldn't remember the last time a cute guy flirted with him. It felt good to be admired and he was more than a little tempted to give the man a kiss despite being on duty.

"The man came to talk to me," a silky voice said behind him. "I believe that kiss is mine."

* * * *

Orion marched through the club. The minute the gorgeous detective walked into the bar, he'd known. He's mine.

Before he even saw the man, Orion knew he would be his destiny and after seeing him, Orion knew the detective could easily become his obsession.

"I'm Orion," he offered, holding out his hand.

"Detective Aaron Bradshaw." The gorgeous cop shook his hand. "Nice to meet you, Master Orion."

The vampire groaned when their palms crossed. He almost couldn't resist the overwhelming impulse to yank Aaron into his arms and sink his teeth into the sexy detective's neck. The urge to sample Aaron's flavor almost overpowered his conscience.

It pleased Orion when he could unclench his hold on the other man's hand. Stepping back, he gave the detective what he hoped was a professional, fangless smile even though he could feel his teeth trying to descend. With effort, he forced them back into his gums. He didn't want to scare off the detective. He had plans for the man and none of them included the gorgeous creature running from the club screaming.

"Follow me and you can tell me what you need," Orion said. All the things you need, he added silently. Orion couldn't think of anything he wanted more than to be exactly what Aaron sought.

Orion barely heard the detective's quiet footsteps despite his supernatural hearing. If he hadn't felt the man's presence behind him, Orion would've assumed he walked alone.

Entering his office, he motioned for the detective to sit on the opposite chair. Presumably to speak with Aaron, however, it also provided the perfect angle to look at him. The ceiling lights shone directly on the dark head, displaying streaks of red highlights hidden in the ebony locks, leaving Orion to wonder if they were natural or cleverly tinted.

"I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me." The detective's voice pulled Orion's attention from his hair.

"No problem."

"My superiors have had difficulty getting hold of you."

Orion ignored the man's pointed stare. He had the option to brush off Aaron's boss if he wanted. If the police weren't such overbearing pricks, he would've talked to them when they called the first time. However, in the past, they'd made their opinion of vampires very clear and Orion felt no compulsion to help them now, unless the cute detective asked nicely, maybe on his knees.

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