Monday, April 30, 2012

Maithe's Surrender by Leontii Holender

Maithe is a halfling demon whose kind has been forced into servitude by the human race. In his quest for freedom, he finds the human prince Astle Hadean standing in his way. The prince isn't exactly what he appears to be, and Maithe can't decide if he should trust the intoxicating devil or run the other way as fast as he possibly can.

Maithe finds it hard to deny the power that the human has over him. He can hardly breathe around the prince, and Astle seems to become more irresistible with every passing moment. Should he stick around to figure out what he is feeling for Astle, or should he bide his time until he can be free of the prince? The choice is taken away from him when Astle's life comes in jeopardy and Maithe must risk it all to save a member of the very race that binds him in chains.

“You sound so sure that you would be able to handle me, Astle. Will you know what to do with me if you have me?”
Tickling over ribs as he went, the prince’s gloved hand ran about the smooth plane of Maithe’s side. His touch circled back to the small of his back so that he could press the smaller form of the halfling down against him. Maithe released a groan of desire that somehow slipped unwillingly past his lips. His thin body was getting a mind of its own. While his intellect screamed for him to get away from this human, his body was begging to be taken by Astle.
“Let me show you,” Astle murmured just before the gap between their mouths was eradicated.
There was no stopping what was about to happen. Maithe had never been able to stave off his desires. Astle had opened a voracious chasm within him that would only be sated by the prince that lay beneath of him. Maithe felt his grip on what little sanity he possessed slipping between his fingers. Just as when more nefarious longings beckoned, Maithe held off until the last possible moment. It was clear now that he was explicitly trapped in the clutches of Astle. There would be no easy escape from the human.
Astle’s fingers wrapped about the thin chain holding his loin cloth in place about the slender swell of feminine hips. The chain was yanked off with little hesitation by the vicious prince in a fluid motion that was sure to leave a bruising impression in the small halfling’s tender flesh. Sooner than he thought possible, Maithe’s body was bared to Astle. Maithe knew that his smooth porcelain flesh was molded about lithe muscle and slightly effeminate curves. Since early adolescence the mixture of lean muscles and plump hips had often been called enough to drive any man wild.
Beneath the prince’s hands, a salacious side of Maithe was given life. A soft, crooning groan rushed against the meshed tangle of hungry mouths. Astle didn’t waste time in exploring the hellion’s body. The prince’s hands started at the assumedly slender form of his sides and moved their way downward to the curve of his bottom. A loud smack rang into the room as the prince brought his hand crashing down onto the hellion’s pale cheek. Maithe jerked in response to the pain blossoming across seemingly silk flesh. He could feel that his milky complexion was going to be stained with a pink imprint that just so happened to outline the shape of the prince’s hand.
Maithe released a hungry growl. He needed to feel Astle’s bare body against his own. The little angel set to work on removing the elder’s clothing. The prince’s jacket was pushed off his shoulders and idly tossed to the ground. Fingers ripped at his vest and the expensive shirt underneath of it. Buttons were sent whizzing to the front as inhuman strength ripped open the front of the man’s shirt.
Needy fingers explored the washboard surface of Astle’s chest and abdomen. The man was cut as if he had been born into a life of military duty. His skin was the color of warm caramel, a shade that wasn’t so easily found in Solindira. Everything about the prince called to Maithe, begging him to become more entwined within him. Astle released a delightful groan as the hellion’s deft fingers kneaded over the hard form of his cock through the soft material of his trousers.
Astle hustled to pop open the few buttons that were painfully restricting his erection from freedom. Once the last button was popped, his thick phallus slipped from the material and sprung into the halfling’s line of sight. Astle was well blessed with a cock that adequately fit his strong frame. What was more impressive than the length of the prince’s shaft was its thick girth. His thin fingers confidently curled around the rock-hard flesh. Pressure was applied by Maithe’s strong grip. More teasing than the tight heat wrapped about Astle’s cock was the slow and languid strokes the little angel used to torment the other.
Maithe didn’t take long to savor the sight and feel of Astle’s thick cock. It looked like the prince wouldn’t have allowed the continuance of such teasing for much longer. Instead, he slid his body downward so that the tip of Astle’s leaking member might brush against the untainted entrance of his body. Pre-cum helped aid the wet sliding motion of his tip rubbing back and forth along the deep valley of the hellion’s backside. Maithe was set on what he wanted, and there was no deterring him from taking it at this point. Astle didn’t appear to mind from the looks of it. Their gazes were locked, affixed on one another for a mere moment before their lips returned to one another.
Astle’s teeth nipped at the hellion’s seemingly fragile bottom lip and saw to ripping open a soft patch of flesh. Blood oozed from the wound only to die upon the prince’s tongue. Astle appeared to have a taste for the coppery crimson liquid from the sound of the ravenous groan that he released. The taste of blood excited Maithe. It always had. He couldn’t help the urge to return the favor. His vicious teeth ripped into the human’s bottom lip in what was likely to result in a scarring mark. Blood burst into his mouth with such an invigorating potency.
As if in payment for his suffering, Maithe slid his body downward and slowly forced the thick girth of Astle’s tip past the tight ring of muscles that guarded the heated depths of his body. The smaller hellion gasped as he felt the thick cock sliding up into him. It was the first time that another had been given the privilege of taking his body. In truth, it was the first time that a single person had laid eyes on his undressed form in many years.
The crown prince released a hearty groan as Maithe gasped out into the warm still of the room. His whole body was trembling. Astle wrapped his arms about the hellion to steady him and draw him in closer at the same time. The horned hellion’s head fell back as eyes lulled to the back of his skull. His body lowered until the entirety of Astle’s cock was jammed into the tight confides of his body. It was then that the prince would take control of the show.
“This is my body now…You are mine now to do with as I see fit.”
Astle’s hands fell to the hellion’s ass. After a quick squeeze, he used the grip upon Maithe as leverage to help lift and drop his body onto his throbbing arousal. Maithe bounced upward in a quick yet deep rhythm. With the taste of the human’s blood in his mouth, the hellion was lost in a blissful existence. The pain of his virginity being taken subsided, and the pleasure Astle had to offer set in. His cock was so hard he could barely stand it. Pearly drops of pre-cum slid from the slit at his tip and down along the underside. All the while, Astle was pushing and pulling the halfling up and down on his cock.
The human’s voice was growing strained now, seeing as he was taking in a breath between every few words. “No one else with ever have you.”

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