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A Very Southern Affair by Elaina Lee

Southern Romantic Comedy, rated-R, A Very Southern Affair, by Elaina Lee

Love a good romantic comedy? You won’t want to miss Elaina Lee’s A Very Southern Affair – A Southern Romantic Comedy! What USA Today Bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken said was “…a laugh-out-loud romantic read that had me dreaming of sweet tea and stolen kisses." And Heather from Sizzling Hot Reviews said, “As far as romantic novels go, A Very Southern Affair is on the top of my own favorite lists now.”

A Very Southern Affair

Elaina Lee

ISBN 978-1-62135-007-1

Genre - Southern Romantic Comedy

Heat level 3 – Sensual Romance

Amazon - $2.99

Barnes and Noble - $2.99

Smashwords - $2.99

Print Edition – Amazon - $9.99


Convinced everyone she falls in love with will end up six feet under, Hollee isn’t looking for a relationship when Mr. Kaiden Thorne shows up in front of her bridal agency. She’s just looking for a way to save her small southern town from going bankrupt, and he’s the only person who can make sure that happens. Hollee is in for more than she bargains as her attraction to Kaiden takes over and the city begins to show just how far they’ll go to make sure big changes don’t come to their small town.

Kaiden agreed to come to the tiny community for one reason: To salvage what’s left of his career. Mistakes begin repeating themselves the second he lays eyes on Hollee, however. If he can’t make the project work and keep his hands off her, his second chance will be gone forever. He learns quickly though, he’ll need patience in more ways than one when it comes to Belleville, Alabama.

EXCERPT – R – Adult Themes!

She gave a small nod and pressed her fingers against the wood, anything to keep from reaching up and touching his face… or chest… or…. She cleared her throat and met his stare. “Good, so you'll stay until we're sure there's nothing the city can do about the property.”

“Yes.” His hands propped on the desk beside her hips and he bent forward until his chest was mere inches from hers, and his mouth… oh dear God, his mouth was so close. “But I'm not staying for the city, I'm staying for you, because you asked me to.”

Before she could respond, his lips fluttered across hers. Hollee's eyes drifted closed and she didn't fight the quivering in her stomach, or the urge to part her lips. His mouth teased, gracing hers with soft, pulling kisses. The ends of her fingers pushed harder against the wood surface, until she thought one of her nails would break. His hips between her knees forced her legs apart as his tongue flicked across her bottom lip.

Breath caught in her throat, Hollee let him ease between her legs, allowed his body to guide hers down to the desk. What was she doing? Was she insane? Nothing could happen between them, soon he'd leave and…. And she'd never know how his touch would feel, or what his kiss, at its most passionate, would be like.

Gentle at first, his kiss deepened. His tongue slid into her mouth, glided and toyed with hers. He tugged at the band holding her hair back. Once free, his fingers played with her hair, caressing along her scalp and into the long locks. She wanted so badly to wrap her legs around his waist, to enfold her arms around his neck. Then his mouth slanted, his hands fisted in her hair and Hollee grabbed his shoulders and held on for dear life, his kiss possessing and demanding.

Kaiden's hips slid along hers, the bulge in his jeans pressed against her, sending a shock of pleasure through her core. With a gasp, Hollee pulled her mouth from his, but that didn't stop the ravenous thrill his lips created, as they moved along her jaw to her neck. Titling her head back, she swallowed hard and tried to find a hint of reason in the insanity he created.

But there was none to be found.

She couldn’t find one whisper of an argument. So when his hand found a way to her hip and pushed between their very close bodies, she didn't stop him. In fact, she angled her pelvis downward, easing his access to her shorts. Desperation began to curl in the pit of her stomach. Nothing compared to a lovers touch, and too many months had passed since she'd had one upon her skin.

Discomfort dug in her back from the position she laid in. Scooting upward, she eased her backside onto the desk, thankful when Kaiden moved as well, coming in closer. His fingers fumbled with the button of her shorts, his kiss moved lower, edged towards her breasts. Hollee almost squealed in delight and found her patience quickly vanishing. Pushing on his shoulders, she forced him away and then tried to help unfasten her shorts. But four hands trying to undo one tiny button wasn't working too well.

When Kaiden shooed her hands away, she didn't argue, just bit down on her lip and prayed he'd move faster. The button finally gave, as did the zipper. Kaiden's mouth found hers once again and Hollee didn't even attempt to stop the kiss, her lips parted and ready. Smoothing her hand into his hair, her hips lifted. His hands inched the tight jean shorts down her thighs, while his tongue teased in sensual rhythm within her mouth.

In the distance, a tiny metallic tink annoyed her ears. But the tip of his tongue glided along the roof of her mouth and the noise vanished from her mind. The heels of her feet braced on the desks edge as the shorts slid past her toes. Through the thin cotton of her panties, Kaiden's fingers eased along her opening, up to her clit, tantalizing with deliberate pressure. If he touched her any harder, even a few seconds more, she wouldn't last much longer… maybe if she said that he'd—

“Miss Hollee?” an unsure, male voice echoed down the hall.

Every muscle in Hollee's body tensed, her mind froze, as did Kaiden's body over her. Lips still locked together, not even a breath moved between them. Maybe she'd imagined someone calling her name.

“Miss Hollee? It's Deputy Ryan, are you in here?”

Gasping, Chris Ryan's young, innocent, freckled face came to her mind. He could not find her like this! Pushing her palms against Kaiden's shoulders she separated them and turned her torso, so she could yell out the door. Once the support of Kaiden's body was gone, so was what kept her on the desk in her odd position. Heels dug into the desk, toes grasping at nothing but air, butt barely perched on the edge… and her hands, too far away to grab at Kaiden. Before she could stop herself, she slid straight to the floor. With a heavy thump, her ass landed hard on the carpeted ground, her feet kicked the chair into the wall.

“Who's in there!” Chris yelled, his voice cracked and wavered. “I-I'm not going to ask again!”

“It's okay!” Kaiden shouted. “It's Miss Hollee and I.”

“Who are you?”

“Kaiden Thorne, I'm—”

“He's here visiting,” Hollee interrupted as she searched frantically for her missing shorts. Where were they? Panic was setting in faster than she could keep it at bay. “W-we just had to do some work, that's all.”

“I'm coming in,” Chris said sternly.

In unison, Kaiden and Hollee yelled, “No!”


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Elaina Lee

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