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HIDING HIS WOLF by Gale Stanley

Urban Affairs 4
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Half-breed Werewolf Levi York hides his shifter identity while he works as a bouncer at Hot Rods, a leather club that features slave auctions. When Noah Levy goes on the block, the wolf-shifter recognizes the human as his missing friend. He tracks the buyer, Simon Black, and initiates sex to get close to Noah. Guilt-ridden, Levi tries to justify a very real attraction to the man who owns his friend, but he can't reconcile his feelings. There's definitely chemistry between them, but Simon is the adversary who stands between him and Noah.
Levi is right to be wary. Simon is hiding his real identity. He's a federal agent, and he's using Noah as Werewolf bait. But Simon is having second thoughts. He never expected to fall for the prey—and the bait. Now, he's determined to help both men—but first he has to convince Levi to trust him.

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Story X-cerpt

A tangible sense of excitement built and intensified as the time for the last slave auction drew closer. Already, a large group of anxious men had gathered around the low, makeshift stage, asking questions and admiring the slave waiting for his turn on the auction block. The bidding took place in a private room at the club, and the bouncer, Levi York, stood at his post by the door, ready to check the ID of any latecomers. He kept one eye out for trouble and the other on the proceedings across the room.
What’s so special about this man?
The previous four auctions had featured extremely attractive men, but Levi knew management always saved the best for last, and he wanted to see the goods for himself. Shifting position, he peered around the bodies taking up space between him and the platform.
A heavy curtain of long hair hid the slave’s face as his head dropped forward. The slim blond seemed oblivious to all the attention surrounding him. Levi figured the man had to be exhausted after all the preparations a slave had to endure before being sold. No doubt Blondie had gone through the usual routine--enema, waxing, and bath before being oiled and locked into the studded leather harness with attached cockstrap. A two inch metal cockring insured that every time the man moved, there was a tug on his junk. It made his erection look enormous.
The slave broker reached out and roughly yanked on the slave’s prick. The blond’s erection grew even thicker and longer, causing an excited outpouring of catcalls and wolf whistles from the crowd. The broker, a big, stony-faced motherfucker, stood to one side allowing the potential buyers to inspect the merchandise. After a few minutes, the broker pulled on the chain that was attached to a studded leather collar around the slave’s neck. It took a few tugs until finally, the slave turned to show off his back. A butt strap was connected to a D-ring on the back of the harness, keeping an inflatable butt plug firmly in place. The contraption had locking buckles to ensure that the harness would stay on until his new Master unlocked it.
The bidders ate it up. They were salivating and circling like vultures. Some of the men were forward enough to pinch the slave’s nipples, and a few brave souls went right for his ass and stiff dick. The blond moaned. He didn’t seem to mind the attention or the groping hands massaging his most private parts.
Levi York held back his own moan as he watched. His inner wolf, a predatory animal, was positively drooling at the sight of the smaller, submissive man. The randy beast raked claws along Levi’s gut, urging him to take the slave himself.
Down, boy.
Rolf, his embodied animal spirit, didn’t understand. Levi could never afford a slave, and interrupting a sale was a good way to get himself killed. He fumed, angry at himself for allowing his wolfish nature to take the upper hand once again.
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Gale Stanley

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