Thursday, November 1, 2012

Patrick's Plight by Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht

    Whoever said that porn is easy should be shot…then drawn…then quartered.
    One older, sophisticated man with more money than the Donald. One younger guy who is clueless and poor. What could possibly go wrong?
     Desperate for money because of a friend’s medical bills, Patrick found himself contemplating something that he never thought he would…doing gay porn. But, before he can even finish his audition, he’s shown the backdoor and kicked out.
    Vance, the owner of the porn company, knows from the instant he sees Patrick that he and he alone should be the only one to ever touch the younger man. He tracks Patrick and offers him a job…off camera.
    Patrick agrees, and the two men soon find themselves growing closer to each other. Will they be able to get through their insecurities, or will their story be over before it even began?
* * * *

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Patrick ran out of the building, using a back door, so he didn’t have to make the walk of shame past the other interviewees. It meant leaving behind his coat, but he didn’t care, even though he didn’t have a replacement. He’d rather freeze to death, than face any further humiliation.
All the while, he did a mental inventory of his body. Was he too scrawny? Did the fact that he had a no pack instead of an eight- pack really matter that much? It wasn’t like he could help that he was thinner than Olive Oyl on crack. He ate as much as he could, even when he lived at home and food had been plentiful. He just couldn’t bulk out no matter how hard he tried.
Patrick rushed down the sidewalk, barely noticing how crowded it was. His mind and spirit were too crushed.
The studio hadn’t even let the other guy touch him. He snorted. They were probably too worried that he’d taint their precious star or something. As if ugly was a contagious disease. Patrick knew his face was a bit round, his lips too full and his eyes way too wide, but he never believed that he was that hideous.
Horror filled Patrick as he stopped dead in his track. Unless it was because of his ass. Oh god, could that really be the reason? It made sense. His hands shot down to his butt. Just as always, it was sadly lacking any bounce, jiggle, or smack-me-baby.
He let out a deep sigh. He was a failure at porn before he even started. Could he sink any lower? At least he’d had a chance to mess up on his other jobs before he was shown the door.
He mentally ticked off said jobs in his head. Other than the bar, there’d been the time he worked as a valet and lost a car. Then there was the time he worked at a grocery store, only to be fired when he’d accidentally buried a family of four when he’d knocked over a display of cans. He didn’t even want to think about his brief stint with a dog groomer. That poor Shih Tzu never walked the same again.

Amber Kell
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