Monday, June 3, 2013

Cowboy Boots and Inexpressible Longing by Natalie Acres

Cowboy Boots, Book Five, Part One in The Underground Clubs
Written by Natalie Acres
Coming to Siren-Bookstrand on June 3, 2013

His pain is far greater than his need for love

Master Drew Remington knows pain. He understands its fury.
He has walked through its unrelenting terror and remembers the torment in his brother’s eyes as he lay dying in front of him.
His affliction is too vast to overcome
Oh yes, Master Drew knows heartache. He watched as his father was gunned down by a hired assassin and understands what it’s like to feel helpless, utterly consumed by a harrowing tragedy that left his family in ruins.
Only one woman can heal his soul and mend his wounded heart
A former lover, Suzy Matthews, reenters Master Drew’s life. Suzy is determined to win her Master’s heart, but as she plans to embrace the love she and Master Drew share, an emerging war finally erupts. Soon, Suzy is used as a pawn in a very dangerous game set to unfold between old enemies looking to settle one final score.

She loved him. Oh how she loved him.
Drew removed the vibrator and rose over her like a force to be reckoned with, a powerful surge behind a bolt of electricity. His broad shoulders, cut pecs, and muscular arms and legs were only part of the package. Drew Remington was indeed a beautiful man. He had features so dark they were haunting, a symbol of trouble. That’s what he represented. Danger and seduction, sex. Oh God yes, how much he resembled the epitome of sex.
Even the disturbing shadows circling his brown eyes were enticing. They were part of what made the man intriguing, yet explained why he was so distant and reserved.
His fingers plunged inside her pussy and her hips shot off the bed. “Master Drew, please.”
He smacked her bare mound and a gush of racing heat blasted through her channel. She slapped her hands against the mattress and used her heels to pump closer to those prying fingers, that manual stimulation now driving her wild.
Her head tilted forward and back as he fucked her with probing digits. His mouth fell open and his eyes grew heavy.
Reaching for him, she pumped his cock, suddenly aware of the fact that he’d already suited up to play, already slipped the condom on when she’d apparently been too involved in the pleasure to notice.
“You will do what I tell you to do while you’re here,” he said, leaving one finger right inside her cunt as if to show her how well he could give, how easily he could take away. “Tell me you understand.”
“Yes. I understand, Master Drew.”
He shoved three fingers inside her, rotating them in a scooping-like fashion. “And you’ll stay out of trouble, sub. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir,” she replied, her pussy now an inferno as he continued to stir her juices, work with her arousal. “I understand perfectly.”
Bending over her body, he flicked her clit and she came apart. His head bobbed up and down as he sipped at the hardened bud, licked at her pussy lips and rigorously fingered her.
Coming to his knees, Drew reached behind him and released her legs. “I want to feel those shapely thighs squeezing me, sub.”
Without another word, he slammed into her with one even thrust. Planting his hands on either side of her head, he worked his hips back and forth, moving them from side to side as he screwed her.
“Now say it,” he rasped, dragging his lips across hers.
Her nipples throbbed. Her pussy wept. It was all she could do to keep from wrapping her arms around him while screaming out his name, chanting about her everlasting love and undying devotion.
“Say what?”
Surely he didn’t want her to tell him again. Had Drew really changed that much while they’d been apart? Did he need her now when he hadn’t needed her in the past? Was he ready for more than he’d given her before?
He pushed the weight of his cock high inside her quivering cunt. “Tell me.” His lips assaulted hers as his cock strummed inside her. “Now, sub. Fucking tell me now!”
As she started to profess her love all over again, her release rolled forward. Her pussy vibrated with the warning and she tried to resist, fought to hold back until her Master gave her permission.
“Damn you! I need to hear you tell me you love me again. Tell me you love me as much as I’ve always loved you!”
There was no stopping her then. She came apart in his arms, screaming his name, crying out for more, and yes, oh God yes. She told him she loved him over and over again.
Suzy would love him until the day she died.



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