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Discover Raine in the Fire; Fiery Magic by Raine Delight

Discover a summer of hot romance with one of these Raine Delight stories...

Fiery Magic by Raine Delight
Devon Falls 3
Secret Cravings Publishing
Paranormal Dragon Shifter Erotic Romance

*Author Note: All Devon Falls stories can be read as a stand alone**

A dragon shifter returns to Devon Falls to woo back his mate amid secrets from the past.
Damien Dracon left town years before breaking the heart of his true mate and now he returns to woo back the one woman meant to be his-Alicia Stevens. Can a past filled with pain and heartbreak heal amid the power of a second chance love?
Teaser Excerpt:
The stars twinkled brightly in the night sky and with a full moon out, he decided to walk through town before heading home. A breeze ruffled his hair lightly as he sauntered down the street. A light on at the Dew Drop Café caught his gaze and a shadow walked past the window. He jogged lightly across the street and almost fell through the glass pane at the sight of Alicia, weaving her way around the cases. He watched the way she moved, fluid-like and with a grace that he could never find, no matter how hard he tried with the other women. Her red hair hung in a loose ponytail that he suddenly itched to take down. His eyes widened when her lush, voluptuous body had him aching to see her in all its natural glory. Hers was the most desirable body he had ever seen. The blood rushed to his cock, straining the front of his jeans.

He whistled softly. He never thought she would become a woman that looked so voluptuous and sexy! It was quite an eye-opener, especially when she bent over to clean the case of pastries and her jeans tightened around her rounded ass. Groaning at the vision in front of him, his blood burning with a need to possess her, Damien tried to still his racing lust. When he left her, she still had that coltish look of a young lady on the verge of womanhood. To see her like this, so lush and desirable, it made him sad to know he wasn’t the one to see her grow into being the woman he knew she could be. What man wouldn’t be lucky to have her as a mate and mother of his children?

Watching her dance to a tune only she could hear focused Damien’s attention on the way she moved. As he watched her dance around the cases and tables, he found himself longing to dance with her. Thinking how her body would curve around his made him shudder with a hot need that had him rock-hard and aching for something that he hoped he could experience again — if she didn’t kick him in the balls first and then toss him out the door.

The lights dimmed, and then went off. A moment later, he heard a car start and drive off. He sighed at the loneliness he felt even more acutely. Damien resumed walking, thoughts racing through his brain like a wildfire out of control. Why can’t I just go in and talk to her? Am I being an utter ass, thinking she will welcome me with opens arms? I have to see her, touch her, explain things, and hope she will forgive me enough to give us another try. This time I won’t leave her and fly to parts unknown. I will do whatever it takes for her to trust me again and give me another chance. I know I screwed up big time. But I am going to fight for her and the love I hope is still there.


A Summer Night Fling
Paranormal M/M Short Story
*was formally in the Hot Summer Fun Anthology*
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Cal Larson wasn't expecting to find a hot sexy man stuck in a tree as he took his morning walk in the woods. When he meets Alex, sparks fly and these two find that love is waiting to claim them. Except Alex has a secret…one that may bring danger to Cal’s doorstep. Can Cal find it in his heart to accept Alex and let this summer fling turn into something much more?

Teaser Excerpt:

Cal Larson walked into his house and knew something was different. The feeling of peace, of home, escaped him that moment. He tried to figure out what it was as he tossed his coat over the stair railing and asked, “Hey, Mal, you around?” 
Silence answered him. He walked across the foyer to the living room, searching for his lover of five years. After spying no one in the room, he moved deeper into the house, his heart starting to pound and an uneasy feeling making his stomach churn. When opening the kitchen door revealed nothing, he made his way back to the stairwell and ran up to the master bedroom. Hoping that Malcolm was in the shower, he walked into the room and stopped short. Drawers were open, clothes scattered, but no Malcolm was in sight. 
He ran over to the closet and saw the empty space where his lover’s clothes should have been. The suitcases they used on trips were gone, and with a heavy heart he sat down on the bed, anguish running through his soul. 
“What the heck happened?” Cal turned to see the destruction of the room he had given him so many wonderful memories. Of Malcolm coming toward him, naked after a shower, smelling fresh and manly, and all he needed to do was touch Cal and he was lost. 
Hearing a crinkle of paper, he turned and discovered a piece of crumpled paper stuck in the sheets of the bed. Smoothing it out as best he could, he saw it was from Malcolm. 
Dear Cal, 
By now you know I am gone. I can’t do this anymore. I have fallen out of love with you and moved on. I am sorry for this but hope you can forgive me eventually. 
My best,
Blinking with shock, Cal stared at the paper in disbelief. His lover had decided to leave…without even saying goodbye or offer an explanation at that. He left a ‘Dear John’ letter and wiped his hands of five years of being a couple. What happened to loving one another and giving each other support as they pursued their dreams? 
“Well goddamn me to hell and back, “ Cal swore as he stood up and walked out of the room, never glancing back while the letter slowly fell to the ground.

Raine Delight
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New Release~ A Summer Night Fling
Paranormal M/M Short Story
Cover for 'A Summer Night Fling'

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