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Forever More by Michael Mandrake


Blurb: Identical twins, Ryland and Ryder Durand have consummated their relationship but jealousy and concern about their personality clashes have brought problems to their seemingly perfect union. Will the brothers stay together despite the challenges?

Chapter One

“Je t'aime plus que jamais…” (I love you more than ever before…) Hours after they’d returned from the Quarter, the words played as if on tape recorder in Ryland’s mind. Still shaken, his beloved brother consoled him after the surprise attack from the human who called himself Vance. And after a couple hours of crying on his shoulder, begging his brother to leave New Orleans, he’d finally calmed, and the two consummated their relationship once again, leaving Ryland completely satisfied, content that everything would be all right.
“Brother?” Ryder lightly stroked Ryland’s back and snuggled closer to him, planting a gentle kiss on his left bicep. 
Immediately, his cock stirred underneath the sheets. “Yes, mon amour?” Ryland didn’t bother turning around. Instead, he gripped one of his brother’s arms, binding Ryder to him from behind.
“Do you feel better now? Are you calmer?” Ryder nibbled on his earlobe and blew air on his neck, causing the small hairs there to stand on edge.
Ryland was so aroused, he’d all but forgotten about the unfortunate happenings of the night prior. At least temporarily.  “Much, yes, thank you. I appreciate you bringing me out of my hysterics. In my heart of hearts, I’d never want to leave this place. I love it too much to do so.” Ryland moved back on the bed so there would be no more space between them. At that moment, the head of his brother’s cock nudged the crevice of his backside, instantly sending a surge of adrenaline to his groin. Although he craved his brother to be inside of him again, he actually preferred to be on top.
“Of course you do. Gren brought us here to live the rest of our immortal lives. And you promised me you’d stay here and help me find his killer.”
“Which I will, mon frère,” he interrupted and turned to face him. Ryland slid his arm underneath his brother’s and caressed his skin, tracing the ink on his back. “I’d never leave you alone, ever. We’re twins, joined at the hip.”
“Yeah, you say that now, but I remember when you first found out that I told Gren to bite you, wow…” Ryder chuckled and shook his head. “You threatened to leave me. You were so mad.”
“Well, I was angry because you made that decision for me without my consent.” Ryland met his gaze and gripped onto his backside, patting it lightly. The surge to his groin came almost immediately, causing Ryland’s sexual urges to grow out of control.  He wondered why he was suddenly so much more interested in sex over all else.
“Yes, but I thought it was for the best. Although you’d been hurt by those blasted Frenchmen when they assaulted you, I just wanted you close to me. I wanted the bond with you, Ryland.” Ryder raised his voice.
“I know…shh… shh, hush now. Of course I understood after we talked things out.” Ryland put his arousal aside and concentrated on the words his brother spoke.
“Yeah, well, you were badly hurt and since you were unconscious, I found that the best time to ask Gren to change you, Ryland.” Ryder softly stroked Ryland’s forehead and kissed the tip of his nose. “Besides, if you would’ve died from your injuries, we wouldn’t have this. This…special relationship. You know? I couldn’t imagine life without you, bro.”
Ryland returned the affection with a peck on the lips, now returning the favor of calming his younger sibling’s fears. “Me either, Ryder, but believe me, you never will.”
* * * *
Unable to stop thinking about it, Ryder reflected back to that fateful day when Gren changed their lives forever. Although he’d never regret his choice, he was glad Ryland forgave him for deciding on it without his consent.
* * * *
White Apple - Mississippi 1736
“Ohh… Gren. Gren, please, we must do something to help him!” Ryder trembled with fear, and tears ran down his face as he held his brother, Ryland, in his arms. His face bloodied along with bruises under his eyes and on his cheeks from the blows he’d taken in the melee with the Frenchmen. Ryland’s clothing was tattered in several places, revealing deep cuts and wounds on his arms and his legs.
“Oh, mon frère, what have they done to you, my sweet brother? I will kill them all when I have the chance! I don’t care if I die trying,” he cried aloud and stroked his bloody forehead.
Gren’s voice broke the silence. “Ryder. Ryder, I can help him, but that means you must let me turn him, and you. Remember, you have stopped me before on several occasions; am I correct? You wanted it but had to be positive your brother desired the same thing.”
“I know, but…” Ryder held onto his brother and raked his long locks with the tips of his fingers. Surely, if they waited too long, Ryland might die from his injuries. Besides that, Ryder desired the closeness with his brother and felt this to be the right opportunity for Gren to bring them closer together. He gulped hard and closed his eyes tightly, knowing that Ryland wasn’t keen on being changed into a vampire. Ryder inhaled deeply, and his heart thumped in his chest like a drum. Why, oh why, didn’t his brother want to be a vamp like he did?
Although his brother might hold it against him for the remainder of his existence, nothing would be as painful as losing his twin to the hands of mortal death.
“Fine, Gren. He will most likely hate my guts later, but…do what you have to do to save him. Make him, and me, yours. And please hurry!”
Gren flashed a wicked grin and knelt down, taking the battered body of Ryland close to his own. “As you wish, my love. And remember, from this point on, there is no turning back.” In moments, Gren opened his mouth wider, showing his fangs. He bit into the young man’s neck, taking what little human life he had left.
Ryder could only watch helplessly, knowing Ryland might never see his side of things. “Forgive me, my brother; please understand my plight. We are Gren’s now, and forever will be.”

Michael Mandrake

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