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Ryland by H.C. Brown

Knight Watch Princes
by H.C. Brown
M/M, M/M/M, Shape shifter, Fantasy/Paranormal, Erotic Romance


Take one oversexed alpha male shifter add two or three delicious Fae males and shake well.
 Rylands world is changed forever after the arrival of Lor, a sexy Fae male. Convinced to follow Lor into another dimension, Ryland discovers a world where free love with one or more men is encouraged.
  Night Watch Princes

Chapter One

“Are you sure that’s an Ecatnie?”  Allure the Fair wrinkled his nose. “A shifter from a thousand years in the future, is living here with the Nomags?”
 Lor narrowed his eyes and glared at his brother. “I’ve watched him for over five years. Pride males don’t have his powers. Lady’s blood, he has an aura of magyck. He can retract his fangs! His eyes are violet with swirls of green and silver opalescence. I’ve consulted with Nox and he concurs, this male is an Ecatnie.”
“I can’t imagine why you waste your time mooning over a Pride male. What can you possibly do with him? He’s stuck here in the Human realm and no doubt contaminated by Nomag ways. If you reveal yourself to him, most likely he’ll try to kill you."
 Disgusted, Lor looked away. “This is my choice.”
“As you wish.” Allure the Fair cursed under his breath and disappeared.
Lor drew his wings closer around him and gazed down from his rooftop perch. A summer breeze brushed his cheek. Squirrels, dashed along the boughs of an ancient oak, jumping over each other in innocent play. His gaze dropped and lingered on the male sauntering along the sidewalk. Sunlight glistened on a sheet of copper hair resting on the man’s shoulders. He savored the sight of tight, denim jeans sliding over lean muscle, and the flex of golden biceps showing beneath the sleeves of his black tee. He wanted him.
Ryland Strange had become his obsession.
 Drawing his glamor around him, Lor dropped off the rooftop and fluttered down silently to the sidewalk. He hid behind a bank of honeysuckle. Invisible to the Nomags in his Fae form, his magyck afforded him enough glamor to disguise himself as a Nomag. He morphed into a human male of about twenty-five summers. He drew in the sweet fragrance of the blossoms, waited until he heard the Ecatnie’s footfalls then stepped out into the street. Ryland collided with him, and his hard body sent Lor sprawling to the curb.
“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.”  Ryland held out a hand.
For a few moments, Lor sat on the sidewalk, staring up into the young man’s eyes. He caught his breath; flecks of green and silver, sparkled like gems within the violet hue. The sight of his perfectly formed features, high cheekbones, long straight nose, and those lips — gods, so full and luscious, sent his heart hammering in his chest. First contact.
 Head swimming, Lor touched his stinging cheek. He dragged his gaze away from Ryland’s face and glanced down at the smear of blood on his fingertips. He smiled at Ryland and took the offered hand. “I’m okay—I think.”
“My house is just here.” Ryland tipped his chin toward the neat red, brick house. “Come inside and I’ll take a look at your cheek. It’s the least I can do after knocking you senseless.”
 Ryland closed his long fingers around Lor’s hand and pulled him to his feet. This close, Lor could almost taste the rich masculine fragrance oozing from him. He recognized the delectable, musky scent as pure, Pride male. His heart pounded. Ryland’s fingers gripped his hand, and his amazing eyes flashed gold for an instant before he let go. The man’s lips curled up at the corners. He stood back and a hooked one thumb in the front of his jean’s pocket.
Lor rubbed his palm on his pants and held it out as he had seen Nomags do in way of greeting. “Thanks, I’m Lor.”
 Ryland shook his hand and his intense gaze drifted over Lor with undisguised interest. “I’m Ryland. Have we ever met before?”
Drawing a deep breath to steady his voice, Lor shook his head. “No, but I’ve seen you around. I remember watching you play football for the Knights.”
“Nah, not there in a club— Durk’s on Vine?” He turned to open the white, wooden gate and headed toward the front door.
Hmm, he really means; do I like males? Now that was straight to the point. “Yeah, I’ve hung out there a few times.”
 The smile Ryland flashed him over his shoulder, made his knees buckle. He swallowed hard and followed him inside. Ryland’s intoxicating scent infused the house. Lor glanced around; the rooms off the hall were neat, tidy, and masculine. In the kitchen, a large, bright, airy room with windows overlooked a small garden.
“I’ll get something to clean up that graze.” Ryland turned toward a long bench. “It’s only a scratch.”
©H.C. Brown 2013.


HEAVENLY SCENT by Stormy Glenn

Heavenly Scent (MM)
Scent of a Mate 3

Jude Mason and his identical twin brother are ocelots. In the paranormal world, that means that they are less than everyone else. They are considered abominations, chased from one pride territory to the next, never knowing if someone is going to attack them. When Jude stops off at a local bar to get a glass of milk, he finds the one thing he thought he’d never have—his mate. There’s just one problem…his mate is human and knows nothing of the shifter world.
Tripp Van Buren never imagined he’d fall for a geeky little guy with glasses and a surprising giggle. But after meeting the strange man, he can’t stop thinking about him. It’s almost an obsession. And so is the need to keep Jude protected from everything. When Tripp goes back to the bar for Jude, he discovers a world he never had a clue about—shifters, mates, claiming, mating heat, and a something different about Jude that takes them all by surprise. Tripp knows that if he wants to stay in this odd world with Jude, he’ll need to learn everything he can about it. But will he still want Jude after he learns just how unique Jude really is?
Erotic, Paranormal, Wolf Shifter, M/M, Romance
Tripp Van Buren couldn’t say what drew his attention to the small figure that stepped into the bar. Maybe it was the way his bright cornflower-blue eyes darted around the room before he bounced over to the bar top. Or maybe it was the fact that he actually bounced. He didn’t walk. He didn’t run.
He freaking bounced.
Whatever it was, Tripp’s eyes were drawn to the exuberant man with a curiosity he hadn’t felt in years. He leaned back in his seat and tilted his head to one side as he watched the man push his thin black-rimmed glasses back up his pert little nose every few minutes as he talked to the bartender.
Tripp had no idea what the guy said to Frank, but the bartender’s eyebrows shot up his forehead so fast that Tripp thought they were in danger of sliding right off his head altogether. Frank stared for a moment then walked away, shaking his head. Every few moments, he’d shoot a look at the cute little guy like he thought he was from outer space or something.
When Frank came back, he held a glass of something white in his hands, which he set down on the bar-top in front of the man. As the stranger took the glass and drank it down through the straw, Frank stepped back like he was afraid he might catch whatever the guy had. Tripp almost laughed. His lips did curve up with amusement, threatening to split into a smile, something he didn’t do often, if ever.
Tripp was intrigued.
He watched for a while, slowly sipping his cold beer. The young man drank his white substance then asked for another. This time, Frank didn’t look quite so shocked but he still shook his head as he walked away.
While he waited for Frank to return, the man turned around and leaned back against the wooden bar counter, once again pushing his dark glasses up his face. There was something in his eyes as he gazed around the room that Tripp couldn’t quite decipher. It was almost as if the guy was looking for something, or someone.
Tripp was a little dismayed when he saw his friend Boone walk up to the cute little guy. Boone Marshall was the looker of Tripp’s little group of friends. Tripp had never seen the man get turned down when he decided to pursue someone. Men and women flocked to the tall dark-haired man like a moth to a flame.
He never went home alone.
Tripp almost spit out the beer in his mouth when the little black-haired cutie leaned in and sniffed at Boone then shook his head, dismissing Boone like they hadn’t even spoken. Boone stood there, his mouth hanging open as if he had never heard the word no before. After a moment, he frowned and stormed away. Tripp had never seen the man so upset, or so confused.
Hell, he’d never seen the man turned down before.
Sipping his beer, Tripp sat back and watched as man after man approach the little guy. Everyone that stepped up was sniffed then turned away and dismissed as if they didn’t exist. Maybe the guy didn’t realize that he was in a gay bar. How he couldn’t know that, Tripp would never figure out. Men in pairs of two—and sometimes three and four—were pressed together on the dance floor, their bodies gyrating together in the most public act of sex legally possible.
When his beer was empty, Tripp climbed to his feet and slowly sauntered across the room to get another one. He made sure that he took up the vacant spot right next to the guy. Tripp wasn’t stupid enough to proposition the man, not after he had seen everyone get turned down by the cutie, but he was still curious enough to take a long look at him.
He was cute—not sexy cute, but cute nonetheless.
“Here’s your milk,” Frank grumbled as he set another glass of the white stuff down on the bar-top.
The guy was drinking milk?
In a bar?
“I’ll have another, Frank,” Tripp said when the bartender glanced at him, shaking his empty beer bottle at the disgruntled bartender.
“Are you sure you don’t want something a little stronger?” Frank asked as his eyes settled on the glass of milk.
“Naw.” Tripp chuckled. “A beer will do me just fine.”
“Whatever.” Frank’s lips twisted together as he grabbed the empty beer bottle and walked away.
Tripp chuckled at the disgruntled look on Frank’s face then turned his attention back to the cutie. “How’s the milk?” he asked as he watched the man spin around on the barstool and start sucking the milk down again—through a freaking straw.
“Is that good?”
Dark eyebrows scrunched together as the guy turned to look at Tripp. “Have you ever had warm milk?” he asked, a slight shudder working through his slim body as if the mere thought was enough to make him have nightmares.
“Not if I can help it.” Hell, he didn’t drink milk if he could help it, warm or cold.
“Well, see.” The man waved his hand as if that explained it all. “There you go.”
Wow. Someone didn’t have all of their oars in the water.

Jude groaned deeply. It slowly turned into a deep rumbling purr type of noise as Jude grabbed Tripp’s shirt and yanked him closer. If Tripp hadn’t been so shocked at the strength in the little man, he would have stopped Jude from nuzzling into his neck.
By the time he felt Jude’s tongue lick up the side of his neck, it was too late. Tripp bit his lip to stifle his outcry of surprise when a flash of pain flared through his throat as something sharp tore into his flesh. It was short and quick and over before he knew exactly what happened.
And then pleasure slammed into Tripp so hard and so fast that his knees almost buckled.
His cock throbbed in his jeans, scraping against his zipper so hard that he was afraid he would have permanent zipper marks on his dick. Tripp was ready to pound nails—or someone’s sweet little ass.
When he wrapped his arms around Jude and lifted the little man up into his arms, Jude shuddered and tried to climb right up the front of him. It was like Jude couldn’t get close enough. Tripp solved that problem by wrapping one arm under Jude’s ass and the other around his back, holding Jude as close as he possibly could while they were in two separate sets of clothing.
“Bloody hell, Jude.” Tripp’s voice was dry and breathless. “What are you doing?”
Tripp’s eyes swept the room to see if Jude’s attack had been noticed by anyone in the bar. He wasn’t exactly against sexual displays in public, but he wasn’t exactly sure what was going on here and before he flipped Jude over the bar and fucked him within an inch of his life, he wanted to find out why Jude had lost his mind.
And for that, he needed privacy.
Tripp swung around and strode quickly across the bar to the men’s bathroom—not his favorite spot for a little interlude, but it would do in an emergency, and this definitely qualified as an emergency.
Two men were pressed up against the fake marble sink counter making out when Tripp walked in. Tripp growled deep in his throat. The two men sprang apart, staring at Tripp with wide eyes. “Out!”
They eyed Tripp warily as they scooted around him and Jude then ran from the bathroom. Tripp made his way down the aisle of stalls, kicking each of them open until he had assured himself that they were alone.
“Jude,” Tripp said as he tried to peel the man off his chest. Jude wasn’t budging. He grunted and tightened his arms around Tripp’s neck. Tripp rolled his eyes, not sure whether to be exasperated or aroused. “Jude, baby, you need to let go now.”
Tripp winced when Jude shook his head, the sharp little teeth embedded in flesh pulling at his sensitive skin. Tripp liked biting just as much as the next guy but this was getting ridiculous.
“Damn it, Jude, I said now!” He swatted Jude on the ass to get his point across.
Jude whimpered.
Tripp swatted him again.
Jude stilled then slowly withdrew his teeth and licked at Tripp’s skin. When he pulled back, his head was bowed but Tripp could still see Jude’s pink tongue moving across his lips as if savoring the taste lingering there.
“What in the hell was that all about, Jude?” Tripp asked as he set Jude on his feet and stepped back. When Jude followed, Tripp rolled his eyes and stuck his hand out, grabbing Jude’s shoulder and keeping him right where he was—with plenty of space between them.
Instead of answering him, Jude dropped to his knees. He had Tripp’s jeans unzipped and his dick out before Tripp even felt the brush of his fingers. And then he only felt Jude’s hot, wet mouth as it closed around his hard length.
“Oh fuck!” Tripp groaned as his fingers clenched in Jude’s curly-black hair. His hand cradled the back of Jude’s head as he slid slowly in and out of Jude’s mouth. Jude knelt in front of him, gripping Tripp’s hips and relaxing into Tripp’s touch.
“Suck it,” Tripp groaned, knowing this was a really bad idea but unable to help himself. Jude had a fantastic mouth.
And apparently, he had no gag reflex.
At. All.
Jude practically shoved his face into Tripp’s groin as he took him to the back of his throat, using his throat muscles to milk Tripp’s shaft. Jude pressed the palms of his hands into Tripp’s thighs as he leaned forward, swallowing the entire damn thing down his throat.
Not many had done that.
As Jude's throat massaged his length, Tripp felt his cock tingled, aching for release, his balls drawn and tight. He pushed his cock to the back of Jude’s throat, waiting for Jude’s reflexive swallow to squeeze the sensitive tip before retreating and thrusting into him again.
 “Damn, baby, just like that.” He was so fucking close.
Tripp’s fingers trailed under Jude’s jaw and settled on his neck, feeling Jude’s throat muscles work as he sucked Tripp off. Jude began to smile around Tripp’s cock and then hummed, the vibrations making Tripp hiss.
“Jude,” Tripp moaned. His hips bucked, sending his thick cock further down Jude’s throat. Jude opened his mouth wider, accepting the girth as he let his tongue explore the length of Tripp’s shaft. He lapped at Tripp as though the man's cock were an especially tasty treat.
Jude moved further down, licking and kissing his way to the root of Tripp’s shaft and then back up to the tip. Tripp moaned as Jude swirled his tongue around Tripp’s cock before pressing the tip into the slit in the flared head of his shaft.
Tripp groaned and buried his hands in Jude's hair as the smaller man began to tongue him hard and fast. Jude’s mouth tormented him, wringing searing pleasure after pleasure from his hard, aching dick.
Tripp held Jude's head as he felt his orgasm approach. His pumped his hips towards Jude's mouth, and pumping furiously. Jude sucked and swallowed until, with a loud grunt, Tripp's release flooded Jude’s welcoming mouth.

For the entire Scent of a Mate series, visit my website at www.stormyglenn.com

The Aloysius Tales 3: Cataclysmic Shift by Tara Lain

 Available at Loose Id     Amazon     ARe
Super cat, Aloysius, may be the most powerful witch’s familiar in the world, but when he takes a blast at the hand of an evil witch he loses it all -- power, memory, and his feline form -- to become the ethereal human beauty, Alain Bellarose. When Alain wakes up naked on the floor surrounded by dogs and cats, his eyes first set upon Luke Elliott, the handsome and mysterious veterinarian.  Suddenly, the prospect of being human doesn’t seem so bad. Luke has a lot to hide and he likes animals way more than people, but he can’t resist the flamboyant boy who washes his face with the side of his hand and tries to lick his own privates!  The loss of Aloysius depletes the power of the Witch Master, Killian Barth, and that of his “secret weapon” Sammy and leaves their coven sitting ducks for two very nasty females. When Alain discovers that he’s really a powerful cat, he’s faced with the ultimate choice. To protect his community, or stay with the man he loves.
Alain sat cross-legged on the bed. These pajama pants Luke bought him were pretty comfortable. What a strange night. Who were those men to him? Killian and Blaine? They seemed very important. The urge to protect Killian had wiped out every thought and feeling he had. Still, they hadn’t recognized him. That was disappointing, but he didn’t know why.
He sighed. And Luke. The man wanted to get rid of him. Couldn’t blame him. Alain had come in and interfered with his privacy. He should leave. But that felt so wrong. And he wanted to be friends with Luke. He could feel the man’s loneliness like a well of darkness. But when he tried to be friends, his big penis kept getting in the way. Like last night. He just wanted to have Luke’s company in that bed, but he kept waking up with his member hard and hurting. It didn’t feel all that relaxed right now.
He looked over at Amelia, who stuck her leg in the air, leaned down, and licked her female parts. Hmm. He listened. Dishes still rattled in the kitchen. Luke had said he’d clean up since Alain had set everything out. He would have liked to help, but it felt like Luke wanted to be alone.
Amelia seemed to be enjoying her bath. He should be able to do it. He stretched out a leg and bent down. His head easily rested on his thigh. If he tucked his head, it might work.
He slipped off his pajama pants and dropped them on the bed beside him. There it was. He had no idea how he came to have such an impressive penis. And he must have a basis for comparison, because he knew it was big. Whose penis had he seen? What did Luke’s penis look like?
He reached down and pulled back his foreskin. That felt very good indeed.
Okay. Could he do it? He leaned until his head passed his thigh and rested on the sheet beneath. So close. With one hand, he grabbed his penis and stretched it toward his mouth. He curled his neck. Damn, it seemed like it would feel so good if he could clean it like Amelia was doing. Why didn’t it work?
He stuck out his tongue.
Yes. The tip of his tongue contacted the foreskin. Oh my goodness. He gave two licks. With his other hand, he pulled back the skin and exposed the gleaming head of his member. Oh yes. His tongue made contact again. Warm, wet, heavenly. He stretched his tongue until the root burned, but he couldn’t get much more of the penis wet. Still, this was wonderful. What would it be like if someone else did it for him?
His rumbles tickled his chest. “Hmmpurrrrr.” He licked all around the head, then tried to push into that tiny hole. “Purrrrrrrrr.”
“Alain?” Luke’s voice came from behind the door that stood ajar.
He froze. Luke seemed to find him unusual. This felt like a perfectly normal activity to him, but Luke might not think so.
“Is anything wrong?” Luke sounded concerned.
Alain grabbed his pajama pants and pulled them across his lap as he sat up. His penis was quite stiff from his ministrations. “No, I’m fine. Come in.”
Luke pushed open the door, glanced at Alain’s lap, and blushed. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. You should have closed your door, and I wouldn’t have bothered you.”
What did he mean, exactly?
Luke grinned. “But hey, we all do it, right?”
Oh. “You do? Because I found it quite difficult.”
“You did?”
Alain pulled his eyebrows together. “Amelia does it with such ease, but I found I couldn’t get as far as she does. How do you do it?”
Luke frowned and sat on the edge of the bed. “Amelia? What are we talking about, Alain?”
“Trying to lick one’s balls and member. Isn’t that what you meant?”
Luke’s mouth opened, then closed again. Then he started to laugh. “Not exactly, but I was correct that there’s hardly a guy on the planet who hasn’t tried it. Never with much success, though. If we could do it, the race would probably vanish, since no man would look for a partner to do it for him.” He laughed some more.


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Kade and the Captives by Gale Stanley

Symbiotic Mates 5: Kade and the Captives

This title is offered at a 10% discount until midnight CST, August 3rd.

[Ménage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires, werewolves, love triangle, voyeurism, public exhibition, HEA]

Noah Davis and Jesse Ford have been together for years, and Noah is thinking monogamy spells monotony. His dreams of hot werewolf sex have him longing for the real thing. When Noah finds a map of Arcadia on the internet, he sets out to find the Wolf Den. The pack alpha has plans for the human male drinking at the bar and he orders Kade Barker, his enforcer, to seduce Noah. The blue-eyed blond is easy on the eyes and Kade agrees, but sparks fly and the shifter finds himself wondering if he's the one who's been seduced.

Noah has a night of wild sex he'll never forget, but he gets more than he bargained for when he realizes his lycan lover locked him up and threw away the key. Meanwhile, a worried Jesse follows him to Arcadia City. Now both humans are prisoners—and pawns in the war between shifters and vampires. When the alpha finally reveals his plans for the human men, Kade starts having second thoughts, and he isn't sure he'll be able to carry them out.

Note: This book contains dubious consent.

Pre-order at Bookstrand:


Noah was not a wild-and-crazy guy, by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes he felt like there was a yoke around his neck. Sure, he’d put it there willingly, but he and Jesse were approaching their thirtieth birthdays and at this point in his life he had an urge for something he hadn’t experienced yet. It was totally out of character, but Noah wanted a real yoke around his neck. No. More like a leash.

For the most part, Noah was satisfied with their sex life. He liked to bottom. Jesse liked to top. It had been that way for years, but recently it felt like Noah was going through some kind of sexual identity crisis. Sometimes he wanted to be more submissive—very, very submissive. Jesse was a caring, loving partner, but Noah was feeling the need for more dominance, maybe even a little pain to make the pleasure more… well, more pleasurable.

It was weird. He and Jesse had been together so long and yet Noah still found it hard to ask for what he wanted. He was always afraid he’d hurt Jesse’s feelings. Lately his desires were showing themselves in erotic dreams about capture, confinement—and rape. Forced seduction was a scary thing.

Maybe that’s why the assailants in his dreams were always hot werewolves.
These days it was easier to get off on fantasies of hot werewolf sex, than it was to come with his real life lover. Somehow, Noah had to make things right between him and his boyfriend.

Noah jerked at the touch of a hard cock poking his butt.

“Want your back scrubbed?” Jesse whispered in his ear.

Noah twisted his head to look into his lover’s face. Jesse’s grin was so disarming that Noah could not resist it. He offered up a small, sad smile.


Jesse lathered up his hands and rubbed them all over Noah’s back. “You are so fucking pretty. I just want to touch you all the time.”

Way to make me feel like a selfish prick. Noah resolved to be more open with Jesse. “Feels good,” Noah muttered. “Know what would make me feel even better?”

“What, baby?”

Noah didn’t know how to put it. An awkward hush descended over them. Finally he mumbled something. “You could rub harder…”


“You know. Be a little rougher. Maybe smack my ass.”

“You want me to hit you?” Jesse’s shocked tone made Noah feel even worse. The temperature in the shower dropped ten degrees.

Jesse spun him around so they were facing each other. “In case you forgot, the first day I met you, three boys were beating the shit out of you. On that day, I swore to myself that no one would ever lay a hand on you again, not like that. Myself included. I never, ever want to see you hurt.”

“I’m not talking about a beating,” Noah whispered. “Sometimes a little hurt can be a good thing.”

“Are you talking about kinky shit? Because if you are, I just don’t get it.

Aren’t I enough for you? Don’t I make you happy anymore?”

“It’s not about you. I love you, Jesse. Always have. I’m just trying to figure out what I want.”

“Oh shit! If you don’t know what you want, how am I supposed to know?” Jesse seemed to be waiting for an answer, but Noah was at a loss. “You know I would do almost anything to please you,” Jesse said at last. “But this whole thing has me totally stymied. You didn’t have any trouble getting off in your sleep. Tell me about the dream you were having.”

Despite the water turning cold, Noah flushed hot. He was afraid Jesse would laugh at him. “I was being chased by werewolves.”

Jesse started to laugh, but stopped quickly when Noah frowned at him. “You watch too many horror movies. Werewolves do not exist,” Jesse insisted.

“It’s just a stupid fantasy.”

“You’re wrong, Jess.”

“Gimme a frickin’ break.”

“But Jesse, we know there are vampires living in the Pacific Northwest, why can’t you accept the fact that there are werewolves, too?”

“I’ll give you the vampires, but they’re just mutants that like to drink blood.

I don’t believe for a second that they can shift to hawks. No human on Earth can change their shape to an animal. There’s scientific and medical reasons why it’s not possible and never could be. Shape-shifting would require a complete change in a person’s skeleton, not to mention their internal organs, blood vessels—”

“Jesse, a lot of strange things go on in this world and there are no explanations for them. I found this site on the internet… Some guy claims he visited a werewolf city.”

“He’s full of shit,” Jesse spat. “He’s lying through his teeth, or completely delusional. I’m no rocket scientist, but I know the concept of people shape-shifting into wolves is absurd. Nature made wolves and humans to be two totally different species.”

“What about maggots and caterpillars?”

“They only change once, and they can’t go back to their original form.” Jesse sighed. “Don’t look at me like that. This is so hard. I want so very much to please you… Just tell me how.”

“If I can find out where this werewolf city is, will you go with me?”

“Sure.” Jesse’s lips twisted wryly. “That’s an easy promise, because there is no such place.”


Noah’s head spun. It could have been the alcohol, or Kade’s erection grinding against his own, but he had no will to argue.

“Feel what you do to me.” Kade’s hard length pressed against him, and Noah suppressed a shudder. “So, what are you going to do about it?”

Oh, God. Noah felt his face flame and he moaned into another hot kiss.

“I want to touch you,” Kade whispered against his cheek.

Noah could no more stop him than he could stop breathing.

Kade’s hands slipped past the waistband of Noah’s jeans, gripped his ass, and squeezed. Long fingers traced his crack, and one circled his hole. Noah’s knees buckled and he let out a moan. Oh, God. Don’t stop. “Fuck. Kade, you need to stop.”

Kade held him up and murmured in his ear, “You don’t really want me to stop, do you?”

“Yes… Oh, God. No.”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” The tip of a finger slipped past resistant muscle.

“Damn, you have a beautiful ass, baby. I want to taste you so bad.” Kade’s finger pressed a little farther and Noah held on to him for dear life. “Tell me what you want.”

Fuck me. Noah moaned. “I don’t know.”

“I think you do.” Kade’s voice was rough. “You little slut. You’re going to come right here, with my finger up your ass, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Please, Kade, I want to come. Please…”

“Know what I want?” Noah could only shake his head. “I want to see those pretty lips wrapped around my cock.”

Oh, God. Another moan slipped from Noah’s mouth. His eyelids fluttered shut.

“Do you want to go in the backroom and suck me off? Then let me fuck you senseless. What do you think, Noah? Would you like that?”

“God, yes…” Noah hissed. He swayed against Kade, vaguely aware of everyone’s eyes on them as Kade led him through a door behind the bar.
The room was dim and quiet. Noah’s eyes went straight to the narrow bed in the corner. Kade came up behind him and encircled him with strong, muscular arms. “If a guy ties one on, he can sleep it off here.” He chuckled, and a hand reached between Noah’s thighs and squeezed his straining cock.

“We’ll make use of it later. You promised me a blowjob first.”

Oh, God. Did I?

Kade’s scent surrounded Noah, made him dizzy. He couldn’t think straight and he let himself be led to a corner of the room. Kade leaned against the wall and stared at Noah with the eyes of a predator. “Get on your knees, boy.”

Noah hesitated for a second, and Kade’s big hands landed on his shoulders, pushing him to his knees. Noah fumbled with the zipper of Kade’s jeans, but he was all thumbs and his hands shook so bad he couldn’t get it down.
The werewolf fairly vibrated with impatience. He scoffed and pushed Noah’s hands away. Kade unzipped his own fly and released a stiff rod of epic proportions, the purple head already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. He flashed a predatory smile at Noah’s groan. “Like what you see?”

Kade’s heady male musk overwhelmed Noah’s senses and made heat curl low in his belly. Speechless, Noah could only nod.

Kade shoved his jeans down over his hips and kicked them aside. “Then come and get it. It’s all yours, baby.”

Noah’s eyes went wide. It was too late to back out now. And God help him, he didn’t want to. Noah’s head felt like someone had stuffed cotton inside it, and all he could think about was sex—and Kade.

Noah reached out a hand and held the weight of Kade’s meaty cock in his palm. He couldn’t get over how large the man was. He wanted to swallow Kade whole but he knew he’d never be able to take all of him. Starting off slow, he explored the weeping head, tonguing the slit for a pearl of pre-cum. Kade’s taste, pure wild male, exploded on his tongue.

Above him, Kade hissed at the contact and his fingers dug into Noah’s scalp. Noah looked up, and their eyes locked. There was a fierceness in Kade’s gaze that made Noah’s breath catch. He circled the base of Kade’s shaft with his fingers and took him in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head, pumping and sucking in tandem.

Kade moaned softly and pushed farther into his mouth, stopping when Noah started to gag. After that, he let Noah set his own pace. Gradually Noah relaxed, his throat opened up, and Kade’s considerable length slid in a little deeper. Kade played with his hair. “Ah, fuck, such a good mouth.”

Encouraged by Kade’s sounds of approval, Noah let Kade’s shaft slide between his lips. Then Noah swallowed him again and settled into a rhythm. Suddenly, a noise behind him caught Noah’s attention. He twisted his head, just a little, and his eyes went wide when he saw men filing into the room. The idea of being watched took him higher. It was all new and exciting. His heart raced and his breathing quickened. Kade tugged on his hair, pulling Noah’s attention back to his dick. “Harder, baby. I’m close.”

Noah did as he was told. He sucked harder, working Kade’s cock and balls.
“Fuck!” Kade’s big hands held Noah’s head steady as he let go with explosive force. “Take it all. Swallow my spunk, baby.” Kade howled with pleasure.
Cum flooded Noah’s mouth and dripped from the corners of his lips. He licked Kade clean and sat back on his heels when he was done. He’d never thought that a werewolf could taste so good or that he’d enjoy having another man’s cock in his mouth, beside Jesse’s. In just a few hours, his whole outlook on sex had changed. Confidant in his performance, he looked up at Kade, hoping for a few words of approval.

The werewolf pulled him to his feet. “You did good. But then I knew you would. As soon as I laid eyes on you, I knew that mouth was made to suck cock.”

Kade’s mouth covered his, and Noah shattered under the force of the kiss. To Noah, a kiss implied intimacy, even more than a blowjob. Suddenly, his eager reaction to Kade’s passion set off an explosion of guilt.

What have I done?

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