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Devon's Revenge by Jade Archer

Devon’s Revenge – by Jade Archer

Coming April 11, 2011

Blurb :

Book two in the Portals Series

Devon never wanted to be free. He never wanted to leave the safety of the harem. Forced out of the only home he’s ever known, he’s cold, hungry and…angry for the first time in his life. Revenge needs to be very sweet.

Faced with an impossible choice, Devon threw away his only chance of returning to his Master and the sheltered life of a pleasure slave. Now, abandoned and abused, Devon is struggling to find his way alone in a strange new world—Earth. Being a stray certainly isn’t easy, and replacing his Master is proving almost impossible. Then he meets Nate.

Nate isn’t looking for a mate. He certainly didn’t expect to find him in a club about to go down on another man! But something about Devon calls to him like no one ever has before. Now if he can just make sure Devon isn’t the most dangerous kind of shifter—the kind that would do anything to return to their master—perhaps they can work on exploring the mutual attraction that’s simmering between them, ready to explode.

Unfortunately, there are more challenges still ahead for Devon. More for Nate and Devon to face than learning secrets and earning trust with a new mate. There are enemies moving in. Some they never knew existed, and some that still haunt Devon’s nightmares. And they’re ready and waiting to take any chance of a happily ever after away forever.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

Excerpt :

Devon continued to study his ragged shoes. The toes were so tattered that he could almost see his feet poking through. It was quite funny actually. Not so long ago he hadn’t worn any clothes at all and had never felt uneasy. Now he was self-conscious about the sorry state of his footwear.

With a self-deprecating snort, he dismissed the silly notion. He was cold and more tired than he could ever remember being in his life. Shoes really were the least of his worries.

Devon couldn’t stand the thought of another night out on the streets. He had already spent enough cold, lonely nights roaming around in his cat form through the city to last a lifetime.

While he was smaller and quicker on four legs, he found he wasn’t necessarily any safer. Many nights he had been screamed at, chased, and harassed.

Devon felt himself sway on his feet as he stood, but instantly Nate reached out to steady him. Devon risked a peek up at the much larger man. He didn’t look dangerous. Okay! He looked dangerous, but not mean. Could he trust the instincts that told him he would be safe with this man?

Devon sighed in resignation. Who was he kidding? Why should he start trusting his instincts now? This man was probably going to turn out to be just like everyone else and end up hurting him. Why couldn’t he just accept that was what he should expect from others and move on?

There was something wrong with him. He wasn’t sure what it was, but those around him seemed to sense it and react accordingly. There really was no point in fighting it. At least this way, if he went with Nate, he would have a dry place to sleep and only have to deal with one person instead of a whole city full. Perhaps he could even scrounge a meal or two before Nate turned on him, or got sick of him and he was forced to move on.

Timidly, Devon nodded his acceptance of Nate’s offer. He tensed when a large arm wrapped around him, then gradually settled in closer to the man’s warm side. It was an odd feeling, being held almost protectively like this, but not necessarily a bad feeling. In fact, he found he quite liked it. He wasn’t sure what the bigger man might want from him later, but he was willing to give whatever it took to get somewhere he could rest for a little while and maybe stay in the shelter of this warm body for just a bit longer.

Devon felt himself begin to drift. Already more asleep than awake as he let Nate lead him away.

Drifting is good, he decided. Everything felt a little fuzzy and dull, and he found he really wasn’t anywhere near as worried any more with Nate guiding him along and keeping him safe.

The pleasant feeling lasted about three minutes, before he realised Nate was leading them back to the club. Devon tensed. Was this some sort of game? Was Nate teasing him? Getting his hopes up, only to abandon him back at the club, or pass him off to someone else?

Devon’s heart thumped against his ribs and he wondered what chance he had of getting away from Nate.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Nate asked, squeezing Devon’s shoulders gently.

“We’re going back to the club?” Maybe he was wrong.

“That’s right.”

Devon’s breath caught in his throat. “I thought you were taking me somewhere I could sleep.”

“I am. I live above the club. Most of the ca…ah…The Cat Club staff do. I’ve got a spare room you can use.”

Devon’s footsteps faltered, but Nate simply adjusted to match and supported him while he got his balance back. “Really?”

Nate’s chuckle was warm and easy. “Sure thing. It’s only going to waste. You’re more than welcome to use it.”

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