Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kevin's Alpha by Amber Kell

Release Date April 30th preorder here

Kevin Santhil opened his eyes, looked around the room and panicked.

“What the fuck?”

Then it all came back to him. Jaynell’s battle, his friend’s victory, and Kevin letting the wolf alpha, James, sweet-talk him into bed. Well one of those things wasn’t as bad as the others. Kevin was as bisexual as the next, well bisexual, but his stomach churned over how much he liked being in James’s bed. He’d never spent all night in anyone’s arms before. His deep-seated fear of commitment ensured he generally snuck long before his bedmate woke. Turning his head he examined the large man lying beside him. Most people looked younger, gentler, while asleep. James looked like he could snap awake and spring into action, taking down anyone who threatened his pack.

It was kinda hot.

Dangerously so.

Kevin worked too hard to get into wizarding college to throw it all away for a hot alpha wolf, no matter how much he longed to spend the rest of the day wallowing in the big wolf’s bed and licking the sexy man all over.

Glancing at the clock, Kevin bit back a curse.

If he didn’t get his ass moving he was going to be late for class. Sliding away from the warm, sensual man took a huge amount of willpower. It didn’t help when a large hairy arm grabbed him around the middle and snuggled him back to against the shifter’s body as if he belonged there.

“Where ya goin’?” A deep, sleep-roughened voice murmured in his ear. Sharp teeth nipped his lobe making his cock rise in interest. A moan broke from his throat as his body, operating on instinct, rubbed against the hard man behind him.

Damn, the big wolf woke ready for action.

“Let go,” Kevin gasped, half-heartedly trying to move the muscular arm pinning him easily in place. A difficult protest when his body yearned to stay in the snuggly cocoon of the big wolf’s arms, even as his mind knew class started in an hour.

He couldn’t miss class. As he father always said if you lack talent make up for it with persistence. Of course his father was an abusive asshole but he did occasionally dispense good advice. What Kevin lacked in pure magical power he made up with dedication. This morning he had Magical Theory and if he were even a minute late he’d probably miss the one essential fact in an hour of droning monologue.

“No, I’m going to keep you in my bed where you belong.” James’s warm breath slid across his skin leaving hot desire in its wake. The alpha’s hard body pressed against Kevin’s ass bringing back vivid memories of the night before. Memories his body remembered fondly and rose to show its appreciation. Stupid hormones didn’t care about Kevin’s schedule. They thought wallowing in bed all day was a fabulous idea.

He reluctantly broke away from the gorgeous alpha scooting quickly towards the edge of the bed and away from temptation. “I’ve gotta go. I have class in half an hour.” He still needed to take a shower unless he wanted to go to class smelling like cum. He lost track of how many times they had sex last night, but his entire body ached in places he didn’t even know could ache. Spending all day on a hard wooden school chair wouldn’t be comfortable, but definitely worth the price.

“You’ll come back.” James definitely didn’t lack confidence. Of course with those kinds of bedroom skills the man had reason. Kevin didn’t even know if he liked the big wolf as a person but the attraction was undeniable. He desperately needed to get away from the man before the alpha could convince him to throw it all away for a big cock and a possessive attitude. When the alpha lured him into bed last night he didn’t even think to protest. Strange, he wasn’t really the type who jumped into bed with just anyone.

“I’ll be back after school,” he lied.

Uh huh. Not going to happen.

James clamped his big hands on Kevin’s hips stopping his progress out of bed and sliding him back closer to the wolf. Pressing his nose against Kevin’s neck, he inhaled deeply. “Why do humans bother to lie to werekin? We can always tell.”

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