Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mate Hunt by Amber Kell


Amber Kell

Release date May 28th

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His gaze ripped away from the sign when three dark-haired men, wearing nothing more than silver loincloths and strategic tattoos, slinked by. Oiled muscles, shimmering with power, flexed as they prowled across the airport giving flashes of muscular butt cheeks with every step.

“Fuck me,” Jory whispered, watching the fine specimens walk by.

Visions of lying in bed with three gorgeous studs flashed through his head in brilliant detail. The second man in the trio turned and licked his lips in Jory’s direction, crooking his finger towards him.

“Oh, hell yes!”

Jory looked behind him to see if the man beckoned towards someone else.

He smiled when he saw no one stood behind him. Well he didn’t need an engraved invitation and father did say he should explore his place in the universe. What better way than with three gorgeous men? He could imagine a lot of exploring, at least inside the bedroom.

He only made it one step before a motion to his left caught his eye. A man sat at a table by the walkway sipping something blue out of a crystal glass. Deep black hair, strong muscular body, Jory couldn’t see the color of the man’s eyes from where he stood, but that didn’t matter, he was absolutely captivated.


Maybe Peter was right.

He was a fickle bastard.

Of course that was still no reason to burn all his beautiful clothing in a bonfire, in the middle of his bedroom.


Moisture pooled in Jory’s mouth as he checked out the handsome stranger. Long, long legs stretched out under the table into the empty space across from him. His muscular thighs were faithfully outlined by skin hugging brown leather pants, while a tight white shirt gave mouth-watering testimony to a fine set of muscles. The man’s hair was deep black, trimmed short, but still long enough to get a proper grip in a moment of passion. His fingers twitched with plans of sinking into that lush landscape while the other man sank into him.

A power stronger than Jory felt able to resist, pulled him towards the other man.

Everything else faded as he walked forward and Jory didn’t stop until he was standing above tall, dark and soon-to-be-his.

“Good afternoon.”

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