Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finding Farro by Amber Kell

Coming May 14, 2011


When Farro's son is stolen by mutants it takes him to another realm where sexy fae roam and one of them follows him home. Meanwhile, Anthony goes to new extremes to be the perfect mate for his alpha lover.

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With the windows rolled down, Anthony sat in the back of the limousine drinking one hundred year old scotch. Only on full moons did he pull out the hard liquor. Holding back his tears, he poured himself another shot as he listened to the howl of the wolves. The mystical sound always brought tears to his eyes. He blinked them back. Anthony had to hide his misery from his lover, Silver, knowing his sorrow would upset his handsome mate. However every full moon the truth slapped him in the face.

He could never be a true alpha mate.

As much as the pack welcomed him, he could never run with the wolves or hunt with the pack. His biological differences separated him from the werekin, separated him from his love. Any moment now Silver would return with a wide smile and glowing eyes, and with the full moon magic racing through his lover’s veins like a potent drug, they would fuck like wild animals. Even with his mate’s unswerving devotion, this time every month a weight pressed down on Anthony’s heart. His inner voice whispering, “Silver will be better off without me.” Unfortunately, werewolves only mate once. If Anthony left him, Silver wouldn’t move on to find himself a nice wolfy companion. The harsh reality of werewolf mating was, without Anthony, Silver would either kill himself or turn so feral the pack would have to hunt him down and slaughter him. To prevent his lover from an untimely death, Anthony would sacrifice anything even if it meant dying a little inside during every full moon hunt.

The divider between the driver and the passenger slid down and Farro’s worried eyes examined him in the rear view mirror.

Farro waved his hand towards Anthony and his half empty glass. “How long are you going to do this?”

“As many times as he asks me to come.” Anthony didn’t have it in him to deny his lover anything he could provide.

“Does he know it kills you to hear the wolves? To never truly be part of our world?”

Anthony shrugged. It didn’t matter. He would always be there for his lover despite his inability to shift. Some problems didn’t have fairy tale solutions.

“I support my mate.”

Farro shot him a look bordering the fine line between pity and disgust. “You know if you weren’t true mates he would be better off without you. You cripple him before the other wolf packs.”

Hearing the truth in Farro’s words, sliced through Anthony like a fine blade. “But I am his true mate so he’ll just have to deal,” he took another swig of liquor, relishing the burn, “as will you.”

Farro rolled the divider back up without another word.

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