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Honey Bunny welcomes Author Tara Lain!

It’s such a treat to get to be back here at Honey Bunny. You see, last December, just before my book Genetic Attraction was released, I met (online) this charming woman named Judie Stewart. I had no idea at the time that she would turn out to be one of people who would cheer me on, buck me up, support my efforts, and generally make every day a lot happier for a writer! She was also one of the first people to give my book a five star review and it has since gone on to be named a Best Book at Whipped Cream Reviews and a Top Pick at Night Owl among many others. Judie is definitely one of the good things that have happened to this writer and here are a few more.

Shortly after my first book, Genetic Attraction, was contracted by my publisher, Loose Id, they also accepted for publication the PREquel to that book called The Scientist and the Supermodel. That was a long time ago and I’ve been waiting many months for that book to release – an event that occurred THIS WEEK! Yay. The Scientist and the Supermodel tells the story of how Dr. Jake Martin, a young geneticist who has a mad passion for his older female boss, meets a beautiful male supermodel and tries not to love him. I have to tell you a favorite story of mine about this book.. Writers who have great publishers like I do go through many rounds of edits making the book perfect. The last round is in the hands of professional proofers who literally review the book comma by comma. At the end of my manuscript was a little note from the proofers. “Bravo. We read Genetic Attraction and we think this is a great prequel.” I was delighted.

While I was waiting for The Scientist and the Supermodel to come out, I was … writing. Back in February, I was honored to be asked to submit a short novella to Etopia Press as part of their Beach Bums Anthology. My book, Volley Balls, comes out July 1. It asks the question “Can a gay boy from Laguna find happiness with an Aussie alpha-male … or two?” Then on September 27, Loose Id will release my first romantic suspense, a M/M/M ménage called Golden Dancer. It’s got art theft and kidnapping and broken trusts and ... hunkie guys! Later in the fall, expect to see Deceptive Attraction, a M/M/F menage that is the sequel to Genetic Attraction. If you read The Scientist and the Supermodel, you’ll meet a character named Caleb Martin who simply leaped off the page when I was writing his scenes and demanded his own book. He got it!

So a lot has been happening, I’m happy to say, that will keep Judie (and I hope you) busy reading. I’m madly writing a holiday story right now that is something pretty different, plus I’m one-third through my first paranormal erotic romance. So more to come!

Now, here’s a chance to WIN some new reading material.

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Whew!! Remember, you can take each one of these steps and have a bunch of chances to WIN! (You just have to enter, the logistics are my nightmare! LOL) Got it? Just leave a comment and your email below. Thank you so much for coming by the blog. : )

Here's a blurb and excerpt from my book,

Jake has a mad hidden passion for his older boss, Emmaline Silvay, so why is he getting all hot and bothered when he sees this gorgeous man in a bar? Though Jake thinks of himself as straight, he's been having a lot of trouble getting excited about any of the girls he's dated. He doesn't have any such trouble with the supermodel, which throws his whole world into confusion. Roan Black knows better than to fall from some straight guy, especially a PhD scientist who couldn't possibly be interested in a high school dropout, could he? Well, maybe they can just have sex ....

Excerpt The Scientist and the Supermodel M/M Erotic Romance

The following excerpt occurs after Jake has had an unexpected encounter with a man in LA. He is at his parent’s home in Brooklyn, has just asked out a girl who was invited to dinner and is now talking to his brother in the guest room.

The daybed was a little too small, and Jake shifted, trying to get his feet in a comfortable position. The room was dark except for reflections from a streetlight shining through the one window. Yeah, he was tired after the flying and the socializing. He sighed.

“You liked her, huh? You’re going to take her out?” his brother’s voice murmured across the room.

“Yeah, I asked her out.”

“She really turned you on. That date should be hot.”

Realizing hormones pretty much ran his brother’s twenty-year-old life, Jake asked with a grin, “Now why do you think that?”

“Hey, man, I saw you trying to hide that boner when you ran out.”

Jake flushed, glad that the room was dark. “Did everyone see?”

“Nah, just me. I was beside you, remember?”

“Yeah, well, I was thinking of someone else.”

“Ohhh. Your boss, I’ll bet. You’ve got it bad for her.”

Should he go with that suggestion? “Yeah, I do.” Then he decided to be at least a little more honest to encourage Caleb to be the same. “But actually it was someone else.”

He heard his brother sit up in bed. “No shit? You got another woman?”

Why did he have to phrase it quite like that? “Just someone I met in LA.”

“Wow. No wonder you’re so tired, big brother.” He laughed. “What’s her name?”

“I’d rather just forget about it.”

“No fucking way. Is she one of those LA chicks? Is she an actress? Wow. Is she famous?”

“Famous? Yes, that’s right. Now give it a rest.”

Suddenly the daybed was a lot more crowded, and Caleb was sitting on his legs. “Ya gotta tell me, Jake.”

“I don’t gotta tell you.” Shit, why didn’t he keep his mouth shut?

“Why don’t you want to tell me?”

“It’s personal.”

“I’m your brother,” he wailed.

“I know, but I can’t tell you about this.”

Cal was quiet for a moment. “Why not, Jake? Will it shock me? Will it despoil my lily-white ears?”

Jake sighed. “Yeah, it would shock you.”

“Really? Awesome! Let me guess. Threesome?”


“S and M?”


Cal flopped backward. “Orgy?”

“God, no. Hey, baby brother, what the hell are they teaching you in that college? Are you speaking from experience?”

“Shit, no.” He gave an evil grin. “Wish I was, though.”

“Come on, you like to be tied up?”

“I might consider it.”

“You want to be with a bunch of women?”

“Well, no, not really. But don’t change the subject, bro; we were talking about your indiscretions, not mine.”

“No need. I’m not talking. Get off me. Let’s go to sleep.”

The big body didn’t move, and all Jake’s pushing didn’t budge him. Okay, he’d just go to sleep. Jake turned his head on the pillow and sighed. Ignore the runt.

Cal was quiet, then a voice came out of the darkness. “Jake, did you have sex with a man?”

Jake swallowed hard. “Why the hell would you think that?”

“’Cause I remember that guy. Tom. So did you?”

“Yeah, sort of, but don’t think it was something major. I mean, it just happened…”



Caleb shifted and brought his face down so he was looking straight at Jake in the dim light. “I said, awesome.” He was quiet for a minute, then seemed to have made a decision. “Jake, my roommate is my lover. His name is Charlie.”

“Holy shit.”


They both just rested in the moment. Then Caleb practically pounced on him. “Tell me, Jake. Who was it? What did he do?” Suddenly Jake was being lifted by the shoulders and hugged by his giant of a brother. “Oh crap, Jake, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have someone to talk to.”

Jake extricated himself gently from the bear hug and scooted back so he could sit up against the pillows. The light coming through the windows illuminated his brother’s handsome face. “Cal, why haven’t you told Mom and Dad?”

He looked a little sulky. “I didn’t hear you sharing your adventures at the dinner table.”

“Yeah, well this was a one-time thing. How long have you known you were…uh, liked guys?”

“It’s okay, Jake, you can say gay. That’s what I am, and I’ve known it since I went into puberty and all my raging hormones were pointing me in the wrong direction. Then I realized it was the right direction for me.”

“But you never told the folks.”

“For a long time I just kind of denied it. Then when I met Charlie and really got committed to the lifestyle, I just got tongue-tied. You know, Dad and Sean are such alphas.”

“I notice you didn’t include me in that description.”

“Well, you’re the pretty one. And you were always so comfortable with Tom. Man, I thought he was cute. Of course, I was just a kid, and he couldn’t see anyone but you. Fuck, that guy loved you.”

“You knew that?”

“Fuck, yeah. Didn’t you?”

“Not for a long time.”

“Wow. Poor guy.”


“So is that who you were with? Did he move to LA or something?”

“No, it wasn’t Tom.”

“Yeah, and I guess he wouldn’t be famous, or I’d probably have seen him. So who was it?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“If it doesn’t matter, why won’t you tell me?”

“Don’t want to.” Shit, what was he, five?

“So what did this unknown guy do?” Cal grabbed him again. “I’ll bet he sucked you off, didn’t he? That’s a pretty heteroflexible activity. Who doesn’t like getting their cock sucked? Right?”

“Yeah, right.”

“So who was it? Tell me, Jake. You know I’m not gonna tell anyone. C’mon, tell me.”

Jake sighed. “Okay. Have you ever heard of a model named Roan Black?”

Dead silence was followed by a soft whisper. “You are shitting me.”


His voice rose. “Roan Black sucked your cock? The most beautiful man in the world sucked your fucking cock?”


Caleb fell back on the very crowded bed. “Baby, that doesn’t make you gay, it just means you’re smart.”

Jake burst out laughing.

Tara Lain never met a beautiful boy she didn’t love – at least on paper. A writer of erotic romance, mostly ménage and male/male, Tara loves all her characters, but especially her handsome heroes. A lifelong writer of serious non-fiction, Tara only fell in love with EROM in 2009 and, through perseverance and lots of workshops, had the first novel she ever wrote accepted for publication in 2010. She’s now on book six. After an exotic life of travel all over the world and work in television, education and advertising, Tara settled in Southern California with her soul-mate husband and opened her own small marketing business. She paints, collages, and started practicing yoga “way before it was fashionable”. Passionate about diversity, justice, inclusion and new ideas she says on her tombstone it will read, “Yes”.

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  1. Thank you, Judie! I'm so happy you like it.It means a lot. : )

  2. Good morning, All.

    Loved the excerpt, Tara. The more excerpts I read, the more excited I become! I can't wait to read it.

    Congrats on your success.

    Tracey D
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  3. Thanks so much, Tracey. Hope you like the book as much! : )

  4. Happy Release Week! And what a fabulous year this is going to be for you, Tara, big congrats.

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  5. Thank you so much, Cathy! It's shaping up well.
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  6. Hi Tara! Can't wait to hear more about your paranormal romance!

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  7. Hi Judie....and Tara!!


    What a great excerpt!!

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  8. Hi JoAnna and Kim -- thank you both so much for coming by. I love this scene too, Kim, because Cal is so darned lovable. I'm so happy he got his own book. And JoAnna, my holiday story has a teeny bit of paranormal in it, but the first real paranormal won't be out til next year. I'm going back to writing it as soon as i finish the holiday novella. But even it is a contemporary M/M love story so it's still pretty Tara Lainish. LOL ; )

  9. Tara - you've been very busy writing & now blogging - keep up the good work!

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