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Shades of Black by Gabrielle Evans

AVAILABLE: Monday, July 11th

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, demons, light BDSM, sex toys]

Syx never imagined his test would be easy, but getting himself and Echo trapped inside a dark cave just adds to their ever-growing list of problems. With the other warriors on a cross-country excursion to recruit another member to their army, it’s up to Syx to find a way out of the mess. He’s going to kill them the next time they leave him in charge.

It’s not that he blames Syx, but Echo is cold, hungry, and wants to go home. Knowing that his other mates are clear across the country because they hope to bring their ex-lover back with them just makes him see red. He doesn’t like the dark, and when even the dimmest light fades away inside the cave, Echo knows he must surrender his mind to Syx or risk losing it completely. He’s already given his heart to the demon. How hard could it be?


“What?” Syx grumbled as he plopped down in the grass.

The woman next to him turned her head and glared.

He’d been having the most delicious dream about his mate when the Oracle had interrupted. Excuse the hell out of him if he was a little irked by the intrusion. Still, if she had brought him here, it must be important. Her visits might be the bane of his existence, but they’d never led him astray.

“I apologize,” he said and meant it. “You wished to speak to me?”

“Troubled times are coming, Warrior.” She knelt in the grass beside him, her long white gown fanning out around her. “The shadows are coming, mirroring the ones in your heart. You cannot hope to banish one without the other.”

“You mean I have to stop fighting my feelings, jump on the emotional roller coaster ride, and hold on for dear life.” Syx nodded his understanding. He’d been battling with himself for weeks over the same thing.

The Oracle’s eyes widened in shock before she masked her surprise. A tiny smirk ghosted over her full lips, and she folded her hands in her lap. “You are very intuitive, Syx. However, your task will require more from you than simply conquering your fear. Echo will need you now more than ever.”

“Why me?” His only ability was listening to thoughts that he had no right or desire to hear. Sure, he could implant suggestions inside people’s minds or erase their memories, but he didn’t see how that was going to help either.

“Memories are a powerful thing. They can fill us with joy or crush us in despair.”

Okay, that he didn’t get, but he’d think about it later. “Are there more coming?” He scratched the back of his neck and sighed. “I’m not sure how welcome anyone will be in our home after Sage, no matter how useful they will be in the war.”

“Your army will grow,” the Oracle answered vaguely. “You must not let your prejudice blind you. Not all who enter seek to dismantle.”

“Right,” Syx growled before he could stop himself. “Tell that to Mac, Pax, and Jet, not to mention Echo.” His voice softened, and he shuddered violently. “I didn’t think he’d come back to us.”

“Ares will continue to spread his poison,” she said and sounded almost as growly as Syx had. There was a story there, but Syx felt he had no right to ask. “If you nurture your bond, you will have the weapons to defeat him,” she finished much gentler.

“I get it.” Syx stretched out in the thick grass and gazed up at the bluest sky he’d ever seen. He didn’t really get it, but he didn’t feel like arguing, either.

“You will understand,” the Oracle whispered. She giggled, actually giggled, and shook her head. “We will speak again soon.”

Syx pushed up on his elbows to look at her, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion. “That’s it?”

“There is more.” Her face lit into a magnificent smile. “There is someone who desires your undivided attention now.”

Syx opened his mouth to question her statement, but the Oracle pressed a fingertip to his forehead and nodded. “Sleep, Warrior. You will thank me when you awake again.”


His lovers watched him with rapt attention, but no one moved. If they wanted a show, Echo was more than happy to give it to them. Popping two fingers into his mouth and swirling his tongue around them, he slid down the wall until he came to rest on the carpeted floor.

Vapre moaned, Fiero growled, and Eyce and Syx looked like they’d swallowed their tongues. Tilting his hips up, Echo removed the digits from his mouth and reached down to circle them around his clenching hole.

He kept his eyes trained on his men as he caressed the fluttering muscles, and his other hand jerked roughly on his throbbing cock. Though he was having fun teasing his men—and boy, did they deserve it—his belly began to burn, and the need for release almost overwhelmed him.

“Please,” Eyce practically whimpered. “Do it. Put ’em in.”

Echo smirked at the impressive lumps inside his mates’ jeans. Oh, they were enjoying this almost as much as Echo. Who knew he was such an exhibitionist? The heat emanating from his lovers’ eyes was enough to tighten his scrotum and make his ass convulse hungrily.

Giving in to Eyce’s demands, he slipped both fingers through the guarding ring of muscle as far as they would go. With a sharp twist of his wrist around the sensitive underside of his cock, Echo curled his fingers inside his ass, brushing over his prostate and sending lightning strikes of pleasure coursing up his spine.

“Hey, guys, Hex wants to know if—Holy fuck!” Myst staggered back against the office door and stared with his mouth hanging open. He looked from Echo to the others and back several times. “Is there a reason we’re not all over that?”

“Just watch,” Vapre breathed. “He’s going to come.”

And, sure enough, Echo couldn’t hold back any longer. With a final shove of his fingers into his spasming hole, he dropped his head back to the wall and groaned as long strings of creamy semen erupted from his pulsing cock to cover his chest and abs.

Sagging back against the wall, Echo stroked his cock a few more times before finally releasing it and grinning stupidly up at his mates. “That was fun.”

In answer, all five men converged on him, pushing and shoving at each other as they dove to the floor and began licking the cum from his skin. Echo moaned, arching into their mouths, his dick twitching and threatening to swell once again.

In the end, he was just too damn tired, though. Once he’d been licked clean, touched, stroked, and his mouth devoured, his men helped him to his feet and into his sleep pants.

“My dick is going to fall off,” Myst complained, staring down at the enormous bulge behind his zipper. Then he looked up and smiled crookedly. “It was totally worth it, though.”

“Fuck it,” Eyce growled, ripping Echo’s cotton pants from his body as he fumbled with the button on his own jeans. The need and hunger in his eyes tripped Echo’s heart into a fast gallop and it turned out that he wasn’t quite as tired as he thought. His cock swelled and pulsed once again, and he licked his lips as his men began stripping out of their clothing. Now, this was what he was talking about!

A bottle of lube came sailing across the desk, and Eyce caught it, flipped the lid open, and coated his dick quickly. Then, before Echo could move, he was lifted into the demon’s arms, his knees hooked over Eyce’s elbows, and his back pressed firmly into the wall. Eyce breached his clenching hole with the head of his cock, giving Echo just enough time to gulp in a big breath before he rammed home.

Echo cried out, his arms going around Eyce’s shoulders as he scrambled to hold on through the pounding his ass was taking. Good gods, he loved it when his mates lost control like this.

Eyce’s thrusts faltered before he stilled completely, and Echo looked over his lover’s shoulder to find Fiero grinning at him. The smile slid from his face, replaced by a look of pure pleasure, then Echo’s eyelids drifted closed as they all three began moving together.

Harder and faster, Eyce drove his cock into Echo’s clutching hole. “You feel so damn good, baby. Always so hot and tight.”

Echo moaned in response, dropping his head back to the wall as his balls began to ache and his sac tightened, drawing closer to his body. Apparently, he had worked his men up pretty good because it took only minutes for Eyce to growl out his release and fill Echo’s channel to overflowing with his scorching cream.

Fiero followed him right over the edge, grunting as he dropped his forehead to Eyce’s shoulder and his body shuddered.

Eyce slipped gently from Echo’s clenching hole and slowly lowered him to his feet before placing a gentle kiss on his lips. “Thank you, baby.”

He didn’t even have a chance to respond before Myst grabbed him, whirled him around, and pressed Echo’s palms flat against the wall. His fingers gripped Echo’s hips, encouraging him to arch his back as Myst’s cock pushed into his stretched hole and began driving into him without pause. “So fucking good,” Myst panted as he plunged and retreated over and over.


Gabrielle Evans

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