Sunday, June 5, 2011

Modeling Death by Amber Kell


Jacob Williams was used to men hitting on him, but little does he realize Guy Franks has waited hundreds of years to find his mate and nothing was going to dissuade him from a relationship, even the man himself. When someone starts killing models, Guy knows its time to claim the man fated to be his.

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Jacob Richmond looked around the bar, searching among the moving bodies and flashing lights for a familiar face. The pounding music pulsed in time with the migraine throbbing through his skull. After a long international flight, exhaustion dragged his steps and he could barely see through the pain jabbing behind his eyeballs. If he hadn’t promised David he’d meet him at the club he’d have checked into a hotel and called it a night, but David wanted Jacob to meet David’s friends, and besides, Jacob needed to pick up the key to David’s apartment.


Jacob spotted his cousin’s distinctive red head through the crowd. Working his way through sea of people, Jacob headed towards where he thought he saw David, stopping several times along the way to slap intrusive fingers off his body.

Apparently ‘no’ actually meant ‘grab my ass’ in a gay bar. An eye-opening experience for Jacob who usually worked long hours and didn’t have a lot of time for bar hopping no matter how many countries he visited. It was never a good idea to show up for a modeling gig looking tired and hung over. Some of his co-workers partied hard and came to work looking less than their best the next day.

There wasn’t a quicker way to piss off a photographer.

Hoping to eventually work behind the camera instead of in front of it, Jacob tried not to alienate any of the photographers or fashion designers he might want to work with in the future.

His reputation as an even-tempered model who always delivered the perfect picture served his career well.

“Hey David,” he called out as he approached the table. Five other people sat around the crowded table with his cousin.

They all stopped talking and stared.

Jacob tried not to feel too self-conscious. People usually stared. However, normally a camera lens or a rope stood between him and any onlookers.

“Jacob,” David jumped to his feet and rushed over to give Jacob a hug. “Sorry to drag you out here, but I really wanted my friends to meet you,” he admitted with a shy smile.

Jacob knew David wanted to show off his model cousin while desperately trying not to look like it.

“I’m happy to meet your friends anytime. ” David was one of the few relatives who didn’t drive Jacob absolutely bonkers. He figured the least he could do was meet David’s friends since his cousin was letting Jacob crash at his place for a while.

“David, introduce me.” A short, dark-haired kid gave Jacob a slow, skin-crawling once over.

“Shane, this is my cousin Jacob,” David said proudly. “He’s an international fashion model.”

Shane’s eyes widened “I know you. You did that ad, where you stood on the beach looking out at the water wearing that tiny, tiny swimsuit. I wore out my hand jerking off to that one.”

“Um. Thanks.” He tried to sound polite since he doubted Shane really wanted to know how much his comment creeped Jacob out.

“No problem. I’d love to do it with you sometime in person.”

David shoved Shane away. “Stop being a perv. You’re going to freak out my cousin.” He gave Jacob an apologetic shrug. “Sorry. I’ll pay you back for the cover charge.”

“There was a cover charge?”

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