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The Helpful Swan by Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht

Cob Brothers Series, Book Three
When Prince Kedrik Cob sees the sexy man in leather decorating the store window, he knows he has to see him again. Unfortunately, his date for the night doesn’t figure in his plans, so he continues on his way. His mind doesn’t let him forget about the handsome stranger, so a few days later, he finds himself returning to the store.
Cadell Shumaker has watched Kedrik for most of his life. After following the man from Aria to Earth, he places his store right in Kedrik’s path. Despite his positioning, it takes a while before Kedrik notices him and falls into his arms. Unfortunately, when Kedrik finds out Cade isn’t as innocent as he appears and a certain shape changing spell takes effect, more than a little magic is needed before this couple can make their way to happily ever after.
Kedrik was walking down the sidewalk with his flavor of the night, whose name he’d already forgotten, when a man in a shop window caught Kedrik’s eye. He noticed the stranger’s hands—long fingers carefully positioning a pair of women’s heels in the window. The unknown person stole Kedrik’s breath as well as his attention, halting him in his tracks.
Lust hit him so hard he thought he’d been blindsided—by a train or a semi or something really big and fast.
Everything he had went hard when he saw the leather boots the man wore. They were black, curved up his calves and had shiny silver buckles Kedrik longed to undo with his teeth.
“Hey, Kedrik.”
A tugging on his arm had him turning an annoyed gaze to his date, Phil, or Peter or something. “What?”
“I thought we were having dinner, not staring at the dude in the window?”
Just then, the man they were talking about turned, and Kedrik felt a punch of desire right in the gut. Intense green eyes, as rich as any forest, locked with his and made him shiver with need.
A connection strummed between them. Kedrik had to forcibly jerk his gaze from the sexy man. “Yeah, let’s go.”
Every step he took farther away from the shop felt wrong. His instincts told him to rush back and beg the man for attention, but he resisted. Princes didn’t beg.
Straightening his spine, he gave his date a brilliant smile and was pleased when his companion’s eyes glazed over with lust. Maybe taking the guy home and screwing his brains out would get rid of some of the overpowering need jolting through his system.
* * * *
Two days later, he stopped in front of the shop again. He couldn’t get the man out of his mind despite a couple more nights of hard sex. Last night, he could only come when he imagined having those big hands across his skin.
A closer examination of the store showed it was high-end shoe shop. The kind of place people spent a lot of money to pamper their feet with leather shoes that looked to be hand stitched and made from premium hide.
Curiosity made him open the door while need had him searching the store for the handsome man from a few nights before.
“Can I help you?”
The female voice behind him churned his stomach in disappointment. An extremely pretty woman with shocking pink hair and a black leather bustier over a white blouse smiled at him. When she stepped out from behind the counter, Kedrik saw she wore a short leather skirt, black stockings and ankle length leather boots. She looked good but not half as amazing as the sex god of his dreams.
“I saw this place when I walked by the other night. I thought I’d check it out,” Kedrik confessed. He’d rather examine the man in the window, up close and personal, but it didn’t look as if the leather-clad honey would be on the menu today.
He had to admit, the level of despondency he felt over not getting to talk to a complete stranger was over the top. Turning to the first rack he reached, he began to look at the wares, halfheartedly glancing over some shiny tasseled loafers. His interest in the goods paled next to his interest in the man.
“Well, let me know if you need help with anything.” Her tone invited him to do whatever he wanted with her, but he’d never been the type to play with girly bits.
“I’ve got this one, Jane.”
A deep, delicious voice sent shivers up and down Kedrik’s spine. Turning, he met a pair of familiar green eyes and a voice inside him whispered.
I’m sooo in lust.
“I’m Cadell Shumaker. The owner of this place.”
The gorgeous man wore a form hugging T-shirt with a leather strap tied to his right bicep. A pair of black jeans covered his lower half. Kedrik couldn’t tell because of the jeans, but he thought the boots were the same ones the man had worn the other night.
An odd outfit for a shoe store, but Kedrik’s rapidly beating heart couldn’t find any fault in it. Kedrik’s cock rose at the testosterone pouring off the sexy man. Never one to deny himself, Kedrik knew he’d pounce as soon as he had the opportunity. He didn’t hold the title of family slut for nothing.
He accepted the hand held out to him. “I’m Kedrik Cob.”

Cadell had met many, many pretty boys in his life. Kedrik Cob put them to shame. But then he’d been in love with the prince since childhood, so he knew Kedrik’s features better than anyone else in his life. Kedrik’s blond hair hinted more at gold than ordinary yellow, his face had high cheekbones, liquid brown eyes with flecks of gold and flawless honey-tinted skin that begged for Cade’s hand to mark it up. To top it all off, his body was the work of Cade’s dominant dreams.
Kedrik wasn’t the typical skinny twink, although he barely came to Cade’s shoulder. The younger man had a tight, muscular build that showed he knew how to take care of himself. Cade knew Kedrik had earned his physique from horseback riding and other outdoor pursuits. Now, finally, he had a chance to meet him one-on-one and maybe claim his prize.
When Cade had seen the man the other night, it had taken all of his self-control not to chase the man down the street and physically take him from his date. He could tell the man Kedrik had been with was unworthy. After all, he wasn’t Cade.
Cade tilted his head toward Jane, telling her to help the customer who’d just come in. No one got to help Kedrik but Cade.
“Is there something you’re looking for?”
Kedrik stared Cade up and down. His gaze, more a visual caress than a mere glance, made Cade harder than hell. When had a man ever turned him inside out with only his eyes? Never. His mother had done a damned fine job when she’d chosen Cade’s mate.
“I think I found what I was looking for.” Kedrik stepped closer and for the first time, Cade almost stepped back from another man’s challenge.
“You think so?” Cade teased. Seeing Jane busy with a customer, Cade grabbed Kedrik’s wrist and dragged him to the backroom behind the “employee’s only” door. Pulling it open, he yanked Kedrik inside and locked the handle behind him. “You think you can handle me?”
Beneath Kedrik’s gaze, he pulled off the tie around his arm. With quick, practiced motions, he yanked Kedrik’s arms behind him and bound his wrists together. The younger man made a soft sound.
“If I’m going too far, too fast, you say stop, and I’ll stop.” If Kedrik said he’d had enough Cade would end everything.
Kedrik wiggled his arms a bit. “I’m good.” Lust made his pupils look large as he gazed up at Cade. Kedrik licked his lips. The swipe of his pink tongue left his lips wet and welcoming.
Unable to resist the allure, Cade plunged his fingers into Kedrik’s silky hair and pulled him to his toes so he could plunder the soft, tempting mouth.
The hot, beautiful man tasted like sugar beneath Cade’s tongue, making him wonder what Kedrik had eaten before he’d come to hunt down Cade. He liked a man who knew what he wanted, especially this man that Cade had waited so long for.
Yanking Kedrik higher on his toes, Cade put him off balance until Kedrik had to let Cade support him. His lean, muscled body relaxed against Cade, their erections brushing together as desire hit him with a tsunami-like force.
He gave Kedrik no choice as he pushed the smaller man against the wall and lifted him by his ass. “Wrap your legs around me.”
Cupping Kedrik’s butt cheeks, Cade held Kedrik up between his body and the wall. Their cocks pressed together causing dual moans. He stopped caring if the entire world heard them. There was nothing but heat, need and Kedrik.
Cade broke the kiss to dip down his head and bite Kedrik’s neck.
Mark him.
This man needed to have a sign that he belonged to Cade. He’d never felt this level of possessiveness before. Of course, none of his other lovers had been marked as Cade’s mate since early childhood, but Kedrik didn’t know that yet.
Cade bit again, pleased when Kedrik’s hips convulsed against him.
“Mine,” he growled against Kedrik’s skin. “You don’t let others touch you.”
Kedrik moaned, rubbing against him.
Cade pinned Kedrik’s hips. “No. Repeat after me. I belong to Cade.”
The blond shook his head. “No. I…”
“Belong to me!” Cade insisted. “Say it!”
“I belong to you.” Kedrik sighed as if a great weight had lifted off his chest with those words.
“Good. I’m gonna make you come and then you’re going to suck me. Understand?”
Kedrik nodded. “Yes, please.”

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