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Love Storm by Erin M. Leaf

Menage, Erotic Romance, MMF, paranormal
Word Count: 62,000
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand
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Zoe found her life in art, trying to exist on her own terms. Sean found it in work, knowing  that money couldn’t provide what he truly desired. Charlie found his in study, never expecting more. With dreams their only guide, how will they find each other?
Zoe, Sean, and Charlie know they must bond to survive, but kidnappers are out for their blood. Sean knows he needs his bondmates, but even with his money and influence, he finds no trace. Zoe knows who Sean is, but fears how her life will change if she surrenders to a biological compulsion. Charlie risks everything to meet his lovers and almost loses his life.
How will they come together when Charlie is captured and Chicago is bombed? When they confront the couple behind it all, will they be able to control their power? Or will the storm they call destroy them?

Story Excerpt:

As if she could tell he was staring, she looked up, her gamine face confused. When she caught sight of him, she frowned. Clearly she knew who he was. Sean strode through the crowd, enjoying the sun-baked warmth of the dusty ground on his toes. Bare feet again? He didn’t let it bother him this time, not even grimacing at the sensation. This wasn’t the first time he’d dreamed of this faire. It wasn’t even the second time. When the dreams first started, he was quite disconcerted by the lack of shoes. After the third or fourth time, he had resigned himself to the fact that he was always barefoot. At least this time he was able to move closer to the woman without waking up. He needed to get closer still.
It was only when he found himself edging into the shade of her open tent that he allowed himself a small glimmer of triumph. He’d never yet made it this far. Always before, in every other one of these dreams, she’d fled before he could get to her. He stepped in closer. She was thin. Strong. Older than him, maybe forty years old but still beautiful. He liked the way she carried herself, as though the years had burned away any sense of foolishness. This was not a woman who would be easy to know. She would be a challenge. He stepped closer. For the first time in one of these dreams, she held her ground, gripping the edges of the rough wood table fiercely enough to make the tips of her fingers go white.
“Who are you?”
Sean watched her bite her lip as he pondered how to answer the question. He was sorely tempted to say “I am your destiny,” but he had a feeling that she wouldn’t appreciate the joke. “My name is Sean. Who are you?”
“Why are you stalking me?” The woman ignored his question, frowning at him, and Sean felt a pang of lust surge through him. The stern expression on her face didn’t detract at all from her luminous beauty. From the pale green of her eyes to the sharp blue streaks she’d had painted into her short, dark hair to her wiry build, Sean knew this woman was more than a match for him. His body approved, even if his mind hadn’t yet caught up to that realization. He felt his jeans tighten, and her eyes dropped to his groin then fled like startled birds back up to his face. Sean smiled.
“Why ever would you think I’m stalking you? This is just a dream,” he said quietly, hoping to dispel her fear.
She pressed her lips together, and Sean sensed her apprehension boil over. He didn’t need to touch her to know that her body would be taut with worry. He stepped closer, then stopped, looking beyond her thin shoulders. There was another person here, a man, dark as shadow in the depths of her tent. “Who is that?”
She frowned harder, searching his face, for what, he did not know.When she turned abruptly, Sean moved in right next to her. The noise of the crowd faded the closer he got. She gasped, and the shape behind her materialized into a young man with dusky skin and long, straight dark hair. Sean tried to make out his features but couldn’t. Strangely, he felt a kinship with the stranger, a deep pull on his senses that went beyond the surface. He wanted to touch this man, see if he felt real. The ground rumbled again but none of them paid any attention. Outside the tent the wind picked up, and Sean tasted the scent of water in the air.
“Where am I?” the man asked, his voice light and steady. He looked around. “This is a desert. That makes no sense.” He moved closer, and suddenly Sean could see the man’s face. He was young, maybe in his early twenties. He had dark eyes and possibly a bit of Native American blood in him, a sharp contrast to Sean’s pale skin and deep blue eyes. The woman clenched her hands together then rubbed at her arms as though she had an itch she couldn’t get to. Sean frowned. He’d seen that action before.
“I have no idea what the hell is going on,” the woman gritted out. The young man looked at her, his face so open and compassionate that Sean felt another pang of lust course through him, this time for the man. What the hell?
“My name is Charlie. Charlie Aponivi. I know I’m dreaming. I went out to the forest to see if I could complete a dream journey, like my ancestors, but I didn’t expect to end up in the desert. That’s just weird.” The man ran his hands through his hair. Sean watched the woman watch Charlie do this and recognized her sudden attraction in the way her body swayed towards the young man. Sean was fairly perplexed himself. He wanted to take his hands and run them through that dark waterfall of hair, too. He’d never before felt an attraction to a member of the same sex, but the throbbing in his jeans certainly convinced him of it now.
“I’m Sean,” he said, reaching out a hand unthinkingly. The other man took it reflexively. The moment they touched, Sean blinked at the torrent of emotion he could feel coming from Charlie. The ground rumbled, then lurched suddenly. The woman gasped and stumbled against them. Suddenly, she was touching both of them, trying to keep from falling. The bare skin of her palms scorched theirs.
“Zoe,” Sean breathed, trying to keep his feet while a torrent of emotion, much of it conflicting, poured into him from her. “Your name is Zoe Brooke.”

Adult Excerpt:

“Zoe, fuck, you feel amazing,” Charlie muttered, his arms going around her. He slid one hand into her hair and one into Sean’s. “I have her open and ready, Sean.”
“Mmmm,” was all Zoe heard. Then Sean’s cockhead nudged at her hole, bumping and teasing until she thought she’d go mad. She arched her back and lifted her right leg. Charlie grabbed it and eased it over his hips, nudging his cock against her clit.
Zoe gasped and bucked. “Please, come on, fuck me,” she begged, trying to angle her hips so that both men could get inside her body. She succeeded only in dislodging them both and groaned in frustration. Come on, guys—
Sean grabbed her free hand and pinned it against Charlie’s flank. “Hold still and we’ll get you there,” he growled, tightening his hold. Zoe shuddered at the command in his voice, then went still, letting him and Charlie arrange her as they saw fit. Charlie nudged at her pussy with his cock, then slipped inside, inch by torturous inch until he reached her womb. She could feel his heartbeat in his cock. She tried to move but he held himself perfectly still.
Zoe, you are so amazing. He pulled out and sunk back inside her, so slowly she could feel herself open for him. Moisture ran down her thighs. She struggled, and Sean bit her neck again, stilling her movements. Fuck, you submit so perfectly, Charlie sent, his mind-voice fractured with the control it took to move so slowly. When he froze and sighed, Zoe bit her lip and hung on, waiting for Sean.
That’s it, open for me, Sean urged, using his hand to guide his cock to her hole. He bucked against her gently, letting his erection open her up again. She shivered and hung on, grateful for the strong hands that kept her from moving. She tightened her fist, happy when Sean growled again and held her even tighter. She knew she was going to have a bruise from his hands when they were done. The thought of it ramped up her arousal even more. Sean pressed at her hole, over and over, loosening the ring of muscles. Zoe trembled, wanting him inside so desperately she couldn’t keep still. Even so, she wasn’t expecting it when his cock finally slipped in.
Sean, God, you feel so good. Zoe couldn’t move. She wanted Sean to fuck her so badly, despite the sensation of burning and fullness. Charlie played a thumb over her clit, and Zoe panted, her entire body tingling as Sean slowly pushed his way into her. When he was finally inside, he held completely still. Zoe was too overwhelmed to speak. She bit her lip and hung on.
“Charlie, move,” Sean gritted out. His voice sounded heavy and thick with arousal and power. Zoe shivered as Charlie obeyed, sliding out and then thrusting back in with a sharp flex of his hips. She cried out then grabbed his shoulders. He wasn’t stopping. He fucked her wildly, the bump of his cockhead rubbing over Sean’s erection through her body’s thin membrane. It felt exquisite. Her mind fuzzed around the edges. Charlie rolled her over until she was lying on top of Sean. He grabbed Sean’s legs and forced them apart, looking down at where all three of them were connected. He arranged her legs until hers were on the outside of Sean’s, exposing her completely. He fucked into her again, and Zoe gasped.
Amazing. Feels amazing, she sent, nearly incoherent. She knew she was going to orgasm soon. Sean must’ve liked the way it felt, too, because he grabbed her hips and shoved her down on his cock, as if he could climb inside her body and never leave. When Charlie suddenly stopped, both Zoe and Sean moaned in protest.
Why did you stop? Zoe sent, confused. She clutched at Sean’s thighs, grateful he was strong enough to hold her steady.
If I keep going, I’m going to come, Charlie responded.
Zoe looked up at him. His eyes were shut, and his arms were corded with muscle as he held himself up. She didn’t think she’d ever seen such a perfect specimen of masculinity. She rotated her hips minutely, loving the way they felt.
Isn’t that the point? Sean asked.
Charlie’s eyes scrunched up. I’m going to come, right the fuck now. I was hoping to hang on for a while longer.
Zoe laughed, sparks shooting through her body as the movement rubbed the men together. We can always do it again, Charlie.

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