Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Summer Night Fling by Raine Delight

Coming in June, Raine Delight is pleased to announce her first M/M Story will be out in an anthology called Hot Summer Fun

My story is called A Summer Night Fling and features two people trying to trust that their hearts are leading them right.

It will be available in print and in e-book. 

Cal Larson wasn’t expecting to find a hot sexy man stuck in a tree as he took his morning walk in the woods. When he meets Alex, sparks fly and these two will find that love is waiting to claim them. Except Alex has a secret…one that may bring danger to Cal’s doorstep. Can Cal find it in his heart to accept Alex and let this summer fling turn into something much more?

A Teaser Snippit

Three months earlier….
Cal Larson walked into his house and knew something was different. The feeling of peace, of home escaped him that moment. As he tried to figure out what it was, he tossed his coat over the stair railing and asked, “Hey, Mal, you around?” Silence seemed to be the answer even as he walked across the foyer to the living room, searching for his lover of five years. Spying no one in the room, he moved deeper into the house, his heart starting to pound and an uneasy feeling making his stomach churn. Opening the kitchen door and seeing nothing, he made his way back to the stair well and walked up to the master bedroom. Hoping that Malcolm was in the shower, he walked into the room and stopped short. Drawers were open, clothes scattered and no Malcolm.
He ran over to the closet and saw the emptiness where his lover’s clothes should have been. The suitcases they used on trips were gone and with a heavy heart he sat down on the bed, anguish running through his soul.
“What the heck happened?” Cal asked himself as he turned to see the destruction of the room he had many wonderful memories of. Of Malcolm coming towards him, naked after a shower, smelling all manly and all he needed to do was touch him and he was lost.
Hearing a crinkle of paper, he turned and spied a piece of crumpled paper stuck in the sheets of the bed. Smoothing it out as best he could, he saw it was from Malcolm.
Dear Cal,
By now you know I am gone. I can’t do this anymore. I have fallen out of love with you and moved on. I am sorry for this but hope you can forgive me eventually.
My best,
Malcolm Winters
Blinking with shock, Cal stared at the paper in disbelief. His lover decided to leave…without even saying goodbye or offer an explanation at that. He leaves a ‘Dear John’ letter and wipes his hands of five years of being a couple, loving one another and the support from Cal as Malcolm pursued his dream of being an architect. “Well god damn me to hell and back, “ Cal swore as he stood up and walked out of the room, never glancing back as the letter slowly fell to the ground.
Other authors involved in this anthology are: Ike Rose, Jax Steele, Patricia Logan, Lisa Worrall, Sara York, CR Guiliano, Rawiya, Sue Brown,  AJ Llewellyn.

Upcoming projects....

Currently I am working on edits for the Hot Summer Fun anthology but once those are done, I am starting to finish my Space Pirates story. Then it's onto the next Devon Falls story....this time a wedding is happening and as you know, sometimes life decides to keep things interesting. *grins*

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