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HOT 21 by H.C.Brown

Hot 21 by H.C. Brown


Lynda, user name, Hot 21, a coy librarian with an itch for domination and exhibition has no idea the Dom in an interactive online game is the real deal until he walks into her work ready to play.
Dear K fantasy website is a front for an erotic escort service. Faced with the chance to become the sub of a six-five Adonis in black leather, Lynda takes the plunge.
Led slowly into a world of heightened sexual awareness and earth shattering orgasms, Lynda gives her body in total submission to the handsome, elusive Shayd—but can she win his heart?


Chapter One

Angular fragments of light flashed in the world of darkness behind the silk blindfold. The delicious scent of warm, musky male intoxicated Lynda Green, and sent a shiver of anticipation through her jaw. She pulled at the soft leather strands securing her hands to the headboard, and pushed her aching breasts toward the Dom pinning her to the bed with his muscular body. The man’s nipple rings grazed her aroused flesh sensitized by his every movement over her body. A moan of needy desperation garbled in her throat under the fragrance of exotic male and wild leather coaxing her to the edge of climax.

Pleasure pain scored a path over her flogged buttocks but she wanted so much more. She wanted him, over her, under her, in her.
She wet her lips and ground her hips against the thick cock pressing hard against her swollen pussy. The Dom’s second-skin leather pants hid nothing of the size of the prize she craved to taste. A deep chuckle rumbled in her Dom’s chest. Peppermint breath caressed her face and an inquisitive tongue traced a devastating path across her lips. She raised her chin to capture his elusive mouth. The need for his kiss tingled along every nerve ending and spiraled downward to curl around her throbbing clit. “Please. I can’t take any more.”

He closed his hot mouth over one tingling nipple. Her Dom used his teeth to torment the tender bud before moving to the other. He slid his damp flesh over her belly. Trapped in darkness, she quivered at the unexpected touch of his warm hands opening her thighs. A strand of his sleek hair brushed the fleshy crease between her leg and pelvis. Her Dom teased then parted her folds with one long finger. She hovered on the brink of orgasmic delight.


Lynda opened one eye and flailed out a hand to turn off the alarm. Damn! The Dear K Fantasy site had invaded her sleep again. She moaned and slid one hand down to her pussy to capture the touch of her imaginary Dom for a few moments longer. Her finger slid between soaking folds to circle her hard sensitive clit but nothing came close to the man in her dreams. The alarm buzzed again.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m awake, okay?” She swiped the alarm clock off the bedside table and stared at the ceiling. That dream was too real. "Why do I always wake up before I climax?"

She sat up in bed and scrubbed her face. She had enjoyed playing the “create your perfect fantasy application.” So what? The game was harmless fun, although she had discovered the site was a front for a fantasy escort agency that had its own sex therapist. No doubt, the doctor created the app to assist pathetic women with their nonexistent sex lives. What did that revelation make her? "Okay, so my sex life is pathetic."
She smiled. The alpha male Dom, she had created was one hell of a hunk, and if a man that erotic wanted to invade her dreams, the only complaint from her would be that the night was way too short.

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