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JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3 by Margarita Felices


JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3: Kiss at Dawn is a Paranormal Romance/Gothic Horror in which a naive pure-blood vampire is tossed into the mortal world.  Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel's best friend is murdered by Max, Rachel's ex-lover, becomes embroiled in the search for an ancient vampire artefact. Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel's involvement, but he's her love and she's going to protect him, no matter what.


It was nearly 11.30pm and things were getting heated at the Underground Palace.   This was the first time Rachel had visited this club.  She had followed a group in fancy dress costume and taken a playful curiosity in where they were going.  Inside the club, people were dressed in costumes, vampires, zombies, and dark angels - a refuge for every kindred heart.  Theatrical lights hung from the rafters, casting warped shadows on the dancers, the gothic arches and the stained glass windows.  Against the walls, small intimate arches with red velvet sofas under them were almost always occupied by some of the clubs regulars.  From here you could admire what was going on in the centre of the club as well as being a place for more private engagements.   Fake cobwebs had been sprayed onto the pillars, the stage area and walls, with most of it hanging precariously over the gathering of youths who were quickly chugging down their drinks in a race to see who would get drunk first.  Black and white cut-out pictures of monsters were stuck on the walls and over the bar area hung an ultra violet light that rotated in a sort of semi-circle and shone across that part of the room and towards the pictures, giving them a startling effect.  It also gave whoever stood near the light an eerie ultra glow to their eyes and teeth.   A very fascinating and interesting result!
On the black stage, a disc jockey generated a thundering mix of tormented Goth and heavy metal to long haired men and women who shook their heads with such ferocity you feared for their safety. 
Women in various types of PVC Halloween costumes, heavy eye makeup and with fake blood dripping down their faces and necks hung around the areas surrounding the stage and dance floor, and men with multiple piercings and equally interesting costumes queued at the bar.
Rachel was surprised at what she was seeing. They were all so beautiful, so translucent, and they shone when the lights hit them.
At last!   Somewhere she didn’t feel out of place with her pale skin, dark eyes and black clothes.   She looked around.  Velvet and lace adorned some of the women; leather, piercings, ripped shirts and velvet jackets adorned some of the men. 
The music was a mixture of haunting love songs full of betrayal and death.

Juliette, the club’s resident singer, stepped onto the stage and stood in front of the mic, spotting Daniel she blew him a kiss and waited until he sent one back, but all he did was wave.  Other bands often frequented the venue, but she was the club’s regular entertainment.    
Juliette had long red hair, skinny thighs, long fake nails painted black, and a smart mouth.   Her features were accentuated by large brown, almost black, eyes and red expressive lips. Daniel loved Juliette, she had become a member of his family and he loved her as a brother would a sister. 
A four-piece band followed her on stage and began setting up.
The drummer, a bald man in his late twenties, wearing tartan trousers covered in chains, a torn black T-shirt with a ‘Fuck You’ motif scarcely covering his muscled torso.  The two guitarists were twin brothers who bore an uncanny resemblance to Jim Morrison from The Doors and who posed and dressed like the ill-fated singer. Why they would choose to imitate someone who’d been dead for years always puzzled Daniel, but whatever the reason, the crowd liked them.   The last of the group was a young and nervous keyboard player, who seemed out of his depth, but happy to stay in the background.   The group adjusted their instruments while Juliette adjusted her mic.
A faint tune emerged from the group.
Juliette swayed with the tempo and then the music dipped and the stage lighting changed to pinks and purples and blues that swirled around the stage area.  Dry ice spouted out of a machine to the side of the stage and floated eerily across it.
The guitarists and keyboard player continued the slow beat and Juliette, in a seductive deep voice, uttered into the mic: “I can feel your pain.”
The audience erupted in claps and jeers.
The song, with its haunting melody, once a familiar tune that was a hit for a well-known Gothic band filled the club with ghostly lyrics that made the audience sway in time with the music, forgetting their troubles, forgetting their very existence, losing themselves in her voice.
Daniel was watching one of his regulars, Sarah, as she danced with the stranger she’d just met.  Sarah had always paid particular attention to him, and tonight he wondered if he shouldn’t give her another chance.  It’d beat going home alone again.   But as he watched he also noticed a new woman who’d entered the club and was making her way to the bar. 
Tobey noticed her too.  
They watched as the svelte figure made her way past them, and both men sat, mouths open in awe.
“Now that’s a bit more like it,” said Tobey, nudging Daniel on the arm.
“Sorry mate.” Daniel stood up, and with a grin he looked down at his friend. “But I saw her first.”

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