Thursday, May 9, 2013

Peter and the Wolf by Gale Stanley

Symbiotic Mates 2: Peter and the Wolf

AVAILABLE: Saturday, May 18th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, May 25th.
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]

What happens when your blood adversary turns out to be your fated blood mate?

Tyler Woods tends bar at the Wolf Den to fill his lonely nights, but he still hasn’t given up on finding a mate. He had his eye on Hunter, a pack enforcer, but his friend killed a pack mate and found sanctuary at the Colony, home of the vampires. The alpha calls Hunter a traitor and wants him back dead or alive, but Tyler doesn't believe it. He allows himself to be captured in order to find out the truth. Instead he’s thrown into a dungeon and branded a blood slave to a blonde-haired vampire who wants more than blood.

Peter Shaw is a turned vampire, living at the Colony. When Tyler is put in his care, his human side surfaces and pity turns to love. An unlikely alliance is forged, and the line between captor and captive blurs.

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Story Excerpt

“Are you cold?”

“Yes.” Peter shivered and the word came out on a shaky breath. Stupid question! There’s no heat in this alley, my jeans are down around my ankles, and my balls feel like fucking ice cubes.

Of course the John was more concerned with the state of Peter’s limp dick than anything else, but the chilly night wasn’t the only reason Peter had trouble getting it up. It was the old man himself. He had to be in his seventies at least. His parchment skin was covered with brown age spots, and he had more white hair growing from his nostrils and ears than his head.

“Come a little closer, then. I’ll warm you up.” Grandpa smiled, showing a jagged landscape of yellow teeth. Peter winced at his sour breath.

“You’re so beautiful. Such a beautiful boy.” The old man’s belly hung low, obscuring his cock and balls as he fisted himself.

Peter’s own cock was still soft. He tugged on it. Willing it to stiffen. Wishing this was already over.

Close your eyes and stop looking at him.

Peter shut his eyes to the world and thought about his fantasy man, the one he dreamed about—tall, with long black hair and a muscular body. His dick twitched with interest at the image in his head. Peter imagined how his mystery man would smell, how he would taste, how his stubbled jaw would feel against Peter’s skin. His dick was rock hard now, the head slapping against his belly.

“So pretty,” the old man said again as he got to his knees. His hot, wet mouth engulfed Peter’s dick. Peter gritted his teeth and concentrated on his daydream. The old man slobbered over his cock, but Peter was far away from this dark alley. In his mind it was his dream lover’s mouth licking and sucking…

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