Friday, July 17, 2009


By Michael Barnette

A mission gone wrong, three hot men, loyalty, passion and love.

When a dangerous mission to destroy a Red Lotus cartel drug lab and capture the scientist making the Euphoria fails it brings Lei, Quinn and Sanjuro in a head to head shoot out with the cartel's gun wielding goons.

The three operatives do their best to escape, but the mission goes from bad to deadly when one of them is shot. Now it's a race to save their lover's life, and reach the pickup zone before the man they can't live without dies.

Sanjuro claimed his lips in a kiss that left him breathless, his cock hard and throbbing.

Lei was picked up and carried to the large bed they shared, Quinn cradling him, kissing him while Sanjuro hurried ahead.

The pair of men slowly stripped away Lei's clothing, kissing him, caressing every inch of his skin until he thought he'd go mad with need, his body worshipped, adored, his mind consumed with the fire of lust.

Quinn's powerful form held him gently, Sanjuro's sleek body pressing tight to him, the two demonstrating their devotion with every gentle touch, each nip of their teeth, the maddening slide of their tongues over his skin, the pressure of lips finding all the right places. Places that inflamed his need, fanning it to heights greater than any he'd ever known in the past. Whirling him upward on a spiraling column of desire that drove reason from his mind, erased all thought leaving him in a rolling sea of passion that threatened to overwhelm him.

Like a drowning man he reached, clung to the solid stability of Quinn's shoulders, gasping, grasping onto both of them, fingers tangling in Sanjuro's hair, seeking some measure of control, and finding none.

"Please, I want--" Lips closed over his, silencing his plea. Hands, big, powerful hands gripped his wrists and pinned them to the bed above his head as a smaller hand closed around his cock. He cried out as the tip of a delicate tongue touched the slit of his erection, tasting him. The tongue moved over the sensitive flesh, lapping up what it found there. The touch of the damp tongue was like a blazing brand burning down his shaft, turning to molten fire in his balls.

So close to losing it. Surrendering to the heat building inside him. Searing him.

He gasped into the mouth covering his, felt the rumble of Quinn's chuckle as their tongues danced. Lei helpless in their grasp for the first time.

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  1. Did I tell you all that I'm a big fan of this man's work! High five Michael!