Friday, July 3, 2009


By Katica Locke

An impulsive werecat sparks a twisted game of cat and mouse he may not survive.
Huntsmen kill Werefolk--it's what they're trained to do. Kae, a young and impetuous werecat, knows this, but it doesn't stop him from following one surly Huntsman into the bathroom of a nightclub.
One spontaneous, not completely unwanted sexual encounter later, he's running for his life, pursued by a Huntsman bent on murder...or is it simply revenge? Or is it something else entirely?
Hands clenched into fists, he starts to rise, but I grab him by the back of the shirt and shove him off balance, his pants tangled around his ankles. He falls against the stall wall and I twist one arm up behind his back, pinning him there. For a moment, the only sounds are the throbbing music and our ragged breathing.

"Well?" he says finally. "Go on then, kill me. Won't your furry friends be impressed--the big bad wolf caught a retired Huntsman in the toilet with his pants down."

"Shut up," I say, shoving him harder against the poorly painted wood. "I didn't think Huntsmen retired," I add, leaning against him as I dig into my pocket.
"Shows what you know," he says through his teeth. "Now what the fuck are you doing?"

I smirk to myself as I open the little tube of lubricant, warmed by my body heat and slick on my fingers.

"You," I say, reaching down and pushing a single slippery finger into his ass. He jumps like he's been shot, a surprised cry escaping between his clenched teeth, and tries to pull away from me. "Just relax, old man," I say, adding a second finger.. "I don't get off on hurting people."

"You fuck--I'm gonna--son-of-a-bitch, stop it--I'm gonna kill you," he hisses, rattling the entire set of stalls as he twists and bucks, trying to throw me off.

"Don't try to tell me you don't want it," I say, taking my fingers out of him and reaching around to grasp his still hard cock. He gasps, his whole body going rigid, as I let my hand slide along his shaft. "If you weren't such a bigot, this would be deep in my ass right now." His cock twitches in my hand and I let go of it, freeing my own growing erection instead. I slick the remaining lube across the head and then position myself at his entrance. He makes a strangled sound as I slide inside, several short thrusts burying my cock up to the hilt.
Katica Locke