Friday, July 3, 2009


By Jaxx Steele

Faced with the consequences of one careless night, Russell Drake left his lover, James, to marry a woman he barely knew. It certainly wasn't what he planned, but one look at his son's tiny face convinced him that he'd do whatever was necessary to make his child happy… even if it cost him his own happiness.
But fate has something else in mind for him, and an unforeseen accident once again sets off a cascade of change. Three years later, Russell no longer has to settle and exist for his son's sake. He has the chance to rediscover the life he'd wanted with James.

5 ANGELS "Mr. Steele has created a wonderful short story about the price of parenthood and second chances. Russell is a wonderful character who was willing to give up everything, even the love of his life, for the child he never thought he would have. Russell's family is the way family are supposed to be, loving and accepting. If more people were like that, the world would be a better place. I loved how James never gave up on his man even after everything that happened." - Fallen Angel Reviews

4 STARS "Jaxx Steele wrote a wonderful angst ridden story, while still clinging to the notion of love must conquer all. The concept of hope clings to everything throughout this book, and it's more than enough to keep one glued to the pages." -
Rainbow Reviews

Jaxx Steele Putting a little XX in Man Love!

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