Friday, July 17, 2009


By Auburnimp

In Tairanna everyone must choose a side.

Eisso is a warlock punished by his coven for accidentally killing a demon child. Danth is a wereleopard ostracised by his sister and her mate when he becomes something more. Together they must face their destiny or be swallowed by a war between good and evil.

"Stop that," Danth said, "I've decided that I'm not going to kill you after all." His voice turned husky. "I've had a better idea."

He wanted to ask what idea but Danth's mouth was on his and he couldn't think let alone speak. Soft lips pressed against his and he parted his own with a quiet sigh. A warm tongue darted in to trace the outline of his lips before delving into his mouth to duel with his own.

Strong hands ran down his sides and back up again while his hands came off the bed and settled around Danth's neck.

Danth broke off the kiss to gaze down at him, golden eyes just visible in the dawn light. Outside screams still ripped through the early morning mist. "You hear that? That's the sound of your coven dying when it should be you."

"So why am I still breathing?"

"Why? Because something greater than either of us wants you alive. But there is a price to pay, little human. No witch can be allowed to leave here alive so I am going to have to change you."

"I'm to become a wereleopard?"

"If you survive," Danth said. "Many don't. Close your eyes, Eisso, and keep them closed until its over."

Trembling like a flower in the wind, he closed his eyes. Danth pushed Eisso's arms down so they were no longer around the wereleopard's neck. He pushed Eisso's hands close to the brass headboard and bound them there with something soft.

Danth moved away and Eisso tried desperately to hear where he had gone. He could smell Danth's musky scent and somehow he found it soothing. "Please…" he whispered although he wasn't sure why.

"Hush," Danth said before his lips closed on a nipple. Eisso couldn't help it. He arched into the caress, his eagerness for the touch overcoming his sense.

A low rumble like a purr and Danth moved to the other nipple, blowing cool air across sensitised skin.

Eisso arched even more wanting things that had no name known to him. He groaned feeling his cock spring to life as Danth's clever mouth moved lower, leaving wet trails down his body.

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