Monday, July 27, 2009

Diamond in the Shade by D.J. MANLY

Diamond is a Destroyer. Bred for killing vampires, that all he’s ever known.
When his trainer tells him he’s needed in the United States, Diamond is
prepard to go. What he isn’t prepared for is Sebastian Shade, a vampire who
fights evil in New York City.

Sebastian Shade is facing a new kind of evil, a vampire who’s also a witch,
planning to bring Los Angeles to it’s knees. He doesn’t have time to fight off a
Destroyer. He’s busy trying to figure out how to defeat the witch who is
recruiting vampires, and snatching babies for blood sacrifices.

When Diamond meets Sebastian, he does what comes naturally, he tries to kill
him. Sebastian Shade however is like nothing he’s ever seen before, not only
gorgeous, he’s a far cry from the vampires Diamond is used to hunting in the
Transylvanian cemeteries. And then he discovers that not only is Shade, the
vampire who corrupted one of the greatest Destroyers of all times, he might be

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