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Dual Desire by JC Szot

AVAILABLE: Monday, December 3rd
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 10th.
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Sexually repressed and unable to find a man who’s patient, giving her time to emerge from her shell, Ivy Tanner finds more than she bargained for when she takes a job at The Hidden Hills Resort. Twins Reed and Joel Dyer are enamored from the start when their aunt, June, hires Ivy to manage the front desk. Due to the demands of the tourist industry, Reed and Joel have only been able to connect briefly with various female guests. With the possibility of a permanent relationship, Reed and Joel’s attitude regarding their future changes drastically.
The night of the resort’s annual Halloween party, Ivy is swept off her feet by a masked man. Her partner uses his anonymity to lead her out, enabling her to abandon her sexual inhibitions. While struggling with the euphoric aftermath of her encounter, the twins begin their pursuit. Realizing the twins come as a packaged pair has Ivy reluctantly confessing to her evening of passion. When her masked lover comes forward, will new relationships be strained or strengthened?

When Joel opened the door, he could smell her. He contained his rabid behavior as he strolled into the kitchen. The track lighting glared off the sleek strands of her hair, giving it a bluish tint. When her eyes reluctantly met his, he felt instantly sucked in. I am so fucked.
“Well, well, well.” Joel chuckled, tossing his wallet and keys on the granite island.
“Thought I’d give Ivy the tour,” Reed said, his admission hurried. Joel could tell that Reed’s smile was forced, his face pained from the intrusion. Reed shoved his hands deep into his pockets. Joel also knew that this was his brother’s apprehensive behavior talking. Joel went to the refrigerator and grabbed a beer. He held one out for Ivy and Reed. They waved the beverage away. Joel settled on the stool closest to Ivy. Her shapely legs filled his line of vision. Her pink-and-white sneakers were a cute addition to her otherwise professional attire.
“How’d your first day go?” Joel tipped his beer back, trying to hold her darting gaze over the neck of the bottle.
“Fine.” She folded her hands, resting them in front of her. “Things went very well.”
“Good.” Joel set his beer down. “So, any costume ideas for the party?” The options that fit her ran through his head like a slide show. She’d make a great Roaring Twenties girl or maybe Cleopatra. A belly dancer! His dick danced inside his trousers.
“I’m still working on that.” She smiled, her cheeks flushing a delicious pink. Her skin was a rich, syrupy brown he wanted to lick. “What about you guys?” She faced Reed, her hair grazing her cheek as she moved. She was so sexy, her face a series of smooth, sharp lines. Joel’s eyes dipped down to her breasts. The shirt she wore hid it all. His motto was if it was kept hidden, then it was worth seeing. He shook off his thoughts.
“We never tell,” Reed said, smiling. A knowing look passed between them.
“Well, are you ready, Ivy? I should take you home.” Reed reached into his pocket and fingered the keys to the ATV.
“Sure.” Ivy rose from her stool. “See you tomorrow, Joel.”
“You can count on it.” Joel lifted the bottle to his lips. He sucked the frothy foam from the neck of the bottle as his eyes absorbed one last glimpse of Ivy Tanner’s cute ass as it exited the kitchen.
* * * *
After her shower Ivy sat down in front of her laptop and sent her father a quick e-mail. He was in Greece visiting some old friends. Her father always missed his homeland while she was growing up. Now that he was retired, he was free to roam. After clicking on send, she shut down. Ivy went into the small, cozy kitchen and fixed a cup of tea. As the kettle warmed on the stove, she reclaimed her seat at the tiny, round table.
She was settled in and getting used to her new surroundings. June had let her make some minor changes after moving in, such as removing the cabinet facing and painting the interior of the cabinets a light blue. It opened up the tiny space. Unlike the twins’ villa that was done in dark, masculine shades, Ivy’s bungalow was bright and open, the walls a whitewash accented with furniture and throw pillows in all the primary colors. Marion’s daughter had a sharp eye.
The bathroom was her favorite, a deep porcelain tub and vanity done in soft whites and yellows. Her thoughts moved on to the Halloween party and her costume, but then quickly changed tracks when Joel’s questioning eyes burned through her memory. Before one thought was complete, another pushed through. The way Reed had reached for her hand after helping her off the ATV, escorting her to the front door of the bungalow. Reed was sweet, polite, and somewhat chivalrous. Joel was mysterious and darker, his personality brash. There seemed to be a secret agenda behind his pressing stares. Ivy shrugged off her concerns.
She was here to do a job. It would probably be best if she keep her distance from the twins. Ivy could only wander so far onto middle ground. Ivy didn’t want to be rude to them, but she needed to be professional as well. She had a good thing going here at Hidden Hills. There was one thing she couldn’t deny, and meeting the twins just magnified what she tried to bury. A part of her ached. Ivy was a normal woman, a woman who craved a man’s touch. The only problem was she couldn’t seem to find a man whom she felt safe with, safe enough to let go.
“I know you’re kind of shy.” Reed rubbed her back, his hands talented. Reed’s touch was soothing, opening every door that’d been shut tight. Ivy liked the idea of him being behind her, but how long would that last? Maybe he’d blow out the candle so it could be dark. Was she ready for the light? “It’s all right.” His voice was silky. “If something isn’t comfortable, then just tell me.” His raspy directives filled her ears like a gusty wind. She felt her body sag back into his.
“Okay.” She exhaled, willing every muscle to unravel. His lips moved through the short strands of her hair. He lightly kissed her neck, licking her skin. Every pore expanded, drinking him in. His hands rested on her shoulders, edging toward the front of her shirt. She’d worn an old button-down of her father’s, planning to work in the yard all day. With every stroke of his hands, she molded into him. Ivy tilted her head, giving Reed access to her neck, hungering for more. He lightly bit and tasted. As his fingertips grazed over her breasts, a groan she tried to suppress escaped from her throat.
“So beautiful, you are,” Reed whispered, his voice husky with need. His fingers were working on the buttons of her shirt. She wanted it again. Ivy couldn’t run away from the urge. All she’d thought about was the night of the party, and how she’d felt, how her body had soaked up the physical pleasure she never knew she was capable of having. Had it been Reed? A worm of apprehension tried to burrow through. No. She wouldn’t think about that now. There was another man here, eager to please her again. She welcomed the connection, the experience. Reed’s slow and methodical movements told her that she was being blessed a second time with a man of patience.
The air changed, rushing at her skin as he gently parted the material and opened her shirt. Reed eased it down her shoulders, letting it drape over her elbows. Ivy leaned her head back, resting it on Reed’s shoulder. Through lowered lashes, she watched his hands cup her breasts, still encased in her lacy, pink bra.
The same sensations charged through her body—the want, the need. The desire to connect and feel one with another. This time there were no rules. She’d be able to react and give Reed the gratification he so eagerly wanted to provide to her. Could she? Reed had her floating. Would her womanly instincts just kick in and guide her?
His fingers worked the front clasp of her bra, slowly peeling the lace away from her body. Reed lifted her arms, freeing her body from her clothing. Impulse took over, and Ivy leaned forward and blew out the candle. Reed chuckled behind her.
“You like the dark, I take it?” His hands skimmed over her skin, leaving a smoldering path on her flesh.
“I do,” Ivy answered, pushing away every tormented thought that tried to resurface. This was her chance to return her affections, to practice the art of giving as well as receiving. She didn’t think she’d have the chance again, and so soon.
“We can manage in the dark. I was hoping to see your beautiful body naked. I’ll just have to see you through my hands.” Reed sucked on her earlobe. His hands slid over her breasts, gently pumping them in his hands. She felt her nipples bead in his palms. Her belly rose and fell, the same sensation she’d felt before.
“Jesus,” Reed hissed. He held her waist, wanting her to stand. They rose to their feet. He turned her to face him, their darkened faces meeting. She followed the sheen of his eyes. Reed fumbled with the button and zipper of her jeans. Ivy reached for him. She rested her hands on his dense chest, tracking the formation with her fingertips. Reed’s hands left her. He yanked his shirt over his head, unable to wait. Her fingers combed down his chest. She leaned into him, licking his warm flesh. Her tongue lashed out at his nipple. Reed’s body quivered against hers.
His hands were back on her, gently pushing her jeans and panties down. He freed her from her clothing, their shoes removed earlier. Reed’s fingers traveled over her thighs, finding her core. He gently parted the folds of her pussy. Ivy panted as he slowly searched for her clit. His touch had her yearning for him. His hoarsened request had her pleading for it all.

Rearview Mirror by JC Szot

AVAILABLE: Monday, January 7th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, January 14th.

[PolyAmour: Erotic Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Following a catastrophic diagnosis and the sudden death of her husband, Liz Gallagher becomes a widow at the age of thirty. Grieving and alone, she has to subdivide her property to avoid financial hardship. Ben Neilson and Noah Finley move in next door.
Ben, a successful lawyer, feels Liz’s pain, reaching out to her in attempts to bring her back to the land of the living. Noah, who spent the majority of his teen years in juvenile detention, can’t escape the crime of his youth and has been living the life of an introverted man.
When both men find themselves attracted to their new neighbor, Ben decides to take matters into his own hands, determined to see Liz and Noah heal their pain and stop looking into the rearview mirror of their past.

He’d felt queasy since he’d set foot on her property. It was that nervous bundle of knots that always formed with anything unknown, whether it was a person or a situation. Noah couldn’t turn away from a lady who was struggling. That usually prompted him to intervene. He had no dating skills, but offering his back for physical labor was no problem.
Ben was at work, and since Noah only had part-time hours on the road department, he was planning on getting in a full day of renovations.
He’d watched her from afar, her willowy frame trying to drag a fifty-pound bag of mulch across the yard. A widow at thirty, Jesus. Ben had told him that Liz’s husband had passed away, but to hear it from her made it a hard, cold reality. Did I think she was older? The word “widow” sounded old. The look that glazed over her tired eyes only added to his anxiety.
Noah never knew what to say or how to handle people like himself, and he was pretty sure he and Liz were treading water in the same murky pond, trying not to drown in fear and misery. He didn’t even know how to cope with himself. The idea of him ever being able to offer any type of comfort to another was ridiculous. That would be like a shrink going to see another shrink.
He paced up and down the length of the porch while he waited for her. The longer he waited, the more apprehensive he got. What would they talk about? I’ll just down the tea and scoot back into my own yard. He leaned on the railing, taking in the rural peacefulness. It really was beautiful here. He’d had to battle that peacefulness the first few weeks. It was too quiet for him to sleep. Noah usually needed some type of background noise. He’d grown up accustomed to the racket of a twenty-four-hour-a-day operation. It was a daily routine that consisted of changing shifts, buzzers sounding, and someone in authority ordering you to your next destination. They decided what you ate, what you wore, and when you could use the toilet.
After meeting Ben, Noah often forgot that he no longer needed permission to do things. Noah gripped the railing. His eyes fell to his clenched fingers before moving to a nearby plant that sat in the corner where the railings met. He leaned into the plant. His eyes went wide at the sight of what looked to be a discarded marijuana cigarette. Tempted to confirm what he thought he was seeing, he reached for it, but quickly retreated when the back screen door opened and Liz emerged, carrying a pitcher of iced tea and two glasses.
“Sit, please,” Liz said, waving him to the swing. Noah sat down, the swing swaying. Liz set the glass pitcher and two tumblers down on a small table. “Help yourself.” Liz walked to the far end of the porch and retrieved a chair. Relieved that she wasn’t going to sit next to him, Noah took one of the glasses and poured hers first, careful not to allow the lemon slices to fall into her glass.
Liz sat down. Noah handed Liz her drink, surprised that his eyes took a hasty tour up and over her shapely legs. Her skin looked smooth, blushing with a peachy hue. Her voice rang out around them. His fingers gripped the glass.
“Thanks again.” She smiled, tipping her glass back. Noah nodded, sticking his nose into his glass, running to safety again. Ben said he had a talent for that. Whatever others thought was normal was alien to him. Sitting on a porch gazing out at the countryside drinking iced tea with a woman was one of them. Noah gulped the chilled tea, his dry throat cooling. A sweetened fragrance seeped into his nose. Was it her, or nature’s new season?
“It’s not a big deal, really,” Noah insisted. “Don’t hurt yourself.” Her expression changed, dropping a bit. “No, no,” Noah’s voice rose. His face twisted, wishing he could eat his words right out of the air. You idiot! “I didn’t mean it that way, really. Just remember that we’re here, me more so than Ben. You know his job can be demanding. What I’m trying to say is…” He shook his head in frustration.
Liz spoke, coming to his aid. “I know.” She smiled. “I’ll ask next time,” she told him. “Please just be honest with me. If you’re busy, you’re busy.” She escaped his eyes quickly.
Noah took a deep breath, relieved. He settled back into the cushions and extended his legs. His muscles were tightening up, a good excuse to leave before he got lazy. Instead of drinking his tea, Noah found himself drinking in Liz’s profile as she stared out into the treed horizon. Her hair had lovely waves of loose curls, full of movement that rested right on her shoulders. Her eyes were a pretty, sweet brown, but they were sad. They sort of dipped downward at the outer edges. The last part of her face Noah wanted to see was her lips. Regardless of his dysfunctional fears, his risk didn’t disappoint. Liz did have a gorgeous mouth, her lips pouty and full. Her soft voice moved through the tranquil quiet, her eyes still staring into the spacious backyard.
“So what are you working on today?” she asked, facing him. She rested an elbow on her knee, bobbing the toe of her sneaker.
“We’ve made it upstairs. I’m gutting out the bathroom today. I should get back.” Noah set his glass down on the table and stood. “If I can help you with anything else…” Noah raked his fingers through his hair. Liz rose from her chair.
“I’ll be sure to ask,” she nodded. A tangle of hair fell over her arched brow. Her gaze hovered around him, settling on his eyes briefly.
Her question caught him off guard, icing him over like a snowstorm.
“Have you and Ben been friends long?” Liz shifted her weight, maybe uncomfortable with her inquiry.
“I met Ben when I was eighteen,” Noah informed her.
“Oh, wow,” Liz answered, her brows raised.
The past was coming at him like an avalanche. One question always led to more. The guys on the road department never pushed, but women were different. They always wanted to know more.
“Thank you for coming. Every time I see you I want more and more of you,” he murmured. His voice was low and throaty. Ben’s other hand rested on her waist. His hips gently rolled against hers. His body spoke, its message loud and enunciated. She could feel him. His cock was distended, lightly rubbing against her. Her head fell back, the bark sharp on her scalp. His face blended in with the shadows, his lips now on hers. A light kiss led to the breath of his words tickling her lips.
“I’d like more, but I don’t want to push,” Ben whispered. When his tongue artfully traced her lower lip, Liz felt her body kick on, waking up like a dormant machine. The sensation began in her toes, moving up and over her body like a wild and crazy growth wrapping around her limbs. Their lips sealed. Their mouths naturally opened, inviting the other in to taste. His tongue brushed the insides of her mouth, slowly gliding over the surface of her tongue. The kiss was impeccable, sweeping her off her feet. Gravity waned, giving in to the power of his affectionate persuasion.
The attention and graciousness with which Ben carried himself was as enticing as his kiss. Though Noah was a powerful deterrent, the way Ben served his affection to her was a delicacy no woman could turn away from. He was luring her out. Liz touched his teeth, venturing into his heat, tasting the fruity sweetness in his mouth. His palms slowly skimmed up her body, lifting the hem of her tank top. Her lungs caught. Her heart raced with the craving, the uncertainty. It had her in knots. Liz’s celibate body screamed. All reservation was gone, being wiped away by his touch. An anguished moan escaped from her throat. Ben slowly lifted the material, raising her arms into the air. Her tank top fell onto the dewy grass at their feet. Ben placed her hands on the thick branch above. Liz curled her fingers, gripping, hanging on. She hadn’t worn a bra. The cool air hit her flesh. She felt her nipples tingle in response. The chalky haze of the moon glazed over her nakedness.
Ben’s hands slid over her torso, cupping her breasts.
“Oh God,” Liz whispered. The huskiness of her voice surprised her. It’s been so long. His head dipped. Her eyes closed at the sensation of a wet, hot tongue as Ben licked the swell of her breast. Her nails dug at the bark. Her lungs fought for more air. She glanced down, watching his lips part. His mouth enveloped her, suckling gently on her nipple. Fire raged, searing her skin. Her belly tingled, waking with an erotic excitement. Her hips fidgeted. His mouth moved slowly, like thick syrup dripping. A rush of air hit her again as he lowered to his knees. His mouth moved over body, his teeth nipping at the button of her shorts. Liz’s eyes flew open, staring into a twinkling night sky. She did want this. The urge was there. Something that’d been dead was being rebirthed and brought back to life. Her pussy was wet, swollen with the desire to receive another man’s attention. He slid her shorts down to her ankles, lifting her feet with care. He skimmed the edges of her panties, teasing her through the thin silk before removing them.
His actions were precise and unhurried. Ben was giving her the opportunity of a polite refusal. Her body ached for a release. She absorbed his tender touch. The ground beneath her feet vanished. He had her floating better than any drug she’d ever ingested. His soft fingers were on her, parting the delicate folds of pussy. His hot breaths warmed her skin. The gentleness of his tongue on her had her calling out.
“Ben,” Liz gasped. Her spine crumbled into dust. Ben held her hips, his lips on her navel.
“I’m right here.” The words of his affirmation were hoarse. “I want to give you pleasure. I don’t want you to feel any more pain, just decadent pleasure. Please let me,” he pleaded. “You’re so beautiful.” He rained her belly with kisses. His finger eased into her heat, sliding through her pussy with feathering touches. Liz’s head tipped back, her mouth opening in awe. He slipped his hands around her hips, cupping her ass. His mouth suckled her clit before his tongue tenderly lapped at her pussy with slow, soothing strokes.
“Oh,” Liz whimpered. Her legs turned to liquid, the weight of her own body suddenly too much. A hand retreated back. Ben’s finger slid up inside her, uniting with her heat. She was cresting, riding an endless wave. His mouth and finger worked in unison, a rhythm that was custom made for her. Her body arched, bowing into the cool night air. Her arms began to numb. His finger left her, his tongue now swirling over her pussy.

Behind the Iron Fist by JC Szot

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Emasculated by his father’s prejudicial behavior, Drew Walker lives an inward life, avoiding social situations as well as women. Boxing is an outlet for Drew, enabling him to vent his pent-up aggressions. When his father is injured in an accident, he becomes a bedridden liability, forcing Drew to care for a man he loathes.
Though dedicated to his fitness regimen, Drew battles the escape that alcohol provides. Mia Riley, a compassionate LPN who fled from her career
after losing a patient, resorts to slinging beers in Troy’s Tavern. Drew looks the way she feels, empty. Her need to heal has her preoccupied with Drew.
Witnessing a bar brawl leads to their first encounter. As their relationship slowly evolves, Mia learns of Drew’s tumultuous childhood. Drew is confident that he can fight his way through any physical confrontation and win, but as his attraction to Mia grows, he questions whether he’ll ever have the confidence to emerge from behind the iron fist and be the man that Mia wants.
A Siren Erotic Romance
“Hey, look what’s come back, just like a stray cat.” Troy laughed. Drew avoided Troy’s iridescent blue eyes as he settled in on a stool, vowing to not drink as much tonight. Troy tipped his head back and whistled. The high shrill rang in Drew’s ears. “Mia, your pardoned patron has returned.” Troy chuckled.
Troy gestured to Drew’s usual choice of draft on tap. Drew nodded and leaned on the edge of the bar. Troy slid the mug across the glossy surface. Drew sipped from the cold, sudsy head, his throat tightening when the barmaid who’d saved him from his own stupidity came out from the back room.
Though he’d taken notice of her beauty amongst the darkness the night before, today a certain aura radiated around her. Drew blinked, thinking the glow that surrounded her like glitter would evaporate like some type of mythical fantasy. Her hair was loose, resting right at her shoulders. It moved when she did. It was a honey blonde, with a few sun-streaked strands woven through. It was swept to the side, framing her large, oval eyes. She grinned at him, sort of a playful smirk, and slid his keys across the bar. Drew lifted his hand, catching them in his palm.
“Nice save.” Her smile warmed him right down to his sneakers. He swallowed hard, his throat not allowing the beer to pass go.
“Thanks…I mean thanks for, you know…” He felt his lips pull into a smile.
“No problem.” She turned and poured some beer nuts into a wooden bowl and slid them toward him. Drew couldn’t help but stare when her eyes met his again. They were unique, a light brown, but blended with something else. It was like stirring different colors of paint together in a can, the shades swirling. There were streaks of a soft olive-green with almost a golden hue. Her easy, feminine voice jarred him out of his thoughts, thoughts he hadn’t had in a long time.
“You’re driving tonight, right?” Her pearly whites nipped at her lower lip. Drew stifled a groan as his eyes lowered down into his mug.
“Yes…yes, I am.” He smiled faintly, battling a wave of heat that he knew wasn’t due to any type of sickness.
* * * *
Mia chuckled nervously and then fled to the back to load the dishwasher. Good Lord. She fanned herself. The guy was gorgeous, but not in a pretentious way. Mia could always tell when a guy thought he was better than sliced bread, but not this guy. It almost seemed to be the other way around, his eye contact a bit skittish, his tone of voice shy and somewhat reserved.
Dark, wavy hair, trimmed around his ears, framed a narrow, angular face, his cheeks lightly dusted with a shadowy growth. He was built like Mr. Olympian, but in no way flaunted it. Last night she’d felt his iron-hard bicep, but the rest of his physique had been hidden under all of his baggy clothes. Today he’d gone lighter with his apparel. His arms were dense, his biceps sloped, his neck corded. His eyes looked black last night. Today they were just as dark, like strong coffee. There was intensity in his gaze, but that troubled look still lingered in the depths of his eyes.
Troy said he came in often. His name was Drew Walker. Mia had seen him a few times before, but he was always huddled in the corner of the bar, only speaking to Troy. Would she have noticed him last night if he hadn’t tried to leave drunk? The bar had been almost empty. She had to go back out there and put the wine glasses away. The fluttering feeling in her stomach had her laughing at herself. Who was this guy? She hadn’t felt this jittery since her eighth grade formal.
* * * *
He was tempted to wait for her, maybe offer to drive her home, but as fast as that idea came, it fled. What was a woman like her doing working in a place like this? She seemed too refined and educated. Drew wanted to know about this so-called blood on her hands because something didn’t fit. She was out of place, too good for the dark, seedy surroundings of Troy’s Tavern, which meant she wouldn’t want any part of him.
There were other places to go to sit and drink, but Troy’s was cheap and close to home. It was also smack dab in the middle of his running route. He could find his way home blindfolded. She assaulted his thoughts. Drew wanted to know more, but didn’t want to creep her out by asking questions. It was at these times that Drew was allowing Blake to win. That old inadequacy came flooding back. Scenarios like this killed him.
Whenever he thought of talking to her, the words congealed in his throat, so he resorted to watching her, which most women would also consider creepy, but it was safer for him. His quick sideward glances went unnoticed by her, but he wasn’t fooling Troy. When Drew intercepted the third questioning glance from Troy, he decided it was time to leave. He slid off the stool and rummaged in his pocket to pay the tab. She plowed through the swinging doors carrying a rack of glasses. Here was his last chance, for tonight anyway.
He guided their bodies toward his room and kicked the door closed, shutting his father out of this precious consummation. Tonight Drew would make her his. He’d utilize every skill, no matter how tarnished he thought he was. He was determined to shine. Drew didn’t have to worry about fine-tuning his performance. His actions would be brought forth by his heart and emotions. They were both in sync and running at full throttle.
Drew yanked his shirt over his head and guided her hands to him, placing them on his chest, wanting to experience her touch. Her fingers strummed over his nipples. A welcoming chill spread over his flesh. Clothing rustled in the dark. He wanted to see her. As his eyes adjusted in the dark shadows, that wish was granted. Thin bars of light from a partial moon spilled into the room, adorning her skin with a frosty finish. Silky strands of gold spread over her shoulders.
Need had his body revving. Shapely lines of sleek flesh filled his eyes as more of her was revealed to him as they both disrobed.
Mia removed her blouse. Her lacy bra glinted in the pearly light. Her eyes smoldered into his, matching his desire. She unbuttoned her jeans and lowered them on her hips. The black trim of her panties had him biting his lip until it bled. Her slender fingers traced over her own flesh as they moved up and over her breasts. She taunted him with the front clasp of her bra. Drew was naked now, stroking his own cock as it reached for her, begging for her graceful fingers. Her heated gaze dripped over him, taking him in. Her fingers worked the clasp, spreading the delicate material, and all for his viewing pleasure. Drew sucked in a rush of air. His palms burned, itching to touch the perfect mounds. Her nipples beaded like dark berries that he couldn’t wait to eat.
“Mia.” Drew felt his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard. “You’re so beautiful.” She smiled, her expression warm, welcoming him. Her sleepy voice reached for him through the darkened haze of his room.
“Just take me. I won’t break.” Her voice was barely audible. “I’ve wanted you for so long now.” Drew took her into his arms. Her warm skin slid against his. Her fingers combed over his cock, making his entire body short-circuit. Her touch was light and gentle. His concentration was now hindered. His hands moved over her shoulders, learning her body, exploring. He traced the firm swell of her breast, lowering his head. Drew nuzzled his face into her pillowed flesh. Her pulse pounded under his mouth as he sampled her, his hunger mounting.
He pulled her nipple into his mouth, tonguing the hard peak. Her hands held his head, pressing him into her. She was so soft. His fingers wandered, dipping below the loose waistband of her jeans. He threaded through soft curls, parting her petite folds. The tips of his fingers glazed over with her liquid heat. Drew whimpered, releasing her from his mouth. He fell to his knees, praising her.
“Oh, God.” Mia’s anguished whisper filled the heated silence. Her breaths resounded in his ears. Drew’s cheek slipped down the expanse of her body. He licked her belly button, feeling the delicate piercing. He opened his eyes, taking in the glinting belly ring that accentuated her lovely navel. He slowly eased her jeans and panties down her legs, removing her shoes and socks with care. Drew petted her calves, smoothing his hands up and down her curved legs. Downy, dark hair lightly dusted her folds. He glided a finger through the slick creases of her pussy. She was so hot and wet, and all for him.
Drew breathed her in, her scent musky and spiced. His finger found the tiny jewel inside. He circled her clitoris slowly, looking up at her. Her head fell back, her eyes now closed. Her beautiful breasts lifted as her lungs dragged in additional air.
“Drew, please,” she hissed. He couldn’t speak, not yet. His eyes burned, his stare locked on her glorious nakedness. He leaned into her and kissed her pussy. Her hips rocked, arching for his mouth. He gently opened her and licked her wet walls. Her intimate flavor burst in his mouth. His tongue burrowed deeper, wanting to taste her richness. How he thirsted for her. He feasted on her, licking her lovingly.
“Oh, Drew, God.” Her words died on a gasping breath. The sound of his name on her lips made him crazy. “That’s wonderful.” Her hips began to rock against his mouth. Mia widened her stance, giving him more access. He licked down into her depths, gorging on her. Her pussy rained in response. He held her hips, steering her to the edge of the bed, and sat her down. When Mia leaned back and lifted her legs, Drew was catapulted into heaven. She anchored her heels on the edge of the bed, spreading herself for him.
Her taste grew thick and honeyed. He played with her clit, flicking his tongue against the hub of her pleasure. Her legs trembled. He stilled her with his hands as he held her thighs open. Her pussy flowered, opening more for him. Drew angled his mouth, dragging his tongue up and down her silken tissues. Her huffing words had him leaning back on his heels, his head spinning with a pent-up desire that was rushing fast.
“I want you, please. I’ve wanted you from the beginning.”
Her admission had his eyes pooling with emotion. Drew stood, waiting for his head to right itself. Mia yanked him out of his haze of ecstasy when she tugged on his arm, pulling him onto the bed.
“Lie down,” she whispered, brushing loose strands of hair out of her eyes.

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