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Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk by Gale Stanley

Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, with M/F elements, shape-shifters, HEA]

AVAILABLE: Saturday, April 13th
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Vampire-hawks and wolf-shifters have two things in common—hatred for each other and dwindling populations. Both species are headed toward extinction. One vampire has the secret to survival—if he can get the lycans to cooperate. But when vampire Aidan Longshadow walks into the Wolf Den looking for the alpha, he's barely through the door before he’s attacked.
Hunter Black, a lycan enforcer, comes to his aid and questions him. Aidan offers to trade information about the murder of Hunter’s mate for lycan blood. At first, Hunter thinks it's a trap, but Aidan convinces him that the answer to both species' survival may lie in their blood. Hunter agrees to secretly help Aidan in exchange for the killer’s name, but he gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself falling for the seductive vampire. When the research goes awry, he’s sure he’s been used by the scheming bloodsuckers. But is Aidan the real enemy, or is it someone closer to home?
Note: This book contains dubious consent.
Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Adult Excerpt
The music slowed to a seductive tempo, and Aidan ground his body against Hunter’s. Rigid cocks rubbed and created a sweet friction that made heat curl in Hunter’s belly. Aidan’s hands, now on the small of Hunter’s back, held him close. Is it the wine making me dizzy? Or the long, hard cock pressed against mine?
Aidan pulled him closer still and brushed his lips against Hunter’s. One hand slid over Hunter’s ass and squeezed. The vampire deepened the kiss and swallowed Hunter’s moans.
What’s happening to me?
The beat suddenly picked up, and another couple on the crowded floor bumped them roughly. Aidan laughed and steered Hunter away. The vampire slipped behind him and reached around, encircling Hunter in strong arms and pulling him back against a hard chest. The steel ridge of an erection now pressed firmly against his ass, while the large hands at his groin framed his genitalia. The light scrape of stubble grazing Hunter’s neck sent electric currents straight to his cock. Damn it. Move your hands. Touch me.
With a soft whimper, he arched back against Aidan, inviting more. More what? Hunter didn’t know what he wanted. He felt like a randy pup with his first crush. Hot and horny. Wanting something forbidden and afraid to ask for it. Things like this never happened to him. He didn’t understand it, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to. He felt light-headed and giddy from high-level arousal. For a few minutes he just wanted to enjoy the unfamiliar sensations.
A velvety voice whispered in his ear. “Are you here to trade or fuck?”
Suddenly speech was tricky, his thoughts a jumble. “Wha—”
“I can hardly hear myself think in here. Let’s go somewhere quiet.” Aidan took his arm and led him off the dance floor like a child.
Walking across the room was like wading through a river of thick syrup. It required focus and a strong will. Hunter had neither. Woozy and anxious, he had to force his feet to move. Time decelerated to a lethargic crawl. Seconds lasted for minutes. Minutes went on for hours. Their journey took on the proportions of Homer’s odyssey. At last, Aidan stopped in front of a heavy wood door. On the other side, they passed through a series of narrow halls.
The gloomy labyrinth with its hidden nooks and crannies seemed a perfect setting for a horror novel. Hunter’s legs felt rubbery, and he stumbled.
“Here we are.” Aidan unlocked a door and turned on a dim light.
The small room, with a carved bed and dresser, took on the dimensions of a stadium in his addled brain.
“Where are we?” Hunter mumbled.
“It’s a feeding room.” Aidan showed a bit of fang. “For those of us who like privacy.”
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