Sunday, April 7, 2013

Regimental Heroes Anthology by Jennifer Conner

Historical Romance, The Regimental Heroes Anthology tackles PTSD issues from young men returning home to a Victorian Era that does not understand. 

It was a war. It was a duty. It was not a choice. Now,  the men have returned to England. Nothing has changed, but everything is different. Will they find love in the women  strong enough to help them battle their inner demons? Regimental Heroes Series anthology includes the best-selling short stories: The Duke and the Lost Night, The Reluctant Heir, The Wounded Nobleman and Redemption for a Rogue.

Excerpt: From Redemption for a Rogue:

“I can’t do this,” John said barely above a whisper.
“My opinion differs, because I know you’re capable. You just need a little assistance. If I read the invoices, do you understand what needs to be done?”
“Of course.”
“Then I will fill in the forms.”
“Are you an angel sent to watch over me?” The shadow of John’s beard and dark hair gave him an intensely masculine quality.
She swallowed. “No, I am merely the hired governess.”
“I feel you have become much more to Graeme and me then merely a governess.” As he watched her, a shiver ran up her spine. His gaze implied things. Erotic things men and women never spoke of and only shared behind bedchamber doors. “Everything seems to holds less importance, because right now, Vivienne, all I want in the world is to kiss you.”
It was the first time he’d said her name. When she began to contradict his statement, he pressed a finger to her lips and then replaced it with his mouth. He leaned forward in his chair to pull her close. Her breasts pressed against the hard planes of his chest. Vivienne knew it was wrong, but her heart sang from his caress. Gentle. Loving.

 The Regimental Heroes Anthology
"Conner takes on the tough issues men in war face in this heartwarming historical romance series." - Chris Karlsen, author of Heroes Live Forever.


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