Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lust Knows No Boundaries by Destiny Blaine

Lust Knows No Boundaries
Sports Wives Two

There's unconditional love and there's obsessive love. In a love triangle, sometimes there's a little of both--and it can complicate a marriage.


Corby stepped inside with a tray of burgers in his hands. “Gorgeous woman.” His eyes twinkled and his lips curved into a seductive, if not appreciative smile.
“Hunk of a man.” Suzy batted her eyes and flirted openly with my husband.
Mark laughed. “I swear man, I’d kill you if you weren’t my best friend.” He swatted Suzy on the ass. “Behave yourself.”
Suzy twisted her little ass around the kitchen like she so ultimately belonged there as much as I did. “I will,” She teased back before whispering in my ear, “If you will.”
I turned around to steal a good look at her face. Sure enough, the evidence of alcohol existed in her eyes. I let her taunting pass. She could drink herself into another world but she wasn’t going to tug me there with her.
Mark pulled out a chair for both of us as we all sat down for dinner and he immediately looked from Corby to me and back to Corby again. “It’s good to see you both looking so great again.”
Suzy took a sip of wine and then noted the obvious. “Yeah babe, it’s amazing what a little sex will do for a man.”
Mark rolled his eyes and I caught the gesture. “Oh I don’t know baby,” he began to slur in mockery of his wife, “sometimes living without it is better than living with it. Just depends on the partner I guess.” His eyes quickly drifted over to me and he ran a slow tongue over his bottom lip. “What do you think Mrs. Teller?”
Corby shot him a warning. “You and Suzy behave. This conversation is off limits at the dinner table.”
So the real truth begins to unravel. Suzy’s happily ever after with Mark must’ve hit a snag. It was something I wouldn’t know anything about since the three of them ran around town now without me.
One thing I learned early on, Mark didn’t take a lot of shit off of his wife. After a few glares and stares, Suzy made the mistake of opening her mouth.
“So you had a good night last night, hmm?” She looked at Corby with nothing more than pure lust in her eyes. I should’ve kicked her out of my house or at least asked her if she wanted to fuck him now or later.
Corby took a bite of his burger and after a chew or two, he swallowed and took a gulp of his beer. “Not bad, Suzy. How was your night?”
Throwing her head back, she laughed out loud. “Probably not near as exciting as yours.” Her eyes darkened and her lips formed a smile most women would recognize.
She had something over on Corby and he damn near choked on it. He squirmed in his chair and a first bead of sweat bubbled on his forehead.
She should’ve shut up while she had a good piece of meat to place between her pouty lips but she didn’t. “Why don’t you two lovebirds just spill all of your dirty little secrets.”
Mark became agitated on command. “Suzy’s rubber man lost his dick in the move so she’s not having a good week. You two just ignore her. She’ll sober up by morning.”
Corby almost sprayed his beer forward and had to get up from the table to keep from losing it. I snickered and Suzy’s eyes met mine. She reached for the bottle of wine and poured herself another glass.
“What’s so funny Corby?” She directed her question to him but held me in her gaze.
Corby grabbed a paper towel and sat back down wiping at his mouth. “The rubber man thing always gets my attention. Sorry, I just don’t see the thrill.”
Smugly, Mark sat back in his chair with his arms crossed. “I didn’t either. It’s a sad day when a rubber doll with a shaft smaller than mine gets more rides than the real thing. So I fixed the problem.”

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