Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winning Virgin Blood by Destiny Blaine

Winning Virgin Blood Blurb:

Las Vegas lures in those with a taste for living on the edge. Sin City is the best place to be when playing the game is just as important as finding the right playing field. Orlando Spenser discovers in the desert all that glitters is not gold when he loses a substantial amount of his family's fortune. He returns home with a broken spirit, only to discover his kinsmen have decided to send him back to the very place where he almost lost everything. He will return with one goal…to find a suitable mate.

Winning Virgin Blood Excerpt:
Wet kisses covered his forehead until he had to pull her back. “What’s this?” Maybe the child knew he was about to meet a fate he wouldn’t be able to escape. Constance wore the title of ‘little sneak’ well and often discovered things her brothers needed to know. Naturally, when she did, she bribed them with the information, making sure her snooping didn’t go unnoticed.

“I just missed you!” Her china doll complexion broke into a smile. “What did you bring me this time?” Even though she approached the teenage years, she still had a child’s innocence, perhaps something her brothers were guilty of preserving.

She crawled up on his bed and sat with her legs crossed, both hands settled on each knee. Eager for her treasures and her true motive revealed, Orlando looked around with his arms spread out wide. “I don’t see anything. Do you?”

“No, but I know you better than you know yourself. You always bring me back something. So, where is it? Stop teasing me. Where’s my present?” Her words tumbled from a feisty little mouth as she tripped over syllables to make sure they all made it out safely and were heard loud and clear.

Watching her enthusiasm, he was glad he thought to buy her gift when he first arrived in the city that had depleted his cash stores, and happier still that he forgot about it when his luck turned for the worst. Otherwise, he would have taken the gift back for a refund, so he could try one last time to win back what he’d lost.

Walking over to his coat, he called behind him, “You stayed up just to see what I brought you back?”

She nodded her head up and down with repetition until he turned around to see it.

He pulled out a box from Tiffany and Company. Orlando had settled on a necklace with diamonds around a charm forming the words ‘Lucky Player’ and couldn’t resist. His sister loved games as much or more than her brothers.

He handed the jewelry box over observing how she seemed to rip the expensive necklace from the felt holding the chain in place. “One day, you’ll go to Las Vegas, and you’ll wear the necklace because it will bring you great luck.”

“Like the luck you had, right?” Her innocence magnified. The little darling had no possible way of knowing just how unlucky he’d been.

A creaking sound from the hall made them both turn to find Almonzo in the doorway. Called the older brother, he was in fact Orlando’s twin. ‘Older’ meant by mere seconds.

“Yes,” Orlando fibbed, “much like the luck I had.”

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  1. I'm a Winning Virgin fan but friends tell me there are books coming soon but don't see them on Siren page. When will they release anyone know?

    Denise Thompson

  2. It will be great to watch Blood Brothers, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.